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Won't Hire My Son

Try phoning in after applying for a job. I'm talking about someone who needs a job ASAP! Customer service told me that Walmart keeps applications on file for 6 months and will call when they are hiring...AND that all companies do the same. That is complete BS!! I asked to speak with the person in charge of hiring. When told the people in charge of hiring were in a meeting I said, fine, when my son comes in to talk to this person, who does he talk to and where does he find them? She said he has to make an appointment to talk to them. I said that's fine, when he comes in to make an appointment, where does he do this. She said, come to the back of the store in the layaway area and she herself would page the person to speak with me. The fact is, I don't like being snappy, but I had to in order to find out how to even speak with someone to find out if there is a remote possibility of my son being hired. My telephone conversation with her was after several attempts by my son to find out from customer service at the Walmart store, who to talk to about a job, since he had submitted his application and resume several days ago. The lady I spoke with was incredibly rude to me. It's a wonder Walmart has any employees and customers for that matter!!!!!
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You shoulda tried repeatedly slapping the hr manager untill he was hired. It literrly might have been more effective


Can't the "little boy" get a job by himself without his mama making a stink. No one wants to hire a person who has their mommy doing things for them. WAAAAAAAAA....mommy, they won't call me back re: my application..

Wait till this little guy tries to get a real job...ha,ha, :cry


It is all about being "Empowered to be Entitled. There thousands of folks willing to work the process to be hired. Does mama and little "Snookems", understand that the world does not revolve around them.


"Another angry parent," you had me at "My son.." :grin


Your son is not entitled to a job and the response that they are not hiring at the moment and will keep his application on file should be sufficient.

As an employer if I had a parent calling me, getting "snappy" and being pushy about her child's application I would not under any circumstance hire him. What this tells me as an employer is that your son is not mature enough to navigate the application process independently. If a person cannot even navigate applying for a job on their own, why would I expect them to be able to do a job on their own?


It took me several years, before they hired me. And I was shocked when they did.


How about the fact that the store probably receives 50 applicants or more every single day, do you think they can hire everyone that puts in an application. As a manager and person who hires potential employees, if I see mommy with an applicant, they are not getting hired.


As an employer, I would not hire him if he could not handle things himself. Mommy, you just embarrassed your son on the internet and to Walmart.

Would you pack his lunch for him too?

Maybe, call the store during his break to see if he is ok or if he needs anything? Make sure he ties his shoes!


First of All it sounds like you are a little bit hostile that might be one of the reason why you did not get the Job and Second of All I know Some Wal-Mart employees that Wal-Mart was their first job, So they don't just go by that.


RE: walmart employee

How exactly "do you "QUALIFY" working for walmart, especially if it is your first job? or even second?

where do you get qualifications from? where do they begin and where do they end? Does walmart ever hire any inexperienced people? isn't that how people start many of their first job/s with inexperience?

Isn't that why they are supposed to provide employee training?

of course it is easier for them to hire someone with a little more experience or training but it does not mean they should discriminate with it! especially when their application "do not say" "previous experince a must"...hmmmm

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Apollo, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer
Walmart - Beware of Wal Mart oil change
Oil change at WAL-MART resulted in engine plug falling out September 30, 2011, locking up my engine. Towed to 2 shops that verified it was a WALMART problem. WALMART would not honor the claim even though we had bills, towing and AES (Automotive Excellence...
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Why would anyone go to walmart for auto work? Common sense!

Have you ever tried to hold an intelligent conversation with a walmart employee?

Who is a fault? The walmart worker, or the id1ot that allows walmart to work on their car?

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Walmart Oil Change

A Place for Kids

I just happened to be in my local Walmart earlier this evening and saw a disturbing sight. Some of the associates were in Halloween costumes. I thought you had to be 18 and older to work at Walmart. I didn't know they hired children. The cashier I had tonight had a horrible looking wig on. I can't believe that other customers complimented her on it. Then when I went to leave, I passed another worker dressed in a ninja costume. They also had a parade at the peak time. There were so many kids running around, I thought I was at an amusement part. I thought Walmart was a place of business, not a place run by kids.
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What kind of liberal *** posted this complaint? Nobody is throwing any holiday down your throat, they are just having fun.

If you don't celebrate halloween, that is fine, if you don't celebrate christmas, that is fine too, just because other people do does not mean they are shoving it in your face. Get a **** life.


I am so sick of people complaining about the most trivial things. Lots of adults participate in celebrating Halloween.

If you dont want to dress up,then dont. But calling people pedophiles for participating is just juvenile. Lets take a look at who is complaining: A person who doesn't want other's views imposed on her, but wants to impose her view on others and a woman who brags about being a derelict parent who abandons her children. PLEASE by all means stop shopping at Walmart.

That way the decent citizens of America won't have to worry about being around people like you. If you hate America so much....then leave!!!!


Also ...have you never heard of birth control.


Yes this is America and if we can't celebrate our Holidays you should not be able to celebrate your holidays either! get the *** over yourself you selfish ***! Just because the mangers like to celebrate Halloween does not make them a *** you dumb ***.


My Walmart did that last year and it was a big success I think you are just one of those customers that like to complain over *** ***, and at least the kids are their parents were having fun.


how high are your expectations when you go to a place like walmart. Pull the stick out of your *** and get in the Halloween spirit

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Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier

Manager calling an associate on the carpet while customers in the area.

While shopping in the Ottawa,Illinois store Friday Oct.21, 2011, around noon or a little after I was shopping in the fabric department and a manager came up and started talking to the associate about not punching out for lunch and was written up. I thought it totally inappropriate and felt sorry for the associate. She was trying to defend herself and explain what had happened. While still in the department another associate came and told the lady that she had to go and sign the paper and then the second associate would have to do the same. I was just finishing up my transaction and thought it was sad that these ladies felt the need to rush off to sign the paper for the manager or whoever it was that called them on the carpet. How embarrassing for the associates. Never have I seen that kind of conduct in Walmart before. I left with a different feeling toward the store and kind of sorry for the employees if this is common practice.
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oops!!! no right!!

a manager has no right! I got carried away :P


I would hope that it certainly NOT commonplace! A manager has to right to embarass an employee in front of the customers like that!

If I were that employee, I would go over the department head, clear up to Corperate. Shame on that manager, she should be repremanaded!

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Mankato, Minnesota
Walmart Manager
New Reviewer

Tech refused to help in a emergancy situtation

i was traveling 400 miles from home on a emergancy situtation. My left front tire started leaking air throught the valve. I went to the walmart tire center and asked them to fix the valve and replace the tire with one I had and the tech and manager refused because all my tires were bad but I had bought a new set and was waiting on them to be delivered. The condition of my tires had nothing to do with the emergency situtation i was having. I now have to drive 400 miles home on a tire that is leaking air. I did not ask anyone to replace or touch the other tires it was just the one. I was here in malone on a emergancy situtation and I should not get treated with tons of disrespect because I was driving on bad tires. I am very upset at this situtation and will never go back to your store for any auto work and I will be letting everyone I know not to go there either.
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A can of Fix-A-Flat would have done wonders and not put Wal-Mart in a liability situation.

Quit thinking with your dipstick.....


Was it an emergency situtation?


A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency.


As bad as WalMart can be in the customer service area, the guys in the auto center probably did the right thing in refusing to touch a bad tyre. They cannot afford the liability to do so.

You should not be driving on bad tyres anyway. You are a danger to the rest of us responsible drivers.

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Plattsburgh, New York
Walmart Manager
Hello ya'll i have found that when you look at a profile look for an OC symbol is yellow somewhere around picture, this denotes the profile is computer generated. in two weeks i recieved 43 e-mails from women and everyone is a fake, DO NOY PAY, i was lucky enough...
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Tasha, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I did not know you were a child.

I only post under my name though, and besides, I'm a chick.

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Richmond, Kentucky

Ridiculed me because I wanted them to split a box of syringes

You are loosing my business because of less that a five dollar problem. We have spent around 1000.00 dollars a month at Walmart drug for the past five years. This will not happen any more because Walmart employees cant understand that a person taking four shots per day will use more that 100 syringes per month. The Walmart employees said they could not split a box of 100 syringes so I would have to pay another co-pay in order to get enough syringes to last one month. My prescription stated to be filled as needed. Not just 100 syringe per co-pay. My business is now going to Walgreens
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No retail store will split up a box of anything. I can't go into Publix and ask to purchase only 7 of the popsicles in a box of 20. Retail packages/pricing don't work that way.


Sometimes you have to do the math for them. Explain 4 shots a day x 30 or 31 days = 120 or 124 syringes a month and that's what your Rx says you need and that's what you want and are paying for and if they can't fill your script properly you will report them and take your $1000/mo.

business elsewhere. Once the penny drops they'll get you you're syringes.


Hmmmmmmmm - Interesting, time and clues will certainly tell the truth regarding this child, who is required to spend 8 hours a day in school.


Here's another point to be taken. Tasha is on so many sites that there is no way that a fourteen year old can possibly reply to in her off time from school.

A person who works a full time job would be hard put to post on as many sites and Tasha does. If you would look around, you'd see that Tasha makes some "innocent" statement and follows it up with her tender age so that she won't be challenged on it. I believe that she is no fourteen year old, that she works full time, most probably for, and that she is either a he or a she.

No kid in the world can keep up the pace that this poster claims to do after school and on weekends. Poor little Tasha is probably raking in big bucks from some computer site, and I would put large bucks on it that she/he works for this very one.


I think you are the 14 year old ASSuming someone who disagrees with the poster works for the company.


Yeah, maybe so. I just didn't realize she was 14 at first, I thought she was just an extremely ignorant adult. Point taken.


Anonymous, The thing I have difficulty understanding is that syringes are so inexpensive, why you didn't just take the whole box of 100. If you are spending $1,000.00 a month in drugs, an additional few dollars for the shots can't be a significant matter to your expense output.

Are the syringes that much more expensive in your area, because they are minimal where I live, at least for diabetic syringes. How expensive are they in your area?


Prescriptions are filled based on directions. If the MD writes the Rx for 4 shots per day, then you're going to get one box for 25 days.

If they write it for 4-5 shots per day, then you'll get your amount. Pharmacies just can't make stuff up, it all depends on the way the Rx was written.


I'm an adult. I have insomnia.

I'm not going to apologize for defending some of the people/companies/ideas being bashed continuously.

I never came on here with the intention of posting, but so many ignorant people were saying so many horrible things, I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Just like you're doing.


Aren't you the one following her around from site to site?

Tasha, do you even have parents and do they have any idea of what you're up to? You are probably so undisciplined that they are happy you are on the internet and not in their hair.

Get off of these adult sites. You don't belong on her. You can't even afford school supplies for yourself and you get into everyone else's financial business. Get off of this site.

Get some freinds your age and grow up. You need to start a different life than being on the site every night. For God's sake, do your homework. Don't you have a term paper to do or some science project?

If you applied yourself this much in school, you'd probably be a decent student. GET OFF!

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Buena Vista, Colorado
Walmart Prescription Refill

Walmart's Participation In Slander

I've been checking out the Walmart complaints lately, and I've noticed that almost ALL of them have comments written right after, claiming to have been posted by the OP as an after thought. Now let me explain something I learned recently. Apparently, some companies will hire people to go online and say good things about them. You know, give positive reviews certain places, just hype them up in general. Usually, this is done under the guise of being a consumer. These employees also defend the company to negative online posts. After reading a bunch of legit complaints, followed by an "afterthought" comment of the "OP", saying things like really they were drunk so that's what they REMEMBER happening, or that really they were trying to scam Walmart, but how could Walmart know? I think it's pretty clear what is going on. One of these online make-Walmart-look-good people is pretending to be these posters and making up things to make their complaints look uncredible, and make the OPs look like fools. I do not think this is ethical, or even legal. I think it's rather disgusting and sneaky as well, and not the behavior of an honest company. Take a look for yourself. Someone even caught that happening, and wrote another comment saying the absurd one's weren't them, but the original post was.
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Whoops - add Lowes to the list, too. Man, that CHILD gets around.


Right. This "little girl, Tasha" is a busy little girl.

Check out some of the sites this "child" has been busy working on:

PetLand, Gold's Gym, Safeway Insurance, Smart Sytle, Winn Dixie, Central Transport, Public, Sam's Club, LA Fitness, Macy's, Page Plus Cellular, Target, J.C.Penney, KMart, Sonic, Walgreens, Kaplan University, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Big Lots, Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses, Dominos Pizza, Walmart, Wendy's, Ace Cash Express, Rite Aid, and Majic Jack.

That's just a few I found in a cursory review. Imaging what's not so quickly located.


I'm not sure that Walmart is the perpetrator here. I firmly believe that the controversy benefits

Looking around, I have clearly seen that Tasha posts to more sties than a full time employee can do in an eight hour day's work. I don't believe that she is a fourteen year old child because I have continually seen messages containing negative, insulting and accusatory remarks about the OP and other posters, only to fall back on an "innocence" claim that she is only a kid. If she indeed were fourteen, there would be no humanly way possible to skip from site to site with her remarks. I don't believe she is a child, I don't believe she is not employed, and I don't believe that she is necessarily a female.

I believe that this matter should be investigated, too. There is absolutely no way a few children can commandeer an entire website like these children claim they do.


Well thank you Hi, and in support, I appreciate your support. Haha, I'm glad you were able to hold your ground, Hi.


Anyone reading this one can find a prime example of such activity in my complaint/comment thread "I Called The Cops On Walmart. And Won! Sorta.." Read backwards (from the beginning) and watch how I terrorize teh little mites...contains a belly laugh or two and is quite entertaining...Its number 2 on Hot Topics so you know it good...:)


Don't be discouraged...many posters, I believe, post a complaint and then when harassed hit the "panic" button e.g. the report button...I'm sure that if posters stay within the "rules" there is not much PC can do and the complainant gets discouraged, their complaint is trashed, and away they go never to be heard from again...In my case the little punks ran into a superior intellect, got trashed and shredded into little bitty pixels and then ran away like the children they are....


You're probably right, I don't know why I bother replying at all. I suppose it's unrealistic to expect reasoning and logic to actually mean something to anyone. (Not being sarcastic, just saying it like it is...)


@I think- Yes, I am an adult. I am also replying to the countless people who are missing the point/misconstruing what I'm saying/ insulting my intelligence.

So are you though, so I don't really get your point.

If I am stooping to their level, which is a far cry from what is actually happening, I would certainly say you are as well.

I would like for people to actually consider what I'm saying, because I think it confuses a lot of people when an OP has a legit complaint, and then it's followed up with the "OP" saying oh actually they were scamming the company anyway. I don't think one person actually got the gist of my post....


Kevin - I am well aware you are a different Kevin, and never claimed you were the same one. I don't get what your point is.

I'm talking about someone who claimed they were the OP on something and typed the same first and last name as the OP... wtf are you trying to say?


Tasha- How do I not know how to read? Do you mean I don't know how to write? I don't understand what would make you think I can't read, since you posted that before I'd replied to anything in this thread...

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Went several times and Item was not in stock.

A friend of mine recently got pregnant. Not only was this pregnancy unplanned but she did not know who the father was.(they won't find out until after the baby was born.) I went at least 7 times to look for an appropriate card for this. I could not get her a congratulations card because being unwed was nothing to celebrate. No I was looking for a card that said. "oops you are pregnant again, next time use a condom, or better yet practice absentance and keep your legs crossed. I asked one of your employees by the name Wilma if they had a card saying this. She said she would look and no they did not have the card. All they had was the congratulations on your pregnancy cards. I asked her when Walmart would be getting these cards and she told me that they won't ever get this kind of card. I had to get her a card which congratulated her on her getting pregnancy which is a shame because it just makes her believe that getting pregnant before marriage and in her teens and not knowing who the father is a good thing. (she is 17 btw and already has a three year old child.)
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Thank you for the laugh of the day!!


Gino- I feel for you. How could you have known the plane fair would be a waste? lol.

Btw tho I think you meant uncle/father and aunt/mother, rather than brother/father, and sister/mother.


LOL. This made my evening.


.... and I need a card that congratulates me for digging out an ingrown toenail. WTF, you don't carry this case sensitive greeting?




Can you people read AT ALL? I didn't tell this woman to go to Hallmark.

I said Walmart wasn't a speciality card store LIKE Hallmark.

To expect to find a card like that at all is ridiculous. I doubt that anyone but the judgmental church lady and you would believe that there's an appropriate card for this situation, and I even have problems believing that you would think that!


No its apparently for thrill seeking *** like the retarded poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Exactly what is your complaint? Walmart isn't a card specality store like Hallmark or some other greeting card store.

Do you believe that because you wanted a card that said something specific to this lady's plight, that Walmart was the appropriate place to shop?

While I agree with you that this is a terrible situation for her to find herself in, why don't you just leave her alone to deal with her own poor choices? She doesn't need a card from you rubbing her face in her bad decisions.

Try shopping at the local judgmental church lady's store.

They surely would make a holier than thou card for you. You probably wouldn't even have to go back seven times to get one printed.

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Toronto, Ontario

Poplar Bluff Missouri Walmart killing the pets they have forsale!!!!

Poplar Bluff Walmart among other walmarts have the pretty betta fish on the shelves forsale,only they are not gonna make any money because all the fish are either dumped on the shelves or floating in the cups they keep them in.This is sad that with all the employees they have,they can't have someone to change the fish water,feed the fish,ect.. This is sad and my kids were so affected by this they have started a facebook chain post for people to share how they feel about walmart abusing animals. How about leaving that type of product at the pet stores to be sold rather than leaving them on walmart shelves to die.
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1 comment

Kevin, you are the dummy! All you do is sit around attacking people and making fun of them, you really should get a life.

#269513 Review #269513 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia

Cashier Treated Me Terribly

When I went to check out at my local Walmart last night, I was suddenly moved from one line to another by a cashier named Kris. I was quite content with the line I was in, so I found this cashier to be rude. When I got into the line, I had a half of a cart full of groceries. I only put less than half of them up to see if I had enough money. Unfortunately, I didn't. So I only paid for what the cashier had scanned, and didn't want the rest. When I had told her this, her tone had changed. She started to act very irritable, because I wanted to keep the cart since I had bought a 35 pack of water. She had to take everything out of the cart. I would have helped her, but I was holding my two bags and making sure I didn't forget anything. After that I decided to take a seat on a bench nearby. That is when the cashier walked up to me with another bag containing my glasses that I had just purchased. Now this cashier just couldn't do her job right with a smile. She had to have an attitude about the whole thing and to boot, never made sure I had all my stuff.
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you can't afford groceries and your PAYING FOR WATER


Complain265 Grow the *** up already like another poster said if your are an RN and make 90k a year why can't you afford the rest of your stuff? You need to stop acting like a spoiled little brat that if you don't get your way you pitch a fit! Get a clue because you obviously did not finish the full 8 years because people that go through 8 years of College has common sense in which you lack!


Nope. I am sure I get a heck of a lot more action than you.

I'm actually pretty positive you are NOT really a nurse, and I'm sure you make minimum wage. If you are really a nurse, give us your specialty, what kind of nurse you are, anything that would suggest you know jack about the profession in general. What's that? You can't?

Because you don't have a job at all, much less as a nurse? Big surprise....


Anon, this woman is obviously a troll. She keeps saying she is a nurse, but refuses to say what specialty she is...

reason? She is NOT an RN.

She is just a sad poor woman who wishes she had a decent job... She isn't real.


I've been reading your posts. I was so disgusted by the things you said, I decided to do some investigating. Now I see why you lost both your children, and why your husband and boyfriend left you.

Just so everyone is clear, this woman twice bought her son a wonderful batch of presents for xmas/birthday. She let him happily open them, and then she told him he would have gotten all that, had he not crossed her. She then took every single present back to the store. Once, because he had made his father a Xmas card in secret, after she had forbidden him to wish his father merry christmas. The other time, it was for being friends with an African-American boy.

I want you to know, I'm looking into you, and I will find out who you are. When I do, I promise you I will do everything in my power to make your life even more miserable. I don't live so far from Pittsburgh. I've already narrowed down the search considerable. Watch your back.


Really? Your longer than EVERYONE else? Is that literally a fact? Everyone else in the whole world? No one else on earth spends more money or works harder than you? I'm pretty sure that's not true if you won't even but a whole cart of groceries....

Sarcasm aside, everyone has responsibilities, LOTS of people work very hard. Police officers, fire fighters, and lots of government officails work crazy hours, work extremely hard, put their LIVES on the line everyday, and don't get paid nearly as much as they should, because they are public servants. They deserve it far more than you. And what about teachers, and mothers with newborns, and every other person in the world that's in a hurry?

How would you suggest implementing a policy where you would get to cut into any line you wanted? Would it JUST be you or all nurses? And if it's just because you work hard, there would have to be some sort of way to define HOW hard you have to work to cheat your way into the express line when you are not an express shopper. How would you suggest doing that?

How dare you think just because you are a nurse, you deserve to be placed above anyone else. How narcissistic are you? There a thousand professions that require hard work and long hours, so don't think you're special. Accept that you aren't better than everyone else, and maybe you'll stop be ridiculed continuously.


Seriously though, I'm actually curious. What on earth would make you think YOU should be allowed to go in the 10 items or less line, when you have far more than 10 items? What don't you understand about that line?


OMG You AGAIN????? NO ONE CARES WHETHER YOU ARE A NURSE OR NOT! Stop adding it to every post as if it's some medal or award or something that makes you so much more special than everyone else.

How do you not get that 10 items or less applies to everybody? Do you think it means everybody but you, because you are in a hurry? LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE IN A HURRY AT THE GROCERY STORE!!!!!!!

And if your so rich and make 90k a year, why didn't you have enough money for all your groceries? That is the epitome of rude to ask the cashier to get all the stuff you don't want out of your cart for you. If your carrying bags, put them down for half a second and the move the stuff yourself. You are freaking ridiculous. NO ONE is jealous of you, I can guarantee it. If I was as selfish, absurd, rude, and clueless as you, I couldn't live with myself. So no, they aren't jealous. They are frustrated that they have to deal with someone so horrible.

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#269454 Review #269454 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier

Made my son sick

After school my 11 year old son and a few friend went to your store to buy a 100 package of Halloween chocolates. There were three boys among them. One of the boys had found $20 and on the way home they decided to spend it the package as stated. Between the three of them they ate the entire package(and gave one or two to friends who passed by. Why are you allowing children to buy chocolate which does have peanut products in them in such a quantity. When my son got home he was not feeling well and because of the chocolate he and his friends ate he did not eat supper.
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Did you want the cashier to tell him he couldn't buy them so he would run home tell his crazy mother then she would have called the store and yelled at them for not selling him candy she didn't sell him crack oh my ..maybe if you did your job as a parent and don't expect other people to raise your child ***


can someone please contact child protective services and have this kid taken away from this horrible mother?!?!?!


Is this a joke? The story doesn't line up. First you say they were headed to the store for chocolate, then they found money (yeah right) on the way to the store and then after that, they decided to buy the chocolates.

Maybe be a better parent?


OP- I'm glad you're understanding you may be blaming the wrong person, but it isn't a cashiers job to lecture your children anyway. Do you really think the kids would have listened anyway? Kids will be kids, and they will make mistakes, and do dumb stuff. If you can't deal with that, then you need to do what parents do and punish your child.

I don't understand what it is with this country, where so many will not take responsibility for themselves, and want to push the responsibility elsewhere. I am a cashier, and if a bunch of kids came and bought candy, I would assume their parents sent them in for it. I would never even think to check for peanuts, or ask the kids if they have allergies, or tell them what to do. It simply isn't my job, and most people wouldn't like it if I tried to parent their children. I don't have any kids, nor do I see children very much, and I don't know what is right or wrong for them. If they need to be watched, because they can't care for themselves, then their guardians need to be the ones doing that, or hire a babysitter. If I had to make sure every customer that came through my line was using their items appropriately, I wouldn't have time to do MY job.

It is a parent's responsibility to make sure their kid is looked after. THEY are the ones that need to make sure that their children are either mature enough to look after themselves, or in the care of someone able to take care of them. Punish your child, and start picking him up from school. If he is capable of eating a bunch of chocolate he is allergic too, he probably can't look out for his own welfare just yet, and strangers aren't going to know to do it.

Zachary- thanks for explaining, I wasn't sure how the peanuts related.


Obviously Walmart needs to regulate and ID who they sell candy too. I mean what were thinking, selling a child CANDY???? I mean, it's obviously Walmart's job to babysit YOUR kids if they can't control themselves.

Stop blaming Walmart for your kid doing something kids do. If he can't be trusted, then actually keep an eye on him.

And what do peanuts have to do with anything, psycho woman?


You seriously complaining about this? At least the little guy learned a lesson about being a chocolate piggy.And FYI at Wallyworld a 100 pc bag is snack size,such a quantity my behind.


Really? You got to be kidding me!!


Are you seriously blaming Walmart because you allow your son to eat candy? Stop blaming others, step up and be a parent.

Their are 3 people to blame here.

Your son and his freind for stealing $20 from someone, and you for not telling your son years ago that over-consuming candy will make him sick.

Your son should probably be taken away for endangerment with your attitude toward parenting.


And somehow it is Walmart's fault that you do not provide adequate supervision or guidance for the kids. I don't think so.

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Toronto, Ontario

Having trouble with eye center. They refuse to honor warrenties

The eye center at Walmart in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania are deceptive in selling their glasses and don't back or honor the warranties on their products. Specifically, Kaylin, Manager, of the eye department sold me a pair of glasses on 06-14-2010, which weren't the prescription I had given her. I had trouble seeing through them and she told me it was because I was use to my old lenses. I took the glasses to my eye doctor and he said they weren't the prescription he prescribed. I went back to see Kaylin and she gave me a hard time, insinuated my doctor didn't know what he was talking about,told me all about her experience in selling glasses and wasn't going to do any thing about it, until my eye doctor called her. Kaylin then ordered me the lenses as precribed and I was able to see out of them. I used them until the beginnig of 2011 and they became very cloudy. I waited until my eye appointment on October 17, 2011 and my eye doctor said that they had put a reflective coating on them, which makes them cloudy and instructed me to ask them to remove the coating. On 10-19-2011, I went to see Kaylin and explained the problem I was having with my glasses. This time she insinuated that I wasn't properly cleaning my glasses and they were scratches. When I asked her about the scratch guard they put on, she said that it doesn't prevent scratches and again insinuated I wasn't properly cleaning my glasses. For the record, when Kaylin sold me the scratch guard, she presented in a manner that it prevented scratches. I then asked her about having the reflective protection taken off and she flatly refused. I spoke with the store manager and she went to speak to Kaylin. At this time Kaylin told her that if the reflective protection was bad, it would be peeling off the glasses. Either the eye center stand by their product and make it right, or refund my money of $323.00. I appreciate it if you send me a response to my email address at radams223@***.com. If you need to contact me I can be reached at (570)713-****. If Walmart isn't in charge of the eye center at thier store in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, then please send me the address of the individuals in charge of it, their email address and telephone number. Thank you for you assistance.
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1) I see you posted your phone number. You may want to post your street address so that they can send the Brinks truck over to your home with your $323 and a dozen roses.

2) Who the he11 waits a year and a half to *** about their lenses?

Did you just wear them or is your name Mr. Magoo?

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Watsontown, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

Wal Mart frozen hamburg patties broke a tooth

I bought a package of frozen hamburgs at a Wal Mart in Springfield Missouri, I fixed myself a hamburg and while eating it I bit down and heard a crack, I then found my tooth had broken off 1/3 of the tooth due to a bone in the meat. I emailed the main office with the number and information from package hoping to get some kind of reply but to this date still nothing. I have worked at Wal Marts before and know it's faster to get an answer about something like this by contacting home office, it's what they will tell you to do at the store. I would have been happy if they would have offered to pay for at least half but this told me they didn't care, just like there prices are no longer "The Lowest" as they used to say. I've found many other stores that have the same items and are a lot lower in price, since Sam died they store has gone down and wages are still back in the 1960's. I used to shop at only Wal Mart but that has stopped since you won't find what you used to since the new CEO took over he's made shopping at the stores bad. Look at stuff yourselves and check prices and you will see, as for the meat I have not found anymore bones but I do now have a $1200 dental bill.
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they're, their, there

you're welcome.


Fake complaint. People from Missouri that shop at Walmart don't have teeth.


so did this happen at walmart or krogers? this exact complaint was posted multiple times.


The person that wrote this comment is lying since I'm the one that wrote about the tooth. This lying person needs to pull his/her head out of their backside so they can see the real world.

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Springfield, Missouri


When I shop the Wal-Mart in West Chester,Ohio there are seldom handheld baskets at the entry. I go looking for one. My complaint is, when I checked out, the cashier wants me to return the basket to the front of the store. Its not a big deal, but, this is asking the customer to do a job that a Wal-Mart employee should be paid to do. Better Yet, put up a rack to collect the baskets, showing where the baskets are for the customer. Don't ask the customer to do the job of the employee. Good Customer Service will keep your customers returning.
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I agree. This person is just pure lazy. Makes you wonder what their house looks like.


That right there is pure laziness on the customer part your walking out that door anyway the associate can't always leave his or her register to put baskets up especially when they are busy.


That right there is pure laziness on the customer part your walking out that door anyway the associate can't always leave his or her register to put baskets up especially when they are busy.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier