I was given a hard time getting a super refund and the difference in price. I waited for a manager to come to the service area for over ten minutes after waiting at the service center for over an hour to resolve the issue.

I called while waiting in line to the Erie County Weights and Measures to complain to them. The young woman who started to wait on me gave me a hard time about the item. I wish I would have taken a picture of the six items that were in line with the shelf tag. She insisted that it was just a shelffing error.

That they put it in the wrong spot. I had to go find her in the aisle after standing at the customer service area for ten minutes and then after that I waited another 10 minutes or more for her to come back to the desk then she didnt know how to do the refund. At that point I asked to talk to the store manager and that took another 30 minutes or more first they told me that the manager was on the phone talking to support and then I was told the manager wasnt in ??? When I then asked to see whom ever was in charge of the store it took another 10 minutes for Jenny to come.

I checked out at 13:27 and didnt get to leave the store till 14:40. I do think that it was a bit long for a customer to have to wait.

The people should be trained on ALL aspects of the services. A customer should NOT HAVE TO WAIT that long to speak to a manager or be given a hard time on my situation or any other issue.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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