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Never, I mean never buy this horrible utter piece of BS! this card sucks sooooo..... badly it's not even funny. Ok where do I start... oh yes, everything started when I wanted to buy some cd's at on July of this year. the seller only accepted Paypal...
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Of course they will charge you a the previous poster said "it's not a charity", nor is it a scam. Sounds like this person most likely has the mental capacity of a fruit fly & does not know how to complete a simple form followed up by an "activation" phone call.

When i got my WalMart money card I simply added money to the temp card in the store, then made a simple phone call to the automated activation number(not to customer service as the original poster indicated) and that was it...real card came the next week...end of story. :?

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Walmart in Markham, Ontario - Made my three year old son cry

I was at the register when after I buyed all my stuff my three year old son picked up a chocolate bar. The cashier told me to tell him to put it back. I nicely told her that my son was three years old and if she could let him have the chocolate bar. She said not until I paid for it. I then told him not to make a big issue of a chocloate bar wich costed less than a doller. She said it does not matter how much it costs I still have to pay for it. At this time I told my son to put the chocolate bar down because the mean *** said no. He started crying. This cashier made my son cry and I am angry right now. What kind fo people do you hire? One who is mean to children. That *** needs a lesson in sympathy because she clearly has none and it is obvious she has no children. She even lied and said she has children but if she did she would have let my son have the chocolate bar. ***
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Good grief !! You sound like you're on welfare and have it all handed to you!


yep, all of these responders are correct. why would anyone working for the company let you get away with theft?

This cashier did their job and did it well...

I'd be giving them a pat on the back and recommending you give your kid a smack on the hind end, because the kids who are spoiled rotten and get everything they want are going to grow up and amount to nothing except jailbirds... FOR SHAME!!!


You should really learn how to speak English correctly; your lack of grammar is embarrassing.




Is this post for real? Does she really think someone should give her crying kid a candy bar just because they picked it up?

In addition to spelling lessons, she needs way more help on parenting than anyone here can give her. :x


Is this post for real? Someone who absolutely cannot spell thinks the clerk should give her kid a candy bar just because they picked it up? This mother, and I use that term loosely, needs way more help than anyone here can give her.


The cashier would have been fired for giving your kid the candy bar because it was not HERS to give. You would rather have the cashier fired for stealing then say "no" to your kid?


If you wanted the d@mn candy bar so bad then buy it you cheap b@stard. Why should you get it for free when every other civilized human being paid for theirs.

What makes you so special that yours should be free? What kind of pathetic excuse for a mother are you, that you would blame the Walmart for your poor excuse for parenting skills and not being able to say no to a 3 year old.

Kerry Furler

He may have only been 3 but you are an adult and his parent. You are the one responsible for teaching him manners and right from wrong.

If it was only less than a dollar, why not open you purse and pay for it. My autistic son learned from an early age, we pay before we eat. That includes grapes and other produce that you see so many people chowing down on (in effect stealing) while they walk around shopping.

Especially items sold by weight. If he signed that he wanted an apple, we let him pick one out and go to the register and let him pay for it before he could take one ***.


:x i agree!!! nothing is free in this world and she could have lost her job giving stuff away free ....

even a candy bar. if the child wanted a candy bar the mom should have bought it or teach her kid no!!!


The OP needs a few lessons in parenting and social skills, not to mention lessons in her native tongue.

The responder needs lessons in manners and practicing counseling of children without a license.


No, she is the the mean person you are! You are setting your son up for a life of crime.

First it starts with candy bars now, toys later, then clothes, shoes, video games.

He needs to learn that NO means NO now. Take him out of the store screaming, it wont kill him and you will feel better later in life when he isn't stealing money from your wallet.

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Walmart in High Springs, Florida - Skyrim pre-order incentives = bad wally world

The Walmart website was running a pre-order special on a PS3 game called Skyrim. I pre-ordered this game because of pre-order incentives from wal-mart, a $10 e-card and a premium edition textured map. When the game arrived a couple days ago, I noticed that it was not the premium edition. I e-mailed customer service, and they said to call their video game department @410-586-3685, and they would send me the map no problem whatsoever. I called the number above, and they basically said they were aware of the problem but that they run out of premium edition games and that we were SOL. Before the game was shipped, I wasn't notified that they ran out of premium edition games, nor was I given the opportunity to cancel my order because of it. They just shipped the retail version to me. On the phone with the video games department, I wasn't given any options: not for a refund, not for a partial refund, not for a free gift card because they couldn't include the items which I ordered but did not receive. Getting a full refund for this game would be a challenge, because of the way the receipts were made for this e-card+game+map bundle. The receipt actually says it's $49.95, with no receipt for the extra $10 that was paid for the bundle. So basically they separated the game and e-card, and the e-card is tied to my wal-mart account. Just think. All they had to do before shipping out the item was to e-mail people with pre-orders and tell them they run out of premium edition versions of the game and ask them if they want to cancel their orders. I've since contacted Bethesda Softworks about this situation, just to let them know that a well-known retailer was selling premium editions of their software and sending out retail versions. I've also sent in a complaint to wal-mart. Apparently, a lot of people pre-ordered this game and got the retail version, thinking it was the premium version just because it had a basic map included. After doing various inquiries, I found out that every version of the game had a basic map in it. The premium edition just has a textured map included, which I did not receive. Customer service ignored my second e-mail to them, but I had found out that was giving $15 credit for people who pre-ordered skyrim and contacted their customer service, concerned about the map they got with their so-called premium edition of the game. So, I e-mailed customer service one last time, and they sent out a quick reply that they could not match amazon's $15 store credit. I was still not offered any other options, such as a full refund for their mistake. This isn't about a cheap map but rather that this large monopoly can sell you one thing and actually give you something else. I just want what I bought and paid for.
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Walmart and never enough help at Trexlertown, Pa Store

I love to go to Walmart and have to wait in line for over 30 minutes. Then I get a cashier telling me that I have more than 30 items or less. Then the customers start yelling at me because I have 40 items. Then the cashier starts to throw my stuff in a bag. Walmart, perhaps you need more cashiers. I don't care about lower prices, your service was extremely unprofessional and when I told the front end manager he stated he knows that they are short staffed and that the cashier was rude. Wow, how sad......Target will be seeing my face from now on
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If you have more than 30 items, you should not be in the express lane. The cashier should have made you leave the line and go to a proper register.

Then the other customers would have cheered! I'll bet you have been improperly in the express lane both before and probably after this incident, as well!


Do us all a favor. Learn to count.


If I was a customer I'd yell at you too. Oh boo hoo hoo. If this is all you have to complain about then GET A D@MN LIFE YOU BIG BABY!!!

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The store was busy on a Saturday evening,around 5:30pm-6:30pm.I made an attempt to purchase my items on the "self-register",most of the items wasn't scanning.So I went to the "10 items or less" register,having a buggy load of items,with the checkout lines,stretching to...
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Way to tell it like it is!

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Walmart in Apollo, Pennsylvania - Rudeness

I was at the Electronic department and wanted to purchase a video game. I spoke with one sales associate and she politely referred me to her supervisor. Her supervisor went to the back behind some swinging doors to retrieve the video game that were in the back. I waited for over 10 minutes. When I looked at the swinging door, I saw the sales associate on her cell phone. When she saw that I saw her, She immediately moved away from the door so I won't see her. I felt very disrespected. It seemed as if she was waiting for me to get tired of waiting and leave. I left the store and purchased what I was looking for at a smaller store next door. I purchased a new home in the area and I have spent a lot of money at this store furnishing my place. I would like to continue frequenting this store but service like this will stop me from doing so.
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Amen Steven.


Then report her to the supervisor.


So you were being helped by someone else and were upset you saw an employee on the phone while peeking into Wal Marts store room? Since you said sales associate, only a term an employee or former employee would use, you must have a motive.

Also, since you mentioned she was on her cell phone, Wal Mart must have a rule against this that you could only be aware of if you are or were an employee.

Finally, what is your place furnished with? Cheap futons and particle board shelves and tables?


Oh boo hoo hoo. Get over it. If this is all you have to complain about the GET A D@MN LIFE!!!

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Walmart in Las Vegas, Nevada - Invalid T-Mobile PIN for Rocket

I purchased by email from Walmart a 30 day PIN for the T-Mobile Rocket wireless Internet Adapter. T-Mobile rejected the PIN as invalid and could not correct the PIN as it was generated by Walmart. Walmart states they do not accept the return of prepaid cards. I did not receive a card, only a PIN generated by Walmart and sent by email. Walmart will not correct the PIN or refund the purchase price. I question the honesty of Walmart. I certainly believe that I have been abused as a customer of Walmart. I would not willingly shop Walmart again.
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People at walmart are so funny

so the day before yesterday my fiancee had to help a woman that was in dying need of help. she was an older handicapped lady. so as he was in hardware he heard this horrific scream and went to see what was wrong. a woman had fell on the floor and was kinda loopy. he had asked her what was wrong and she replied "that woman on the motorized cart has the ugliest creature ever." he looked at the woman in the motorized cart and seen that she had a tea-cup poodle-chihuahua mix. and he just looked at the old lady and she snapped "well aren't you going to do something" and he replied "can't" so she demanded a manager. well he called for one and she told him to do something and he replied "can't due to the American disability act if the door greeter allows any pets through the door then management nor associates can do anything about it." so now shes threatening to sue Wal-Mart due to her over-dramatized bull-*** and her breaking out in hives. kinda wish she would have had a heart attack or something. i hate people that always try to cause drama. especially to a poor little old handicapped woman. =D
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old people that need these motorized carts just need to die. they're wasting my air that i breathe.

it kinda sucks that i have to share my air with them. they don't deserve it.

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I as a customer called to speak to an employee "Jeremias", who helped me while previously shopping at your store located in Woodbridge, NJ, to thank him for helping me with his service, as well, as my appreciation on finding the right materials for a deep stain I had on my carpet. I have spoke to a customer service representative named Margie who told me she wasn't allowed to transfer personal phone calls. I am really disappointed on Margie's customer service. I as a customer was impressed with the service and attention I received in the store until I called your customer service representative, Margie. Margie answered the phone with no energy and respect for me as a customer. I personally felt and believe I was not valued as a customer.
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thats not walmarts policy. even though it is written in the handbook of the managers that employees don't matter....the customers do.

and why margie was being like that blows my mind.

walmart just sucks anyway.....and the only people that work there now mostly are teenagers and old people that are bored on retirement. so good luck if you decide to go back.


If thats Walmarts policy then thats their policy. Deal with it and stop crying like a big baby.

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Walmart in Washington, District Of Columbia - Lay away

walmart has been advertising its lay away program for says all toys over a certain amount. well when i went to put things on lay away none of the toys that i got applied. when i asked the guy why he said because it was from the baby section. i think its unfair that just because its from the baby section it doesnt qualify for lay away. it was a toy and it was above the certain price amount. it is very expensive having a baby and especially when you try to by the correct educational toys. the lay away program at babies r us is alot better, and better staff. i couldnt find anyone at walmart to help and when we tried getting for information about the lay away the walmart associate was clue less
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Common sense would tell you not to have a baby that you can't afford. But that logic is probably too much for you too understand.

Its their policy so what makes you so important that they should make an exception for you. Get over it and quit crying like a big baby.

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