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Walmart in Knoxville, Tennessee - No Help On Replacing Cell Phone

I've tried for hours over this past weekend to submit a claim and got nothing. I let my browser sit for hours on the submitting claim section of the web site and it never went through. I called the 800 number and that automated system told me that I had to submit my claim online. This is such a scam it isn't funny! All you get is a runaround. My husband and I went to our local WalMart this morning to see if we could get him a new cell phone there through the plan and were told no way, you have to submit the claim online, then come back to get another phone. The only problem is WalMart only carried 2 cell phones from Boost Mobile now and neither one is the one I bought my husband nor are they acceptable to him as a replacement. Just for anyone who is reading this: Don't buy a Sanyo Mirro Boost cell phone as signal reception is horrible and slowly but surely the screen stops lighting up which is why we are trying to replace it as the screen will not light up at all now so no way to see who is texting you, calling you as well as no way to browse the internet or take photos. We will have to buy him another phone today because he cannot go this long without a cell phone. I will never buy another cell phone from WalMart again. And this also has made me think twice about buying anything that I want a replacement plan on at WalMart since it looks as though they will just take your money for the plan and never honor it.
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Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records are NOT erased, they are just sealed.


I noticed that there are only white employees at our Wal-Marts. My husband has a pristine record in sales and marketing, and they won't even call him back.

He has a college degree and he is quite possibly the smartest man I've ever met. Nothing. I look around at the employees--all white. I don't get it.

If anything, he may be overqualified for a position there, but still! Surely they'd at least want an interview. I'm playing the "race" card.

It's not right! They'll hire toothless imbreds but not my sophisticated, intelligent, and hard-working husband.


Last time I checked, that was stealing.


Nikalseyn, do you know why we act like that? Because of inconsiderate customers who act like the world revolves around them. Calling us uncivilized and dumb just shows how immature some people are.


another satisfied Walmart customer. When will people learn NOT to shop at Walmart?

Customer service is a joke as are the strange-looking employees shuffling around all over the store, looking and acting like zombies.

It is not worth trying to save a few cents on products. Go someplace where they have civilized and literate employees.

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While waiting with three other customers at the deli for 15 minutes (only one male was serving) a female employee appears started to clean the cutting machine to shave meat for a customer...this employee painfully proceeds at a snails space to wipe the machine down...
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To the comment made about explaining to your child , about someone physical appearance. This would of been a good learning experience to share with your family about special needs people.

I find your fear towards the disable community filled with ignorance and prejudice.

I don't work in Walmart and to say the Employees are walking Zombies is uncalled for. Obviously you don't understand the dynamics of retail.

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On my birthday my boyfriend and I went out and decided that after dinner we wanted to go out and let me pick out my own birthday present. I had my heart set on a specific piece of jewelry and after hours of searching, we found nothing in our price range. As a last...
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Sadly I too see this all the time, and i work there as a vendor - i.e. I rent space in a store for my business (like how banks , optometrists, subway , etc are sometimes in walmarts), so naturally I've come to know several employees.

They're literally constantly on break in the dingy gross back room that plays black and white tv on a station that plays reruns of 1960s television. Why would you even want to spend time in that windowless horrible room with flies everywhere? Any time you page for anybody they're "on break." Last I checked people get 1 to 2 15-min breaks and a 30 min lunch. Some employees working 8 hour shifts get an hour lunch and 40 minutes of breaks which they don't include the 5 minute to and from walk to the time clock, so it's more like 2 full hours a day each person is not working.

They say "smokers used to get an extra 5 minutes on their break so I should too!" It would be one thing if they actually worked during their shift but they dilly dally and are super uneducated and inefficient and slovenly. It's just not a place for respectable people to mingle.

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Walmart visa allowed unauthorized charges on my visa

I noticed money was missing on my reloadable walmart visa, I called and the transaction was peninding with an internet website, I told them it was not authorized,they assured me it would not be paid out and the money would be back on my card within 10 days.I called back the next day and was told it had been paid out i was flaming mad,I was then told they cannot stop any transactions that are unauthorized,So people know now Walmart visa allowed me to be robbed.They refuse to give me written proof of this crime, I also looked up this website that robbed me Mymovies-online in Germany and its not a real company. I made walmart visa aware of this,Waslmart visa does not protect your money in anyway,they told me to monitor my acct daily,yet in the same breath told me nomatter who submits charges they cannot stop the payment,then you cant get proof from them to fight it and if you call and you are disconnected they also refuse to transfer your call WHAT THE****...Walmart visa cusuermer service is so poor that not one person I spoke to said the same thing.Anybody can charge your card and get away with it.
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Walmart in Toronto, Ontario - Inproper action taken for shoplifting minor.

My son 12 was caught stealing from your store. I asked the security guard to handcuff him and gave him permission to spank him, and he told me that they do not handcuff children under the age of 13 if they are cooperating, they only handcuff them if they are fighting. They also told me they could not spank my son as they are not allowed to use physical force on the person they stopped. My son has reciently been causing trouble. He got suspended from school for fighting. He does not listen to me. Perhaps if this security guard did nothing to let my son know that he did wrong. I think if a parent give permission to handcuff and spank their child they should comply. He is also a bad influence on my younger son who is nine and now my nine year old is starting to act up. He is the oldest of three children. ( I have a five year old daughter as well.) I think that if the security gurd was mour tough with him that he would see that it is not only I who finds his behavior unacceptable.
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so you expected someone to risk their job just because you're a bad parent and your child is a brat?


How many teeth do you have? Guessing you got a wart on your nose, right?

Which trailer do you live in? How many times have you been on Jerry Springer?

All legit questions for a trailer trash "mom" like you!


You have had 12 years to change the behavior of your child. Instead, you place the blame on a security guard?

Along with entitlement making me want to vomit, it's parents of children who blame others for their child's behavior.

Good luck with that! You're gonna need it!


Actually, what you asked for is improper action. The security guard would most likely have lost his job had he complied what you asked.


It's your duty to spank your children if they need it, not some security guard's.


Your thinking is unacceptable to think it is the place of a security guard to discipline your child! Try talking to the child and find out why he felt he had to steal and take him back to the store to apologize for his actions if he is not allowed back into the store have him write a letter to the manager explaining why he felt he had to steal and what he plans to do to correct the situation. This should be the only punishment needed.


You have got to be kidding me!! I have raised 3 boys, never once did I need the assistance of a security guard to handcuff my children.

As far as the spanking goes, if a security guard put their hands on my child, I would be wearing some handcuffs! He's 12? Might not be to late to start being a mother instead of a victim.

You ALLOW him to set a bad example for his younger siblings. Put on your big girl pants and take care of your kids or give them to someone who will.


Another parent wanting someone else to raise their child for them because they are too lazy to do it themselves. You were probably hoping the security officer would handcuff and spank him, then you could file a big lawsuit. Pitiful!!


Nothing a good stiff punch in the eye won't fix. When I (and when I say "I", I am hoping that I can be understood by someone as saying "we") was young, it was completely acceptable to hand your kid their ***.

Make them pick their face up off the ground. My father knocked me out once for talking back to him. Do you think I ever gave him any more lip?? No SIR!!!

Kids nowdays have it easy. Look at them the wrong way, and they can call the police or Protective Services on you. No wonder these kids are so out of control. No respect for authority, no fear of it either.

I do wish I could have read that the guard layed a whooping on that boy, but sadly, no such luck. I hope you took that boy home that afternoon and gave him what for.

Maybe somewhere underneath all his tears he would have seen your message loud and clear. Master Sargeant out!!


This is not the responsibility of the LP to physically discipline your child. Please use common sense, dear.

Please enlist the help of the school. Maybe he has a learning disabilty or emotional problems.

Children sometimes act up for numerous reasons. I wish you well.


Learn the laws, they are not the police, they can not handcuff someone unless they are a threat to public safety (is false imprisonment) and if he spanked your child would be abuse of a minor. Come on use some common sense.


Blaming someone else for not disciplining your child is absolutely ludicrous. It does not matter if you gave permission or not, it is not the responsibility of the LP officer to teach your child right from wrong.


It's cute how someone with no courage of their own, but plenty of imagination, stole my alias and tried to make this a racial thing. Actually, I'm quite sure that this ridiculous mother who refuses to discipline her own children is probably white.

But foolishness is foolishness, no matter what color you happen to be.


The *** in my alias above is the word s-t-u-p-i-d. I thought I would clear that up for those who would accuse me of cursing.


Your 2 difficult children have one thing in common.....YOU!! Perhaps if you had done your job as a parent and disciplined your own child in the first place, they wouldn't be in such trouble now.

It is absolutely ridiculous that you would be upset with someone for not disciplining your child when clearly you have refused to do so yourself. Do the world a favor and stop procreating (judging by your english skills, you may not know what this means....look it up), because to tell you the truth, I feel extraordinarily sorry for the children you have so far brought into this world.


I would work on your own English skills before bashing hers. You are missing several periods, you should spell out two rather than just posting the number.

English is a proper noun and should begin with a capital letter. Her English skills are poor, but yours are worse.


Your a worthless excuse for a mother! They cannot discipline your child you *** ***! It's your problem if your kid is bad,get the kid some help!


Are you *** kidding me?!! Asking someone else to spank your child?

You're an absolute ***. :grin


The discipline of your children is YOUR job, no one else's. If the gaurd had handcuffed your son, and spanked him, you would be trying to sue Wal-Mart for treating your "precious baby" in such a horrid manner.

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Walmart in Farmington, Michigan - Ad items not available

I have two Walmart stores near where I live. The closest store, on Watson road in Buckeye, AZ, has an interesting way in avoiding the "ad match guarantee". Say, for example, another grocery has gallon milk on ad. This walmart manager will only have half gallons on shelf. If oranges are on sale individually, they will only have bagged oranges out. I'm sure you can see the pattern. So instead of driving to shop @ the closest most convenient Walmart, I go the extra 7 or so miles to shop @ the Walmart on Estrella. The prices at this store are consistently lower and they make it possible to ad match Who do I report these issues to? I think its clever on the store manager's part but is it right?
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tasha i think you may be generalizing a bit much with that racist remark. I work with a retail competitor of walmarts in a very competitive market and everyone takes advantage of any savings especially with the economic status of the country right now.

spread love not hate.

that store manager is protecting his assets.

if the policy is being abused in that store, the prices on everything is else in some way or another will probably be raised to compensate for the loss. PNL.


The buckeye location has gotten in to trouble numerous times for not following the ad match policy, especially when the store first opened and refused to ad match at all. You can call 1-800-wal-mart but they will not do anything about it. Your best bet is to keep on going to the goodyear store, Irma is the manager and she allows ad matching with no limits.

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Walmart in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Express line

This is a complaint about the Walmart on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA. I just had a few items. I got into the 20 or less line. The customer at the register had a much, much more than 20 items. His cart was full. After his purchase his significant other brought clothes up to the register and rung up. I asked about it and was told the manager said to take these people. The cashier said it happens all the time. What's the point of having a 20 or less line? I absolutely hate that store but it's close to home. The lines are very long and there are few cash registers opened.
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I know this is a bit late, but we are not allowed to say anything to the customer. We could get fired. But, you have no idea what I want to say to the *** who brings 90 or more items into a 20 or less line.


The problem with express lanes is that the employee is often powerless of enforce the maximum.

Having worked in a store years ago, often on express I have come to realized that at least half the customers, when told to switch lines due to item overage will complain, request a manager, unload anyhow or just downright ignore you. So I ask, would you rather wait 10 more minutes while the employee has to call the manager to deal with the situation or just suck it up and wait the extra minute while the entitled *** checks out?


I actually read a complaint written about Wal-Mart about a lady who was mad because she had 30+ items and the cashier at the express lane wouldn't help her. Now I'm reading the opposite. I guess Wal-Mart can't please everyone.

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Walmart in Phoenix, Arizona - Made me stand their in disbelief with my mouth open shaking my head again

Wal-Mart in Cottonwood Az, is just awful, we are a small community and they serve at least 6 separate towns they never have anything and if it is ad matched or on sale it is gone, they have taken away the cheaper items and replaced them with bigger more expensive packs of things, they are always raising prices on us, this is constant. they are the only wal-mart within 50 miles and one of only 4 grocery stores in the whole town, they are way more expensive than other wal-marts I have been to, they raise our prices because they know we really do not have many choices in this small town, and I don't mean a little bit of a raise on stuff I mean a bag of coffee went from $7.12 to $8.24 a bag. the blocks of cheese went from $10.48 to $11.34 they price gouge us and nothing is ever in the store.
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Yeah, I guess this whole "free market" and "supply and demand" is just capitalist rubbish. Let's usher in some Communism so you can have your *** coffee for a few cents cheaper.

Everyone likes freedom, but few like the freedom of others.


It might not just be the store it might be because you don't know anything about the economy and that a lot of prices are going up.

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Hello all, Today i had the most awful/bizarre experience while shopping at Walmart in Seacaucus,NJ. I had to use the bathroom and as i entered the bathroom I noticed someone in the nearest stall. I took notice because on the floor of the stall was a blue collared shirt...
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I can't believe the people Ok with being vomitted on. Sounds like they didn't care about their employee or you.

If they were only 4 days old, you should be able to find or get the receipt from the store (if you used a card).

Contact corporate to replace the shoes.

Accident or not, it happened at their store by their employee and they are respondsible especially after such poor customer service.

I would not want to wear shoes that were puked on either.

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Walmart in West Palm Beach, Florida - Made a small fix it a major fix it

so i sent my 32 tv in to walmart warranty logistic about a week ago and i did as they said they sent me a box and said send it back ups well i was sending it in because it didnt have sound or picture for the dvd player but it did play the cable but i told i did pay 350 for it plus got this warranty why not use it i should have not even bothered because not only did they not fix the problem they sent it back to me saying do to the condition of the item we can not do anything and i was not gonna be help futher with my tv well some how during it getting to them my screen got smashed not like glass broke but like cracked and i was so made because when i called for help with this because i didnt send it that way the lady laughed at me a little and told me nothing she could do because the box had no damage so they was not filing a claim with ups and i was out of luck for my money or repair i was blown out water because i paid my money and went out way to let them help me because i paid for repair instead i got it back way worse then i sent it
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