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Your getting rid of the material and craft supplies

It wasn't bad enough you ran the rag shop out of the area now you are going to take that part of walmart away also. i do my craft& MATERIAL SHOPPING WHEN MY HUSBAND DOES THE FOOD SHOPPING BUT SINCE YOU ARE DOING AWAY WITH THE CRAFT AND MATERIAL DEPT I'LL DO MY GROCERIE SHOPPING AT A LOCAL FOOD OUTLET. you don't think of your costomers all you think is money,money ,money . Ihad a brother who worked for your co. he loved walmart. to bad he isn,t alive to see how things are getting. thanks
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Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Your policies

I purchased a 5 gallon Hunter humidifier on December 15, 2007 and asked if it would be on sale soon. They did not know. It came on sale in a flyer the week of January 6th. I took my receipt and the sale flyer to your store in Baraboo on the 8th to get a refund for the difference of $7.15. I was told it wasn't within their two week ploicy and they would not issue a refund. I have not been satisfied with your policies in the past and am not happy now. I will not buy anything that is not on sale in the future and will shop at stores with more resealable policies like WalMart A disappointed consumer
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Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

Tire and lube dept.

I am really ticked off about my last trip to my local walmart for the regular service of our car, in the past our local walmart in good old Logan, Utah has been really good. It started about two and a half months ago when we took the car in for the oil change the Tech came and got my wife and took her down in to the pit and showed her the oil pan and the leak and the oil plug that was stripped,after going back to the computer and showing them that they had just changed the oil, they fessed up that and had a new oil pan put on. Well on New Year Eve early in the day she goes shopping at Walmart and decided to have the oil changed on the car, while shopping she hears hear name called over the intercom to come back to auto and lube. Mrs. Burns we have stripped out the drain plug in your oil pan, We will have the car towed to a shop and have it fixed and you go pick it up and (PAY FOR IT !!!) and we will reimburse you . Well needless to say I was out of town and my family couldn't get to Jackson Hole Wyo. to spend New Years with me and my older son ,not to mention the money lost on booked reservations at Teton Village and going without a car for 3 days. After talking with the Dept. Manager he did go and pay the bill.
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Wal-Mart is a bunch of Crooks. We had 4 brand new tires put on our van yesterday.

We got up this morning and one of the tires were flat. My husband aired the tire up and took it back to them. They took the tire off and we had a cracked rim. The rims were fine when the old tires were on there.

They would have noticed a darn cracked rim when they put them on. They cracked our rim putting the new tires on. We filed a claim at the store and they refused to give us the claim number. They told us it would take 24-48 hours to even find out it they can do anything about it.

My husband has to drive the cracked rim home just to get home. Join me in a Boycott against Wal-mart!!!!

I will take all my business to K-Mart and Foodlion. Down with Wal-Mart!!!!


the only thing walmart is good at is screwing up America. Take your business elsewhere


The tire and lube in Florence, SC needs more serious workers. They need to be mor eserious about their jobs and other people property.

I went in there to get my oil changed and when they were driving cars out of the shop, they were speeding as if they were on a race track.

It took forever for me to get my oil changed because they were laughing and joking, playing and flirting with customers. I don't know where the manager was but, they need to either get serious or get new staff.


Last year I purchased two tire and had them put on the front and the ones in the front put in the back. The ones in the front were Good year and I had purchased them from Sams.

A few weeks later, my husband noticed that one of the back tires was almosty bald. I told him that can not be true. I went out and there was a tire "bald as he stated", but not a God year someone had stolen one of my tires. I had been anywhere else.

I took it to the same Walmart and they denied that were at fault. The supervisor did not want to take care of it. I asked for the store manager and he stated that he was not in that day.

He finally sold me a tire for half price. I still was upset and have not been back to their tire department.


Stripping the drain plug or pan is common. It's a sign of sloppy unattentive work.

After your first bad experience, you shouldn't have gone for a second one too.

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Logan, Utah
Walmart Oil Change
New Reviewer

Walmart gift cards

I received 2 Walmart gift cards an Christmas gifts. i went to Walmart in kenora,ontario to use them boxing day. i stood at the till for an hour while they tried to make the cards work, then they informed me gift cards were not working in many places in Canada and the u.s. they told me i could use CASH, CREDIT CARDS or DEBIT it was ONLY gift cards that were not working. needless to say next year i will NOT be purchasing anything at Walmart and i have advised my family and friends to do the same.i did NOT ask for sex for Christmas but if i had i would NOT have wished to get screwed by Walmart
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Tell me why people have to pay taxes on their refunds that they get back from last year, when you already paid the TAXES,on the income, ITS TAXES ON TOP OF MORE TAXES, RIGHT ,,


I sent for the boby shaper and they arrived I didnt have time to try them on,well they dont fit & I can not even find a number to call,or an address to send them back. I no they said you get a free one, but that was a lie ,because s&h cost the same as the items.

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Kenora, Ontario
Walmart Gift Card

Merry Christmas, Walmart

I ordered a Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK DVD Recorder/VCR for my parents' Christmas on 12/14/07 on I received an order confirmation, order number, and written assurance that the unit would arrive at my home Dec. 21-24. When the unit didn't arrive, I emailed "customer service." They emailed me back the link to shipping information. Only when I hit that link did I find out that my order had been canceled since the unit was out of stock. Now I have to start shopping all over again and probably pay more. Thanks a lot, Walmart!!
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Temple, Texas

Wal-mart and Returns

Ok, I will be the first to say I love Wally World but now I my feelings are little indifferent. I went in one day and found a hat on sale for mom. She decided she didn't like it so I tried to take it back I went to the store I got it from they said I couldn't return it there because someone scratched through the bar code on the price tag. I told them duh yeah that is what they did so it couldn't be scanned it had to be typed in due to the sale price sticker on top of the barcode why would I scratch over it? It would not benefit me in any way to do so. They still said no. So I tried about 3 more Wal-marts and same thing finally I went to return some shorts I bought at a Wal-mart close to my job and they took the hat great YES!! She said they had some on the floor so she could do it. But that she could not take the shorts back. But I bought them here about 2 weeks ago I said. There are none on the floor she says so I can't take them back. I said FINE!! just return the hat for me please I already wasted enought time, energy and not to mention Wal-mart gas going from store to store to get rid of this hat I will not do it again for these shorts. She gave me the money and my receipt back and mad as heck I walked out to my car. I sat down to put my money away before pulling off only to notice the hat that I drove to 4 Wal-marts to return was only returnable to the tune of $2.80 less than what I paid for it.
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Ummm hey. If you have your reciept, and you didn't wear the item u would have been fine


I bet you feel like an ***.

people need to keep the things they buy instead of losing the receipt and thinking they can act a fool and get refunded.

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Butler, Kentucky
New Reviewer


I am so flipin MAD!!!! My computer... Not my laptop, but my computer keeps hiting on me!!! I am so mad!!!! It keeps sayin that it can do me right unlike my husband tony!!! How does it know Tony?! I dont even like it and GRRR I hate it sooo much. I wish it would just go die in a whole and stay there for the rest of that no good computer life it allready has. I have no clue what is going on... It keeps calling me a sexy *itch, and now I have to leave it off becuase Tony and I are getting furious at it.
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thats quite funny.... :grin


This has nothing to do with the above article, just venting. Thanks!!!


I would just like to state that I am a former wal mart employee. I was working there while putting myself through school.

I have to say some of the employees are nasty and bitter, but I truly believe it is because of the low life *** who come in to wal mart. They think because they are the customers, they can call us whatever they want and act how ever they want. I have news for those people. Doing things like that just makes you look like an *** and everyone sees that.

I don't know what you think you are accomplishing, but all you are projecting is that you are a total ***. I think people who complain about wal mart need to realize where they are at first off, and that THEY had the choice to walk into that store. I do not feel bad for any of the consumers that treat people like *** and think that is okay because wal mart says the customer is always right.

That is a load of bull *** and every customer who even so much as thinks of giving attitude to a nice employee or a person who can't help the situation or maybe even the fact that you are having a *** day (again, not wal mart employees problem) should be thrown out on their dirty scummy piece of *** *** and never be allowed back in. This is only to the people who treat others like ***-because they feel like it.

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Syracuse, New York

Walmart unfair and not professional

On friday 23rd nov. I went to walmart at 2:40 a.m. and stood in line until 5:00 a.m.until the store opened. I purchased 2 dvd players and some other thinigs. I put the dvd players under my basket and began to exit the store where I was stopped and asked to show my reciepts. While I showed my receipts someone stole one of my dvd players off from under my basket. I noticed it when I got to my car. I went to report and they did nothing about it. I have complainted twice to walmart.gygr qxqz
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Los Angeles, California

Lack of instore checkers at guymon, okla Wal Mart

Why is it this store cannot afford to hire more checkers to handle coustomers? I have seen people leave their carts and walk out the door because there are two to three checkers when there are 8 to 12 people in line. This happens all the time here in this store. Any other store you go into tries to open another line when they get about three people in line . Not in guymon and you see people walking all over the place in blue shirts. This does not happen once in a while, it goes on all the time. I would like to ask ,WHY.
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Corporate won't allow the funds to hire more cashiers. And not everyone that works for walmart is trained on register.

So...even if the want to help you they would have no idea how to run register. Corporate is cheap as ***!

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Guymon, Oklahoma

" Family Guy" PJs for little kids at Walmart

Get those PJs off your shelves Walmart! Shame on you! Are you promoting a TV show that carries a WARNING to parents that the show is offensive and unsuitable to the viewing of children???????? These kids pjs have the characters and logo of the show all over the pjs. and are made to look "cool". I was applalled to count the number of times there was swearing with words like ***, *** etc. and references to adult scenarios talking about stag parties with *** cheating on the wife , use of condoms and all that was on one show!!! The TV show is shown at an inappropriate time as it is 6 pm! Come on Walmart! Aren't you supposed to be a family friendly store that would be interested in protecting small children from this kind of garbage? Be more RESPONSIBLE !!!! And just think " Just in time for Christmas" - it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?
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You may have a problem with your children watching Family Guy, but don't dictate what other people buy their children. If other people want their children to watch Family Guy and allows them to watch the show and wants to buy PJ's for them than it is their choice. Don't take away other parent's rights just because you don't like something.


this post might be old but the original poster sounds more nuts than an episode of family guy. good parents won\'t buy clothes like that so don't worry about it. crazy ***


You know what? If they were the only pajamas in the world you'd probobly wear them right? DEAL WITH IT NOOB!


Parents put the responsibility on everyone but themselves to raise their children. If you feel that strongly about the values of Wal-Mart, simply do not shop there!

Wal-Mart also sells rated R movies and Family Guy DVD's, and much more, just like most other stores. It is up to you to teach your children right and wrong!!


Family guy is a great show you overprotective ***:(


Family guy makes fun of people like you. lol


Welcome to the real world, you overprotective *** =)

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Toronto, Ontario
New Reviewer

Walmart Customer Service

As a former employee of Walmart I underwent the same training the current employees went through. I cannot for the life of me understand why the store in my area has such horrid service. First of all our store is a TEST store. We got our Supercenter and they closed the regular store a few years ago. What did we gain more departments with worse customer service!!! Lines leading down the aisles with only 2 cashiers open and other employees wandering around sucking on a lollipop. We got less selection, and more store to not be able to find it in. We mainly use the store for diapers and cleaning supplies now. The groceries were ok but we would try a product fall in love with it and suddenly it would be jerked from the shelves. When I asked an employee stocking the now empty shelf where the products are, his answer was a empty, "I dont know and if you have a complaint email it to corporate" Have you ever tried to find the walmart customer complaint department online? GOOD LUCK! Walmart just used to be made in the usa, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, low price guarantee and now it is long lines and a serious lack of customer service coupled with foreign made junk that are ALWAYS the best price. SHAME on them. I am sure Mr. Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave.
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I am so sorry that you have received such losey service, I myself work as an associate at Walmart, I try to give excellent customer service to ALL my CUSTOMERS!!,With no hesitation, every customer to me is very important and special. I will always strive to make a difference, have a positive attitude along with a smile for you all!

There our some and I'm sure more then you think that really do care. Look for the Positve, It's There!


I have to say that yes some places lack the customer service. But our store is excelling in it up here in Wisconsin.

We have the best customer service. Sometimes our lines get long during the busy parts of the day, but we make you feel at home and always apologize for the inconvience.

We understand that we can get you out super fast, but what we can do is make the wait more enjoyable by actually engaging in a conversation with you.

And EX wife most people that Wal-mart hires and they date they tend to marry, I don't get that either. But they can't work together.


It amazes me that your company does not allow dating between its managers and employees and that several have been fired for this. However, when my husband was a TLE Service Manager having an affair with his Service writer he did not even get a slap on the hand because his TLE Manager covered the whole thing up for them.

All are still working for Walmart still seeing each other still getting away with what ever they can calling in sick , showing up late, and doing whatever else they can get away with.....Needless to say I thank Walmart for tearing a family apart. I now shop at KMart seems there standards are probably a little higher.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

Wrong prices

many times i have been charged the wrong price for gro. I have to go coustmer service to take care of the over charge.A woman name Joyce Ratliff always gives me a hard time.She is always rude to me .I have seen her being rude to other people.I have talked to other people about her they say it does not do any good to complain about her. Could someone pleas take of this.Iam disable and cannot walk or stand for a long time.I have to wait along time in line.Can you help with this.
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Tell a manager about her and they can say something to her. Go to customer service and ask them to page a manager or call the number on the receipt to that store and ask for a manager.

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New Reviewer
I am curious how many people are injured at Walmart each year and how many have to get the run-around like the one that I am receiving. I was shopping at Walmart one day summer 2006 when I went to put a box (4 six packs) of bottles in my cart. The box had been cut...
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I fell Dec 26 in south point Walmart. A lady ran into me.

As I was going out. One door interning. One goes out. I bruised my rib.

Knee. Shoulder.cant work.

Life turn upside down. And no one cares

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New Reviewer

Walmart Auto Center

On May 21, 2007 I had my oil changed in my 2003 Nissan Altima with 38K on it. On May 22, 2007, the car came to a dead halt and was towed to a Nissan dealer. The next day I was informed that the car had NO oil in it: No Leaks, No drips, No oil! The Service Manager at Nissan is willing to give me a written statement so I can pursue this legally. It needs a new engine. I called Walmart and this is turning into a bigger conspiracy that JFK. I am awaiting their final word and from the tone of the conversations to date, they will somehow blame me.
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You wana be cheap and you get cheap service. I dont feel sorry for people like you.


Hey "HA HA" Not everyone has money flying out their *** You sound like someone who has NEVER suffered. Hope that changes for you soon.

The rest of us do the best we can with what we have and struggle every day to make it further than the day before. ps we don't feel sorry for you either.


Wal-Mart is notorius for this kind of behaviour. Get the best lawyer you can find and get written statements from the mechanic who discovered the lack of oil in your car ASAP.

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