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Made purchase on 5/28/11, was charged twice for one item, didn't realize until review of receipt on 6/11/11. Returned to store, evening "Manager" did not introduce himself, looked at the receipt, said he "could not do anything about" because it was over 7 days old....
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They have done the same thing to me. A few weeks ago I bought a few things and used coupons.

The coupons didn't want to work and I had icecream and a fussy baby so went home. Looked through the reciept and found a few things that wasn't right. My mom went back to the store for me to get a *** 3$ refund and no apology.

And we both told the cashier she messed up with the coupons. I understand their coupon and match policy have changed but thats NO excuse for poor customer service.

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Walmart in Mount Arlington, New Jersey - Refused to help me!

i will never shop wal-mart again and will tell everyone in my extended family and anyone i meet not to shop walmart.i went to walmart to buy a playstation 3 game,was refused service and treated rudely.6/12/11 07:47:49 st#2569 OP#00001418 TE#11 TR#07198 early morning go to walmart to buy game 6 minutes from my house.the store was empty except for one other customer,back of the store are the computer games,one sales person,asked her to help me find game,said no, pointed over there5or 6 times,by the way the games were locked up.lady at register was rude and told me don't complain to me ,not my problem.i could tell you much more but i'm running out of space and time. went to target bought game 8 min. from my house
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And to think I actually tried to get a job there in 1990! Glad I didnt! Maybe they saw that I was a lot more intelligent then their staff, as I then went an found a job that paid at least 3 times what WM pays!


I was in there the other day looking for those platic holders that hold baseball cards (for my many coupons) the only person that I could find to help me was the dumbest s.o.b. on the planet!

I followed her all over the store! She then tried to sell me a photo album!

I was like DUH, WHAT planet are you from?? From under which rock does Wal-Mart find these myopic bottom feeding *** that work there?


I am no *** you *** *** and its customers that are like you that make us look bad not all of Walmart employees are lazy and rude!


You just happened to run into a *** and lazy employee-----------typical at any Walmart in the country. All you have to do is look at some of the people they employ as you meander thru a Walmart.

People really should shop at Meijer if they have one in town, or just about any other store. Walmart has really gone downhill the past couple of years with the *** they insist on hiring.

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Walmart in Daytona Beach, Florida - No fresh bagels available

My wife and I go to the walmart store to buy fresh produce, meats and baked goods. At the store on Bevile RD S. Daytona loose fresh bagels are not available but the store on Clyde Morse & Dunlawton Ave they are. When you ask a worker they tell you to buy the prepackaged (6ct)which will go bad before you eat them all.If a customer wants good service and products they have to travel 4 extra miles to Port Orange store where the senior shoper is treated with respect and care. Single items are available and they are not forsed to buy large packages.
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Wall Mart will not replace honor their auto battery warranty unless you can present the drivers lisc of the person who purchased the battery. I know of no other seller who has this *** policy. when I insisted on a written copy of that policy they refused to give it to...
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Walmart 1133 Albemarle: the line is so long!

Every time I come in to this store the lines are so long. Employees who are not on a register just stand and look at you. You would think with all the extra staff, standing around, they cold be trained to operate a register from time to time. The other day, I waited in line so long that I started putting stuff back and only paying for what I desperately needed. Target is worth the drive. I hate Walmart! Walmart used to be a weekly trip. Now, maybe once a months or every other month. Don't forget to show your receipt at the door!
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Walmart in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin - Rude

I was at the walmart store in versailles,mo. My wallet was stolen and I could not even get anyone to help look for it. I asked them the check trash in bathrooms,said they don't do that. This store has been hit several times. They have only 1 camara in the food section.I worked for walmart for 4 yrs and I would have never treat someone like the way I was treated. I know times are tuff but these employees need to learn how to help people when thing like this happens. I don't care if I ever go back into a walmart store.
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Really? You are mad they wouldn't look in the trash?

Did you file a police report?

If you did file the report did you ask the responding officer to check the trash too. Lol lazy......


Wrong smedrik,

It is not her responsibility, it is her parents respionsibility to make sure she left with everything she came with. Isn't it obvious that this was written by a nine year old child who is not old enough to be responsible for her actions. Also it is obvious that this person has never worked at Wal-mart because to work there you have to be 16 and this person is obviously nine years old. If she worked ther 4 years they would have had hired her when she was only five years old. If they did than maybe they were fired for behaving like an irresponsible child and losing valuable things.

Anyways to the OP, I am sorry that everyone is being mean to you, however when you lost your wallet you should have asked your parents for help. If by any chance you are older than nine grow up and be more responsible.


Your property is your responsibility.

What you are saying is that you wanted wal-mart to spare valuable employee time and resources to look for personal property you failed to take proper care of?


I bet if they dedicated employees to help you look you would then turn around and complain about the long lines or empty shelves.


I can honestly say I'm glad your wallet got stolen, I have no sympathy for someone so lazy that they can't look for it themselves.


It isn't Wal-Mart's fault you can't keep track of your things. It is also not their responsibility to find your lost things.

I can't believe you asked them to look in the garbage. Why don't you go digging through trash cans trying to find other people's lost items?

Christ, this complaint is ridiculous.

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Walmart in Tampa, Florida - Only gave me 1 of 2 perscriptions, very unfriendly clerk

Very unfriendly clerk gave me only 1 of 2 perscriptions. I did not tear open the bag, which I will do from now on. Just called store and another one with a "I don't care attitude" told me it was there and ready to be picked up. She never apologized, just said "ok" when I told her I would not be able to get back for several days. This is such an inconvience for me as I am elderly and find it hard to get around. Time to take my drug business elsewhere. This was Walmart at Ridge Road and uS19, on 6-9-2011
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I AM TIRED OF GOING TO WALMART AND THEY KEEP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF EVERY TIME I GO IN THE STORE THEY OVER CHARGE ME.ON JUNE 6 2011 I BOUGHT DOG FOOD FOR $19.88 plus tax and they charged me $81.99 on my debit card and now i cant get my money back. also a few days before mothers day i bought flowers on sale, took them to my mom and 1 out to camp and on the flower pot it says $8.99 they charged me $12.00 for each one and i had to fight to get my $10.00 back
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Yes I have heard this walmart has people that will over charge to the money in their pockets. It's the worse customer service I have ever seen.

I have been to many walmarts across the the country. This one is the worst. The employees do not care about customers. They act like you are bugging them if you ask for help.

No one is ever around to help.

I just think they need to be investigated.

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I have been shopping at Walmart ever since it opened how many years ago like most Americans and have never written a bad check to wally world. However now that they have decided to use telecheck to tell them whether to accept a persons check things have changed. On...
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Look, debit cards and credit cards, as well as pulling money out from the ATM incur charges and fees. These options do not solve the problem. The option of a check is a valid option, so Simon, Shako, Cashier, FRGirl85, y'all can seriously can it. Wait a little longer, slow down your life, and see that a debit/credit card wastes your money.

Telecheck has poor management, and there's not much that can be done about it, unfortunately. The employees of the company (according to them) cannot tell the computer to accept checks and that all is well either. There is no way to get rid of the hold on your account because, according to them, there is no actual hold, they just advise that you do not pay by check for the next week.

Checks are not that inconvenient. They take literally thirty seconds longer to run than a credit/debit card. Learn to calm down and stop rushing through life. The thirty seconds you spend in that line will not make a *** bit of difference in your life.

What Telecheck does seems irresponsible and unnecessary. Hopefully, it'll change for the better one day soon.

I eagerly await the day when third party companies that have no part in people's money are banned, and store employees and customers chill out.

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Walmart Account
Walmart sold us a used, damaged TV in a brand new box. Then when we brought it back, they refused to exchange or refund our money. The assistant manager implied that we were the thieves. He investigated further to find the receipt for when the damaged TV was purchased...
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Bring their attention to the indiana case where the woman bought a dvd player that had a *** movie still in the machine and her daughter saw part of was broadcast on wthi news.reselling used products is what they do with returns that aren't broken but they don't check them out either

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