WAL-MART WalMart fraud, deception, dishonesty, intimidation of employees, firing of United States born employees Bentonville Arkansas

Many of you know about the fraud, dishonesty, copyright infringements, intimidation of employees by WalMart, Inc. Not so many of you know about Wal-Mart's globalist, sodomite policies to intimidate employees, former employees and the public in to accepting a global government. I am only going to cover today what has been done to I and others with regard to Wal-mart's popular ripoffs. First, Walmart STEALS from the public in the area of many products and "services", including DVD's. I purchased a DVD to help me give the atmosphere of Christmas during a fund raising campaign. The DVD was totally unsatisfactory because the label suggested a real Xmas carol; not some modern jazzed up one. Also purchased a dVD player for nothing. When I attempted to order customer service to give me an exchange, the supervisor of the customer service staff stated that Walmart would not refund nor exchange the DVD under the policy that, once a DVD has been opend, it could not be exchanged !!. Then don't sell the product because you, Wal abominable, ARE STEALING FROM THE PUBLIC!! Second: this policy by Walmart, Inc, is very fraudulent, furtive, sneaky, dishonest, surreptitious, disgusting, loathesome, exploitative, self-seeking, heinous, CRIMINAL and AN ABOMINATION! Walmart is buying counterfeit items from china and two or three other countries this is what is known; there may be several or even many more and re-selling them to willfully and deliberately DECEIVE their customers and the public in general. Walmart is selling a COUNTERFEIT A + D OINTMENT. Walmart is deceiving the public in to thinking they are going to get A+D Ointment. REAL A + D ointment will say "original" on their label. It is MSD CONSUMER CARE, subsidiary of MERCK & CO, INC. has COPYRIGHT on A+ D ointment. WALMART is COUNTERFEITING and selling a product they call 'Vitamins A&D ointment". This is OBVIOUS COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT, and Walmart and the varmits who are manufacturing, labeling and selling to Walmart could be liable as well as Walmart. Walmart has conceived FALSEHOOD from their hearts. Walmart sells "Vitamins A&D" for approximately 40% of what they sell A+D ointment for - when they have it on the shelf. You have to MAKE SURE the A+D shows "Prevent" highlighted and underneath "Prevent" shows "Original Ointment" with the word "Ointment" in bold. This is a very deceptive and treacherous policy by the walmart evildoers.
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Clearly, you are not a Wal-Mart employee, or your response would have been it is a copy right issue. The copy right is not a Wal- Mart policy it is a Federal law which any stores that sell games, movies, music have to obey.

Look it up.

Stop pretending to be an employee of Wal-Mart and making them look bad. And, if you are an employee of Wal-Mart educate yourself, because all you are doing is making yourself look ignorant.


My guess is that you wanted to exchange the dvd for a different one? You can only exchange a dvd for the exact dvd if it is defective and you have the receipt.

No refunds are allowed on opened dvd/cds. This is not just walmarts policy. Its the same as buying a book, reading it then returning it for a full refund or exchanging for another book. Its not gonna happen.

Nobody is stealing from you. Get over it. As far as your very looong ridiculous complaint about the "counterfeit" A&D ointment, please get a new hobby.

My eyes hurt from reading it. :upset :eek


This, this, this.

A THOUSAND times this.

As a WM employee, allow me to enlighten you on the corporate stance of WM (and just about every retail corporation in the world.)

Once you break the seal of a DVD, video game or CD. That product becomes yours. You will not now nor will you ever get a refund for opening a disc product and trying to return it, unless the product is clearly defective and unable to function.

That's like eating a half-pint of ice cream and then trying to get a full refund because you didn't like the flavor.

You should lay off of conspiracy theories, Walmart's a pretty heinous corporation, but you're bordering on tinfoil hat nonsense.

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Lied To And Abused By Manager Saprina Garcia at Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108

Lied To And Abused By Manager Saprina Garcia at Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108
Lied To And Abused By Manager Saprina Garcia at Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108
Lied To And Abused By Manager Saprina Garcia at Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108
People Google this Walmart at 9500 Clifford Road in Fort Worth Texas and you will find they have MANY complaints about Appalling customer service. I have never seen a Walmart with store employees who will say anything, humiliate anyone, just because they feel like it. ...
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Hi John from Austin here. You're ignorant of Texas laws recording photography.

One has 'no expectation of privacy' if they are in the open, in the public, or in a public place. That means that your image can be captured and reposted without your permission. The only places where a person has the presumption of privacy are in hospitals, court houses and their own home. This is the law.

The Original Poster was legally within her right to repost the photo. No laws were broken here.

Whatever law school you went to you should ask for your money back.

Whomever is giving you 'legal advice' has you sounding like a fool. What you're saying is simply not accurate.

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Nabi 2 tablet

Called product care plan that I purchased with the tablet. They informed me to send the tablet in and they would give me a refund. I told them I wanted the tablet fixed as I bought it on sale. They put me on hold, came back and said if I purchase online in the next week they are 99.99. I said fine and sent product in. I got my refund today and went online to order another and they are 199.99. I have made 2 more calls to product care and they say too bad. This product care plan says it will fix my merchandise or get me another one. Now I have to add $70 to my refund to buy another. They give you a walmart gift card so you have to buy it at walmart. I am so so mad!!
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Walmart-Fire Started by keys made at walmart in my engine.

Update by user Jul 27, 2013

Walmart started engine fire in my suv. Please read below.

I have no peace of mind driving my vehicle. The vehicle cannot be sold without telling that it has been in an electrical fire who would want to buy it?

It's been over a year, very stressed out from this.

Walmart won't be accountable until their sale are hurting. If you shop with them becareful what you purchase, they don't care about public safety.

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2013
Walmart made keys for my suv, I turned my vehicle on walked in the house came back out and engine had started a fire. I just happened to be smart enough to bring my nieces in with me. Other wise they would have been strangling in smoke when I returned to the vehicle a few minutes later. The mechanic at Matt's Foreign Auto ordered new parts when they came available, he tested my old key against the new parts no problem. Then the mechanic tested the Walmart keys which causd the engine to act erracticaly and begin to smoke. The Walmart keys were proven to be bad and were made the wrong size. I asked Walmart to send someone out to the mechanic shop to test the vehicle themselves Walmart refused. I asked why did Walmart not have signs up anywhere of the possible dangers when having keys made at Walmart, that was no big deal to them. Walmart offered to pay only for the repair would not pay for the devaluation of the vehicle and rental fees. I was with out my truck almost two months waiting on parts and trying to get the issue resolved with Walmart. I no longer feel comfortable driving the truck either. I asked Walmart to notify the public of the dangers and that some of their keys can start electrical fires in vehicles; this is when Walmart then withdrew the offer to pay for anything. This has caused me extreme mental stress too.
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Anyone who thinks this is *** ***. Nuff said.


The poster was obviously concerned about this happening to someone else having the same experience. Look a the ridiculous posts from Walmart's agents. Why wouldn't you want to send someone out to review the issue, if it could be a public safety issue?

And to the *** who said they had keys made and never had a problem, are you saying because you purchased something before and never had a problem no one has a right to complain when something is wrong?


A lightning bolt might also catch your pants on fire! Dont put a key in the ignition now LOONEY TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:eek :eek :x :x :x :? :?


Walmart had caused damage to engines, and you can ruin your starter if the wrong size key is made. The commenter who said the poster is a liar, is the one who needs to see doctor Phil. Just because this never happened to you, does not mean it never happened.


Poster is a real WACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call Dr.

Phil. :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


You are the one who needs to see Dr. Phil Walmart patrol agent!!!!

The wacko Walmart Patrol agent is pretty obvious.

I won't have my keys made their.

Walmart uses cheap junk to make their keys and has very poor service.


You sir/ma'am are a fool.Their is know key that can cause any type of fire.Either the key work's or the key does not work.If the key did not work on the suv,Then how in the *** did you start the vehicle.This is an out and out LIE.WTF.I have purchased several key's from walmart,And each key worked perfect.Something was probably wrong with you suv in the beginning and You are trying to get walmart to pay for this matter free.What some people will not do.


You *** yes you can this has happened before. By the way why are you so upset, are you part of the Walmart image control?


Connie you are the liar. Why didn't Walmart send out a technician?

You mean to tell them they weren't interested, but they were willing to make an offer until the customer stated you need to post signs and warn the public? You are the liar, and obviously just another Walmart Patrol agent....

Walmart sucks. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


Why is Walmart allowed to endanger the public what if a house had caught on fire? This happened in February 2012, I contacted Walmart several times via fax, phone, certified letters, corporate headquarters, customer service, Walmart doesn't have to be accountable.

A young employee also died at the hands of Walmart, Walmart needed to replace the machine instead it was used until a young child working for them died using it, this issue happened in Canada. Could have been in the US wouldn't have mattered.

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in december my kids bought my wife and I a deep freeze to store freezer beef. We loaded it up with about $400.00 of beef and in July the freezer broke and ruined all the meet. I took the freezer back to Walmart with my receipt and met the manager who told me the return policy as 90days. We reminded him that it was not really a return...but a defective freezer....he did nothing for us. I came home and wrote to Walmart. About 2 hours later the manager called and "apologized"...didnt help me with the $700.00 loss of freezer and contents...but he did apologize. That makes everything fine with me...Are these people nuts? Now I have to drive 20 minutes from home to hit Target...worth the time and gas.... Sam has to be crapping his pants...
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Right, Walmart does not warranty the item. They just give you a chance to return it for 90 days.

That's not a warranty.

Contact the manufacturer. That's the way most stores do it, not just Walmart.


Once the 90 days are up, then it's time to contact the manufacturer of the freezer. After all, the manufacturer is the one responsible for any defects. With appliances such as a freezer, I would imagine the manufacturer would carry a warranty of at least a year.


You have to contact the manufacture of the freezer. When a store receipt expires you usually have a year warranty on these types of products through the manufacture.

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Dear Walmart customers

After reading quite a few Walmart complaints from customers on this site, I think it is time for the employees to have their turn. I am writing this anonymously for obvious work related reasons. Now while I agree that there are some legitimate complaints about Walmart on this site, there are also plenty of BS posts from the type of customers that I am trying to address in this post. Those hard to please *** who come in expecting us to fly them to the moon and back. 1. You are not always right. Some of you are just people who are mad at the whole world and you find anyone you can take it out on. If you are just being downright abusive we are going to refuse to help you and we are not required by law to help you either. We also have no problem throwing you out or calling the cops if you go beyond the law with your anger. 2. We are NOT responsible for your kids. Walmart is not a daycare center. It is your responsibility to look after your own children. If they get lost we will stop what we are doing and look for them, but stop blaming us because you cannot take care of your own brats. Maybe you shouldn't have children in the first place if you can't look after them. And if they are running wild tearing up stuff then we are going to tell them to stop. End of story! 3. We get breaks and lunches. We are not superhuman and we need to take a load off at times during the workday. If you see us on the floor shopping or at the pharmacy picking up a prescription then LEAVE US THE *** ALONE! There is always someone else on the floor you can ask, so spare me that "I can't find anybody else" ***. 4. Management is responsible for staffing the registers and they can only work with what they have. In fact, I have never worked at any store, nor have I been in any store anywhere in the USA, that wasn't well staffed at the checkout lanes during the day. A crowded store like Walmart is going to have lines no matter how hard we try. So get over it. At night there is less people in the store so they are going to be fewer checkouts open. Again, most of the complaining about this is from the same people who expect us to give them the moon and stars. 5. If we don't have it then we don't have it. We will look for the product you are looking for to the best of our abilities and we will even call other stores to see if they might have it, but we don't have magic wands either. 6. Telling us that you are never shopping at the store again doesn't hurt us. Walmart is a billion dollar giant and you taking your $100.00 elsewhere isn't going to make any difference. Most Walmart employees don't work at Walmart their entire life anyway and neither do most of us want to. Besides, most of the time you folks who say this are right back the next day. 7. Don't go ballistic on us just because a price rings up wrong. Especially if it is just like a $1 difference or so. We can change reasonable price differences easy. Nobody likes a cheapskate. 8. Walmart store management and associates are not responsible for separate stores and restaurants within Walmart like Subway or McDonalds. They are separate companies ran by separate people. All those places have to do with Walmart is pay rent to Walmart to use the space. If you have a problem with then you complain to their company not us, we cannot do anything. Same with the coke machines out front. Those machines are stocked and maintained by separate vendors such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. If your dollar gets stuck in the machine or something then we will give it back to you at customer service. Stop yelling at passing associates who are coming or leaving for the day or are on break or lunch. They can't do anything about it, it is not their fault.
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are you kidding me?? the original poster of this topic has complained more about Walmart than anyone else has.

yeah, MrsLea. look at some of her older posts.

@Patrick Nkk

I have a confession to make. Mrs Lea was never a real person.

I just made her up. I am a former walmart worker who used the account to do a parody of WM customers.


I've worked retail in the past-but never at Walmart. I have always been respectful to employees at Walmart.

I don't expect workers anywhere to "babysit" my children when shopping. One of the local Walmarts never (and I mean NEVER- no matter what time of day or night) has more than 5 max of the 18 registers open - usually it is 3-4 open at a time. The self-checkouts rarely work or are open. It becomes an occasion for celebration when you go to check out and there are 5 open.

I agree when you say that Walmart doesn't give a *** about when customers threaten to shop elsewhere. You are obviously part of the problem when you confirm that Walmart thinks of their customers as expendable. My biggest concern is that Walmart not ruins communities when they open & close stores, that even after they have left a community they still find ways to screw those communities by making it so no one can lease the empty buildings and bring good to a community.

Perhaps if I am able to spread this enough, a groundswell will occur and billions of people will stop. Then, Walmart will have to pay attention - by the way, how are sales going??????


MrsLea, you are my hero. I wish everyone who shops at walmart could read this...


I have worked at walmart for4 1/2 YR's. Started on a remod crew, stayed on as cart associate.

Other people started after me and got moved in to a department in just a few months/even a few weeks. This kept ocureing again, and again for 2 yrs. I finally had to talk to the store manager and ask why are other people moving inside before me. Some even getting full time positions.I said I don't think that's very right it was a new manager of the time because Walmart goes through managers like a baby dose diapers.

moving them around from store ..because none of them know how to run a messed up store like Walmat. so finally months later I was offered the position inside.there

seems to be some kind of femaNazi man hating circle within the Walmart. because I haven't seen the mail and pulley get a position above department manager.all the higher positions keep getting handed out two women no men. ZSM, asst Manager.there is now multiple positions of zsm & asst.

Mrg all female.I can't get off the reg. I want to advance my career to higher position. I work very hard and I'm going and that's why they're scared for the job or something average retail long time and I'm stuck making 1010 getting 40 cents a year raises from a multi billion dollar corporation. And stuck at the end of the totem pole because every female put in for every other female for advancement.

that's what it seems like anyway. Andso understaffed it's ridiculous that sales floor people scheduled two days a week just a covert cash registers cause they don't want to hire more people or give us any hours.I can't even get 40 hours a week they don't pay me *** so I need for your ho :?

urs not 3 3 believe it or not $161 my paycheck would realy be a big difference.how come you bust your *** so hard run on the store doing never been in when you can get a decent wage 466 dollars every two weeks can't live on that ***!!!that's a walmart has low prices to this *** on the employees.Walmart needs to set the standard and start their employees at like 10 bucks an hour number one in the fortune 500.can't pay their employees a decent wage.we all know it no one wants to say anything.I'm tired of it the world needs to know how it realy is!!! ONE PISSED OFF & BROKE TIRED OF IT WALMART EMPLOYE!!!!!!


*** ck Walmart! I hope the place goes out of business!

Walmart treats it's customers and employees like *** The people who run Walmart are a bunch of c u n t s!

I hope the place goes out of business! Hooray for Target!


Yep yep


2 words DOLLAR GENERAL :cry


I don't work at Walmart but I shop there very often and know the store well...though employees are always willing to be helpful..whether on the clock or off, I have on several occasions been able to direct customers to the aisle for the merchandise they are looking for...especially in the grocery department. This is because they have these large signs on the aisles that have a picture and only list 2 or 3 items that can be found on that aisle. The signs are nice but they would be more useful if they had more of the items found on that aisle listed on the very large sign.



WHEN are you going to give it up? We get it.

You hate the customers that shop in the store where you work. OK - We got it. Give someone else a chance to be heard on this site.

You monopolize this site so much that legitimate employees have to suffer the wrath intended for you. Just shut the *** up and go away.

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Bad, deliberate and insistant manager pass the bad hundreds onto you!!!

I received money back from my card. got a 100.00 dollar bill. I then Asked for twenties instead. the manager insisted the 100.00 was ok. I asked for the magic marker that turns brown if the bill is not real. They claimed they do not use the magic markers anymore. I then said how will u be sure this bill is ok and not counterfeit? I prefer to have twenties then please. Again the manager insisted on not giving me twenties then proceeded to say the bill was ok, I then said I would feel more comfortable with twenties, 100's r 2 high to break at stores, they will not break a 100. She then proclaimed to say everyone wants to do that and no one accepts 100's but there was nothing they can do about it and would not give me twenties instead of the hundred. Freaking nervy and insistent on getting their own way. They don't even know if their 100's they accept are good and then just pass them off on unsuspecting people and insist on doing it as if we are all dumb....unbelievable ignorance and bad business ethics at the cashier line with uneducated managers not to mention how they demean the customers integrity and intelligence. I'm shopping elsewhere, thanks so much for your manipulated services but no thanks!!!!!
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You know stores are in no way obligated to give customers change in the customer's preference, right?. $100.00 is $100.00 whether it is a 100 dollar bill or five twenties.

Banks exist for a reason and stores are not banks.

As for detecting bills. Pens hardly work anymore, which is why we hold them to the light.

Security strip, watermark face, number changing colors, etc. Many things we look for as we check the bills.


in december my children gave the wife and i a deep freeze from Walmart to store freezer beef. we filled it up and in july of this year the freezer broke and I lost about $400.00 of beef. I took the freezer back and was told that Walmart has a return policy that is 90 days. I reminded them that it was broken and not simply a return...they did exactly nothing...

I wrote into Walmart's website and told them about my issue...and i got a call from the store manager who apologized to me...

oh my...that made up for a $300.00 defective freezer and $400.00 of lost beef that I trusted to put into that freezer...

im a loyal Walmartian now...that apology from a minimum wage manager made the $700.00 loss just simply disappear...

Sam...was that you turning over in your grave...OK...just checking...


You can tell if the $100 is real by holding it up to the light. You would see a face in the corner and on a older bill there is a line that goes down the left side.

No store should use the fraud markers because they do not work.

People who make fake bills generally tend to wash the face off a real bill of a lower denomination and print something of higher value on top. So if you were to use the markers it would still mark as real when it is actually a counterfeit.


Buy a pack of gum next time.

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Dear Walmart employees, your founder Sam Walton said...

"There is only one boss. The Customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money elsewhere." You folks need to remember that everyday because it seems too many of you have forgot. The customer is your real boss. We...
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MrsLea, what you forget, is that even bosses have a boss (police) and when you act like a psycho in the store, it is not the associates' fault, it is yours and you are going to get thrown out.

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20 pack lead mechanical pencils

I went to walmart and I bought the 20pk of mechanical lead pencils of paper-mate and when I opened the pack which was sealed pack and I counted just 19 pencils and I was missing. I was so surprised that how this can be and I was searching for that one pencil here and there in my house but couldn't find it so if I go back to walmart and tell the issue then they will not believe me and will tell me that you stole it so I am trapped now :( I am completely confused that what to do now? Just let it go and don't ever take a step forward to improve someone's mistake?
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If you really want your pencil, take the package back to the store. When you are walking up to the store, realize that mistakes happen.

When you are standing in line waiting to be helped, smile. Its just a pencil. When you get up to the customer service counter, smile. Explain what happened, and be nice about it.

Did I mention that you should smile?

Wal-Mart employees get paid dirt wages to get walked all over by inconsiderate customers. Remember that when they take their uniform off, they are people just like you and will treat you the same way you treat them.


That isn't walmart's mistake you *** ***, that is the mistake of Paper Mate. A little piece of advice. Inspect your *** before purchase.


This obviously isn't Walmart's problem, you need to contact Paper-Mate to resolve this problem. :roll


I can't believe you would raise a stink about missing one pencil It cost more to drive back to the store and complain, than the cost of the pencil. I also have many more important things to do than count the number of pencils in a package.

The only way I would count is if there were so many pencils missing that it was obvious that there were some missing, but one missing pencil isn't obvious. Furthermore, it isn't WalMart's fault, it is the manufacturers fault.

Mistakes happen. How about you worry about you lack of capitalization and spacing between sentences, instead of worrying about one missing pencil.

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Walmart assists in check fraud

This started for me May 26 at 4:4am when a perp walked into the first of 2 Walmarts to cash fraudulent checks for purchases. The checks were fakes and were processed electronically by the Walmart cashier. The cashier keyed in the fake driver’s license number and the...
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Thank You for this. We were just ripped off at Walmart.

Someone wrote a check and put our companies Acct. no on it. Walmart gladly let this thief cash it/or use it to buy something. I am so PISSED Off!

Wells Fargo immediately called and told us about the fraud and credited us back the money. $486.00. So they are out of It now. I want to find out who did it and which Walmart (maybe one of a ton of delivery drivers).

This may take the rest of my life to find out. Thanks for your info. and yes Walmart Sucks!!! and keeps allowing this to happen.

Wells Fargo acts like its just an everyday thing!! Well, its a horrible mess for a business. We have to make a new account no. change everything!!!

what a pain!!!!! They say that the criminals only do under $500, so If they get caught it is just a misdemeanor, not a felony.

So Walmart doesn't care or try to find them. Not worth their time!!!!

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WalMart Money Card bad business ethics

I had a Walmart money card that I used for online shopping and Just out of the blue a few months ago I received a new card (old card not even expired) When I tried to activate my new card I called and they said that my account has been closed due to first time I called it was because I called and had a $100 moneypak reversed (did not happen). The second time I called it was I had suspicious activity on my card (the new card that wasn't even activated yet) but this activity was and I quote "loading money on and spending the money off of my card"! WTF, I thought this is what the card was for??? Then what really pissed me off was that they had their call center in asia just like everything else in that store made in china. Walmart had already lost 85% of my business, just got rid of the last 15%, I will take my money to Target, a place that treats their employees right.
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Dallas, Texas

Pissed off consumer

I entered my info went through the bull *** survay went to check on my status it said i was not in the system so i did it again but all i got was company's trying to sell me *** things I dont need. And all ask for all my info email and address.I dont like wasting my time for nothing I wanted to get my gift. Why do you people think its okay to do thiis to us the consumers,it will effect your bussiness. I will network and put the word out not to trust this *** bag company.
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MoneyGram Dept not experienced enought.

I find it necessary to inform you as to what happened in your new store (#3112) on 4096 North Foster Rd San Antonio, Tx 78244. My name is Rebecca Naranjo, I'm very disturbed about my experience at your MoneyGram department. On Saturday July 6, 2012, I went to...
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Ms. Naranjo, I actually feel more sorry for the manager in this case.

:( YOU ARE OUT OF LINE publicly accusing her of misconduct and attacking her character/reputation online. If I was the manager, I would get an attorney and sue you civily for defamation A$AP. :eek :eek Get ready to settle, or get out your checkbook Ms. Naranjo...

the damage has already been done. Think before you post (or send money to eBay) next time sweetie.

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San Antonio, Texas


Three weeks ago we went to get new tires they said they didn't have them but would order them and gave us an appointment to put them on. When the day came they had not ordered but said they would and gave us another appointment to get them on we well when that day came they had not ordered them again and were very rude about it. We had to put off our vacation because of this twice. Does Walmart even care about it's name any more and is suppose to care for the people. Doesn't look like it to me. I hope all Walmart stores are not like the one in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
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In fact, stop buying anything from Walmart. Walmart is a rip-off.


I had the same problem. I needed two tires but they only had one of the tires I was looking for.

I asked them to order the other one, they agreed to order it that day and should get it within the week is what I was told. I waited a week and asked them if my tire had come in. I was told it hadn't been ordered yet because they were so busy and just didn't have time. As angry as I was, I asked them again to order the tire and again I was told they would order it that day and it will be in within a week.

Once again I waited a week and asked about my tire. Well, I was told that it still hasn't been ordered!

I work at walmart and felt that my business is not needed or appreciated there. So needless to say, I may work there but I will do my shopping elsewhere!


Buying tires from WalMart is not a good idea. In addition to the rude, inept service you usually get, the tires they sell under major brand names are not the same as you get at a good tire store like Goodyear, etc.

Apparently, the manufacturers make and sell lower-priced and lower quality tires to WalMart. That's why WalMart can sell name brand tires for less than a good tire store.

Your best bet, based on my decades of experience, is to always go to a place like Goodyear, Firestone, etc. for tires. Just tires, mind you.

Do not go to these places for brakes, etc. And, stay away from Sears!


Possibly you may try a different source for tires and auto repair. :cry

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Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Prescription home delivery

I made the mistake of changing my Rx service to Walmart Pharmacy for home delivery. First, their "automatic" refill service wasn't automatic. I had to call them and tell them to refill my Rx (which was good for one year -- three 90-day refills after the original Rx)....
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We had to change providers last year,we went from cvs,caremark which was great and got stuck with this here wal-mart,it is the worst outfit to deal with.Never had a problem with Caremark,with walmart it enough to make you never want to fill another Rx.

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