Way Expired

On may 29, Blueberry Yoplait light yogurt with nature valley granola had an expiration date of May 23rd when purchased. I was unaware of the expired product and did not expect this to happen since the Walmart was just constructed a month or so ago. I ate the product...
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Empathic YES! Pissed NO.

I'd like to invite you to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. His tours of manufacturing companies AWESOME. Green Acres, Little House on the Praire, The Waltons and evendn the Colour Purple General stores made me think twice about pointing fingers.

Bear in mind, we represent a resilent voice you and I. We aim at the juglar.

My plight is the unreadible print, 15 plus characters of one ingredient, the merge of Arabic, French and Spanish languages. The melt-down system is live and well in America.

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Newport News, Virginia

Employee rude to mentally challenged kid.

I was buying some earphones from Wal-Mart and when I went to checkout, a mentally challenged kid I go to school with was buying a drink and a candy bar. The employee checking him out looked like she was in her 30s or so, and when the kid told her to have a good day, she was like, "Don't talk to me. It was bad enough I had to even look at you." This pissed me off because the kid gets enough *** at school for it. When I was paying for my purchase, I told her he is mentally challenged and she doesn't need to talk to him like that because he gets picked on enough at school. Her reply was, "Do I look like I give a ***? I hate retards." I lost my temper and told her she was an insensitive ***. She raised her voice at me and told me to get out of the store before she calls the cops. I shouldn't have called her a ***, but she didn't have to make fun of someone who's mentally challenged and around half her age.
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This is a sad story. There is no reason for people to treat others like that. :sigh


Ok, so how did this get 5 useful votes? This story sounds made up to me.

A cashier wouldn't just do something like that. Give me a break.


You sound like a cold person.


I work at Walmart and if I saw my co-worker react like that and to someone like you saying something to them I would've backed you if said cashier called security or management.


Better yet call the 800 number be sure and give them the name of the employee and the day and time of the incident.


Call the store and ask to speak to the head manager and tell him/her about it.

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Jasper, Alabama

Managers don't care

trying to get a certain product, we went through 5 mangers (asst) also we were told they would give us a call but we have not heard one peep out of them in 3 weeks. I finally clled corporate and guess what......he said he would send the information over to the "MANAGER" of the store. What good is that going to do when the manger(s) don't care! I expect nothing out of this and will be surprised if anything does come of it. Also I went through the line and gave the lady my $20.00 bill and she just handed me my change back without even telling me how much I was getting back. I asked her why she didn't give me the amount I was given back. She said she was in a hurry. I called her on it and she went into the line beside her and laughed at me. This store in Red Oak, Texas is a joke. They don't care about their products and don't care about their customers. I am highly upset. My sister went into the same store to get a bd cake that was supp90sed to be ready at a certain time. She went in and they hadn't even started decorating the cake. Another lady was there doing the same thing and hers wasn't ready either. What's up, that customer service has gone to *** in a hand basket? If I had another place to shop I would! K-Mart was done away with in our area. Walmart knows they have us by the neck and don't care.
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You are obviously still in grade two judging from your spelling and grammar, and you really should be shopping with an adult. The register tells you how much change you get back.

Your bill also tells you how much change you get back, next time go shopping with mommy or daddy so they can read your bill for you and tell you how much change you got back. If you speak as poorly as you type no wonder she laughed at you.


This Walmart has been a "BAD JOKE" from the day it opened. Nasty produce that needs to be thrown away.

Out dated products. Half the store is always empty. They "DON'T" care & neither does Corporate. I'll pay more & shop at Brookshires to get in date safely handled perishables.

It's a shame. Sam would roll over if he could see what his company has become.


Hi this is LadyScot you can find more of my ignorant comments throughout this website.


If they were supposed to call you when the product was in.... then maybe common sense says that the product WASNT IN YET.


I would not care either if i had to deal with people like you all day lol

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Red Oak, Texas
New Reviewer

Treated Like a *** for being a good person

On a recent trip to walmart with my five and two year old, I made a purchase and left the store. When I stopped at the gas station I realized that there were two items in my purse that I hadn't purchased. They were more than likely hidden there by my two year old who had no idea what she was doing. I was taught better than to steal so I went back to walmart and dragged both my kiddos in the store. I told the door greeter what had happened and she was like ...umm okay then told me I could pay for it at customer service. I took it to customer service where the manager and two other employees were standing around looking important. I walked up to the manager and told her I was sorry and wanted to pay for the items and she was very mocking saying OMG and really you're such a criminal. It was all very joking but I was kind of offended because they sort of acted like I was an *** for coming all the way back to pay for five dollars worth of stuff!! I know walmart is a big corporation however I dont believe it is a very good reflection on the company when a store manager is so unconcerned with product loss and theft. Yes, I know I was bringing it back and paying for it, but shouldn't I have at least been thanked for my honesty instead of mocking me like some kind of freak. As I was leaving after paying I saw the manager talking to one of the cashiers in the regular checkout and she was pointing at me and I heard the other girl say "Are you serious". Im not really too mad I just feel that pointing and laughing was very rude and unprofessional.
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as you can tell I am one of those dishonest walmart employees. I make a perfect walmart associate because I am you typical blue collar ghetto trash...beware if you pay in cash I will not give you the correct change and pocket the rest.


Sounds like this lady we had today at my store (department store) that actually complained she was getting back more than she paid for her refund. And yes she had the receipt but somehow it was giving her the full amount back instead of her discounted rate after the coupons she used.

So we had to call a manager just to lower the prices lmao. I'm glad their are honest people but really I wouldn't have bothered.


laughing and pointing at Anonymous


Be thankful they laughed and didn't call the police like how they are trained to do. Last time I checked they are told to call the cops over anything over one USD.


Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer ***


They were just laughing because they didn't have anything better to do. I got off my high horse and that is why I decided to change my comment. Knowing the employees attitude they should have been fired.


They were just laughing at a funny situation get off youre highhorse. Knowing ur attitude they should have called the police when u admitted to stealing the items

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Mabscott, West Virginia

Walmart Store Greeter Fun

When I was little, I walked with my mom into my local Walmart to grab some groceries of course. Well, my grandmother had a broken leg at the time and we grabbed a motorized cart to bring out to her. The greeter runs up to my mom and starts screaming at her and accusing her of stealing the motorized cart. Finally, we convinced her to let us go out and give it to my grandmother. We come back in the store, grandma in a bright pink cast, and the store greeter is STILL screaming at my mom even though we came back in towing my grandma on the cart and she obviously has the cast on. Finally, my mom responds "I don't like your attitude and I am informing your manager." The greeter responds with "I'M NOT TOO FOND OF YOUR ATTITUDE EITHER!!" We informed the manager about what happened...years later I still come into this Walmart and she is still a store greeter. This is just ONE of the many horror stories I have about this store. If it's for groceries, I ALWAYS go to Sweetbay
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We still have greeters and they do have a tendency to attack customers for trying to take the electric carts and when they don't show a receipt.


We still have greeters. I call shenanigans on this post, though.

No way would someone wanting to keep their job do that.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota you ignorant B..I..T..C..H~! My store still has greeters they are there all hours of operation.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota you need to go back to using your alter ignorant ego ladyscot.

You don't know as much as you wish you did about walmart.

Like the site to store shipping you tried to tell someone when not everything can be shipped site to store. You're a ***CU..K..ING..***OO...L!


I'm 20 now and I clearly stated earlier that it happened when I was little. I live in Florida and it obviously isn't nationwide or she spends a lot of the time by the entrance because I see her there all the time. All I ever see there are motorized carts, not actual wheelchairs and obviously my grandmother couldnt walk.


I don't know where you live, but we no longer have door greeters here, and from what the manager of my WalMart told me, it is supposed to be nation wide. Actually the electric carts aren't supposed to be taken outside.

The carts here actually have signs on them stating that. You could have used a wheel chair to transport your Grandmother into the store.

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Walmart "Arabica" coffe (GV - Walmart Brand) still the same ...very high

I've been watching the price of coffee last 2 years. It's been dropping significantly. Coffee “C” contracts (traded on the ICE) the world benchmark for Arabica coffee, are down from peaks of over $3.08 per pound to $1.27 per pound; yet the price of Walmart coffee has not been lowered! They may argue their prices are lower than competitive branded versions of instant coffee. Although that may be true, imagine the contribution Walmart could make in these hard times for Americans. 83 percent of adults drink coffee in the U.S., the world’s biggest consumer of coffee. Consumption is up from 78 percent last year. Walmart could take the lead and lower their price immediately. They have made more than double the profit even though the price of coffee is less than half of what it was 2 years ago.
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Prices are going up on everything. Walmart does not always have the lowest prices.


They can charge whatever they want for products they sell.

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Reading, Pennsylvania


I was in the automotive department where there was only one woman who appeared to be working. There was a man in front of me in line whom she was helping the manager then came out from a back room where I noticed other employees were goofing around. Instead of helping me or asking one of the other employees to come out from the back he told me the woman should be with me soon. I ended up waiting a total of twenty minutes for the woman while the manager and other employees continued to sit in the back room. I asked her how long of a wait it would be to get my oil changed she told me twenty minutes so I handed her my keys. She then came back ten minutes later and told me that instead of it being a twenty minute late it would be an hour. I proceeded to tell her I didn't have an hour to wait and asked her if I could just have my keys back, she then refused to give me my keys. I had to ask her a second time with more force to have my keys back she then finally gave me back my keys.
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!you talked to a WOMAN at walmart automotive????lol jk, they where likely all on there lunch break when you saw them and that's also why it would take them so long to get to your car

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Syracuse, New York

Walmart Online Order

I went to Walmart Online to order a new Smart Phone, Smart phnoe Case and a Pe-Paid Straight Talk Calling card. I chose to use my Bill Me Later Credit. After placing the order, I received an e-mail stating that WalMart was unable to process and the order was cancelled. I had already checked with Bill me Later and I was okay and approved for the total amount. I sent an e-mail to WalMart asking what the problem was and how to resolve. I was told that for security purposes they could not tell me exactly what the reason It was cancelled. I was told in the e-mail to check my inputs on Bill Me Later to see if they were correct. I placed the order a second time and the exact same thing happened. It was cancelled again....I found a phone number for customer service and after waiting 15 minuses I finally reached a person. She told me the problem was The Prepaid calling card purchase. She indicated that their was a "High Alert" on calling cards due to fraud. She said my account was blocked and I needed to sign in my account as a guest. She instructed me to remove the Calling card from the order and then to sign in and place the order again, the third time. Well it did finally go through. However, here's the deal. I spent three hours trying to order this Straight Talk Phone. If the prePaid Calling card cannot be ordered on line or paid for through Bill Me Later they should indicate that online...I was under the assumption it was something to do with or I entered something incorrectly. As a result, I know have pending charges on my Bill Me Later Account that I have to keep checking to make sure they don't go through....It's not easy trying to reach someone and when you do they cannot answer questions in a direct manner. Very Frustrating! In contrast, Bill me Later staff were excellent when I called. They stated that this has been an on-going problem with WalMart regarding the calling cards....
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So the third time, you used bill me later or didnt?

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Worcester, Massachusetts
New Reviewer

Walmart.com sells used-defective-returned merchandise as new.

1. 5.19.13 I ordered a Frigidaire 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner FRA052XT7 online thru Walmart.com ‘site to store’ and received confirmation that my order was ready to pick up. 2. 5.22.13 I arrived at the ‘Site to Store’ desk in Valley Alabama at 3:47pm EST....
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So my boyfriend bought me a printer from Walmart for Christmas. At first I realized the ink was already installed but didn’t make anything of it believing that it came preinstalled.

I opened it up, set it up and realized it was defective. Wouldn’t print correctly and I ran every troubleshooting for the model and still wouldn’t work. He takes it back to return it and we go buy another one.

This time though, I realize that this printer was sealed properly and was packed differently, with the inks vacuumed sealed and not already installed.The other he bought previously was no seals and the cord was unpackaged, with the ink already in the printer. With this realization I do believe Wal-Mart repacked a known defective printer and sold it as new and to me that seems like a terrible business practice and I’ll be buying my electronics elsewhere from now on.

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Athens, Georgia

Wal-Mart Employee Was Rude

I received money gifts for graduating high school a few nights ago and I decided to buy my dad a movie as a gift. The movie he wanted was rated R and I didn't bring any ID that says I'm 18 with me, so I brought him in since I knew I'd need someone with ID with me to buy the movie. When we got to the register, she asked for my birth date to which I replied the movie was for my dad who was next to me. She rudely stated that he needed to hand her the movie and not me. I gave the movie to him to give to her and she told us how much to pay and when I tried handing my money to her, she practically yelled at me that he has to give her the money. At no point during any of this was I the least bit rude to her, she was just being a *** for no reason. The tone she said, "Have a good day" made me want to hit her though. I've never had to do this with any other employee at any other store, Wal-Mart or otherwise. Every other time, I just had to have someone with ID to buy R rated movies and me handing them the movie and money was fine. I'm not really mad about that, what *** me off was the tone she was taking with us for no reason.
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Its not her fault that you did not have an id.

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Haleyville, Alabama
New Reviewer

Checkout person accuses me of stealing at walmart

i was at walmart shopping i had to get speakers from automotive there in a locked cabinet i had to pay for them in automotive to get them and then i did the rest of my shopping and then i went to checkout when i was checking out the person accuses me of stealing them and when i tell that person i have a receipt she insisted i was a liar be for looking at it and treets me trach and she never apologises and she never tells me thank you for shopping at walmart after all that if you were me would you shop at walmart i will never shop at walmart. walmart needs to closed for good why would you shop at this trach stor
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After purchasing my items I like to put the large items back on the bottom of the cart and when the greeters try and stop me to ask to see a receipt I keep walking I don't have to prove anything to them, if they think I've stolen something they will have to prove it without my help. When they ask to see my receipt I tell them NO its in my purse and I'm not stopping to dig it out and if I do I will go directly to the customer service counter and return everything. I haven't shown my receipt in years they know me now and don't F-uc-K with me!


you are a tool bag, it needs to close because they asked to see your receipt? how do you get dressed in the morning?

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Overland Park, Kansas
New Reviewer

Wal-mart sucks ***!!

I got a microwave from them with mantinace plan, and it broke after 7 months! I take it back to the store and they say they only replace it at the store after if its before 90 days! So they tell me to make a claim online, when I tried it told me it can't do it because the manufacter warranty hadn't run out! I told them I can't wait for service from a factory! I need it replaced ASAP! But they didn't care! Wal-mart treats their customers like trash!! Now I have to wait!, or buy a new one!, if I ever go back to wal-mart, I will never go to this location again!! Or get service plan!! Best buy has great service plans! No bs! And better prices! And way better customer service!! Walmart is rude,greedy,dishonest,and the worst buying experience I've ever had!! I HATE!!! Walmart now and my friends and family do too!!
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you're worthless. its a microwave get over it. GROW UP!!!


Sioux Falls, South Dakota so what's the point of your comment "you've had a lot of people tell you, plus reading a lot of articles" so you haven't NEVER purchased a maintenance plan PROOF YOU DON'T KNOW A F.,U.,C.,KING THING!


What exactly does the maintenance plan say----does it say repair or replace, depending on what it needs? I have had a lot of people tell me, plus reading a lot of articles that most of the maintenance plans aren't worth what you pay for them.


"Best buy has great service plans!"

Eh, you haven't read the Best Buy complaints have you?

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Warner Robins, Georgia

Rude mute male cashier at wal-mart..intentionally wont say a word to customers

the people in the city of orlando are the worst--mostly ghetto trash anywhere--horrible awful sick people for the most part. rude mean filthy people. I have lived and visited many places and none compare to the evil and bad mean sick disturbed low quality filth of...
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I know I sound like the ugly nut job. Not him.

I think pretty highly of myself, and I sound like the ugliest person EVER. Ooops sorry I sharted :cry

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Merritt Island, Florida

Still waiting on my order

I had ordered a DVD of a movie I liked from Walmart.com and I was supposed to get it on May 8th. That day came and I haven't received my order. It's been two weeks and I STILL have't gotten my DVD. Not only that I didn't get any notice from the post office in my hometown about my delivery. I had emailed the company about this and got an email, saying that the post office received my order on May 4th. Where's my order? Better yet, I want no DEMAND a refund in the form of a gift card.
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I had ordered 3 phones in november and was supposed to get 3 $100 giftcards and have only recieved 2 to this date. Iw was supposed to get all 3 by end if january.

I called them numerous times bur akk they keep saying is we are going to escalate this matter to the marketing team.

I got so fed up with them so i asked to speak with the marketing team personally but they saud the marketing team does not take phone calls. So now u have to wait another 14 days.


I apologize I didn't realize how wrong I was. It didn't know that some things on the WalMart site could not be shipped site to store.

I do agree that you should receive a refund or store credit. Please forgive me I was having a senior episode.


It is possible it was lost or mis-delivered. I have ordered from Wal-Mart and some items can be shipped site to store but many cannot such as bras.

I suspect that since it has been so long it has been lost or delivered to the wrong address it is not out of the realm of possibilities. I would contact the online customer service and I'm sure they will either refund your money or send out another dvd. Be sure to provide your order information.

I hope this is of some help. Wishing you the best and keep in mind Wal-Mart may not be at fault in regards to the delivery.


that is a first someone actually providing a post with some good advice and information. wtg serenity!


Once again the ignorant inbred hag from Sioux Falls, South Dakota is unable to comprehend the simple sentence "I want no DEMAND" I put a comma to help you understand the importance of DEMAND...WOW you are so fu.,cking ignorant proof your parents were siblings. I am happy you were able to get the fact that I meant WHAT AN IGNORANT INBRED HAG YOU ARE..eww is that moths flying out of your va.gina. :grin :grin :grin


Sioux Falls, I hate to tell you but you misread the complaint. There was no comma after the word "no." If I there had been a comma it would have read the way you put it.

But for somebody that thinks they are so intelligent tell me how to spell the word "what". Does it make you feel real grown up and superior to call names.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota want an ignorant inbred hag you are...learn to read and comprehend...the statement was "I want" no, "DEMAND" a refund to make it easy for your illiterate dried up cu.,unt to understand. although they want a refund they DEMAND a refund...seems you have a great deal of trouble with reading and comprehension and it figures you were a "teacher" :grin :grin :grin :grin


*** english major look at you changin the world one step at a time


When I order CDs and DVDs, my mail person puts them right my mail box. However most of the time when I order anything from the WalMart site, I order site to store.

Then you end your complaint by saying you want no DEMAND a refund, whatever that means.

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New Reviewer


I purchased an store made bacon ranch chicken sandwich from the deli section of my local Wal-Mart and took this home to eat for lunch with the rest of my groceries I purchased from them. When I ate part of this sandwich I was thinking something was wrong and said to...
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I purchased some shrimp and salmon from my local store and after marinading and cooking it completely out rather over for the crispness, my stomach starting cramping. It has been 5 days and my stomach still hurts and I am not a fan of using it 10 times a day. Never buy any meats from Walmart they are slowly killing us.

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Miami, Florida
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