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I purchased a tablet Jan 9th 2014 for my mother and also purchased the ADH extended warranty. Beginning of July my mother told me it no loner would charge the charging light wouldn't come on at all and the tablet batt ran out and then wouldn't turn on anymore because I would hold/or charge.

We went to Walmart CS desk and they stated that it was still under manufactures 1 year warranty so we would have to call the Manufacturer. Called the Manu they stated that they won't cover because ADH protection plan through Walmart/Asurion voids the Manu warranty. So the 2 year extended plan Walmart is peddling ppl into buying is actually only a 1 year plan. As these plans are all inclusive.

Most people would think by law in the states are covered with a 1 year manu warranty and a 2 year extended warranty would kick in after the manu warranty. Not so with these Wally world plans. So we go back to Walmart and we are then told to call Product plan Support. We call them and they state that we must have dropped it.

It's never been dropped there isn't a scratch on the tablet. It was in an Otter box, Before we sent it back I took several time stamped/dated pics along with video. I explain to this woman that it's the PCM-Power management Chip which fails a lot on these android tablets. I've had many android tablets where I have bench tested them after they failed and found not only the PMC goes bad but also the digitizers.

That is a hardware issue. She states well that is a manufacturer defect and to call the manufacturer again. So here we go with the circle ***. I call back Walmart/Asurion again and after an hour on the phone they send me an RMA to send the Unit back in via UPS to the Manufacturer.

I print out the label mail it in and they sent an e-card for the purchase price. We go to buy the same tablet and low and behold the warranty that I purchased in January is no longer good anymore and now I have to buy another care plan. LOL Walmart made 30% profit off of a 99 dollar item. Which they had me send back to the Manu which will then fix the problem and sell it again as refurbished online at Walmart.

I'm disgusted that they couldn't even pro-rate me or roll over the 2 year warranty I purchased 6 months ago. My 2 year warranty was good for 6 months..... What a crock....

You'd be better of using square trade.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Blame the otter box. They protect devices from falls and scratches, etc but cause them to overheat.


I think you're complaining about the wrong company. If a manufacturer has a 1 year warranty, they have to abide by that.

That is the law, you are correct about that. Wal-Mart sold a protection plan to you which would cover any damages not covered by the manufacturers warranty. From what you've stated, it sounds like a manufacturing defect, which would definitely fall under the manufacturer's warranty. My advice to you would be to read the warranty that came with the product in the event there is a term stating the warranty would be void in this situation.

Contact the manufacturer again and state it is a manufacturing defect. Don't give up!

It is important to note that extended warranties are just that: They extend the manufacturer's warranty and cover things the manufacturer doesn't. Wal-Mart's plan covers things like damage, whereas the manufacturer's is for defects.