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I was never treated so bad at a Walmart I went yesterday to Walmart at4545 Fayetteville rd NC and cashier was mad because I made a big purchase I thought Walmart has no purchase limit but according to these rude cashier if you make a big purchase in front of the cashier we're tabaco products are sold your money is not welcome because 7$for a box of tabaco products is worth more than 9,00 on merchandise to top it all the cashiers was instigating the next costumer to start arguing and fighting with me and all because I make a big purchase to top it all she trow all my stuff like it was trash I had to come home and wash the brand new clothes I bought for my children because she put clothes with the meat and my clothes have blood stains from meat and white clothes had blood stains it was so bad and embarrassing and I almost had to fight another costumer thanks to the cashier she was as acting so inappropriate that she was talking to me like if I was an *** she also say that Walmart would not tell the clients that you're are not to purchase a big order of nothing at the cashier in front of tabaco products there's no sign saying such things in any Walmart but that was the cashier saying over all no people skills I felt so abused so embarrassed I came home and my blood pressure was up and my chest hurt because it was so bad I was so upset and embarrassed I will never ever go to that Walmart again also I think cashier gets frustrated because there like five or six cashier close and only 4 operating one for scanning your self one for 20 items or less one regular and one in regular tabaco that's all so cashier are pulling double jobs and they frustrated taking it on costumer but that doesn't explain bad behavior if you can't work in an environment like Walmart and keep you people skills on check and your personal business or believes away from working environment why work there and almost kill a client of heart problems just because cashier is mad at what ever or maybe it was because a Hispanic female like me make a big purchase I'm very proud to be Hispanic is my people my heritage my children heritage and small minded people would never make me feel bad about my self and my Hispanic heritage as you can see in the picture 7$ tabaco was worth more than my money crazy as it sounds I went to that bad bizarre experience to all my Hispanic people don't let nobody push you to believe we ain't worth the lord creation we so perfect because not only we Hispanic but we also the lord children

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There is only one tabacco line. Common sense dictates if you aren't going to buy tabacco then dont hold people up that are there for a yoohoo and a pack of smokes.

It's not the "rules" it is lifes #1 rule. Don't be an ***


You probably went to the tobacco line with the short counter it is very difficult to ring people with large orders there. The company won't ask that large orders not go through there because they don't care. The cashers do because they can not bag things properly with stuff piled high, and they catch *** from people waiting in line behind those big orders who just want cigs or have a few items and must pick up something from that line, everyone thinks the cashiers can do something about it but they have to do what the company says


Ok, I had to stop at the part where the cashier put the clothes in with the meat causing the blood stains. Lazy cashier.

The rest of the post I simply ignored!

Use punctuation and paragraphs.


And autocorrect. Or proper tense.


Sorry this happened to you but I can not understand most of it.


Wow...you need to sell that story to a publisher.


Why would you buy the clothes if they had blood stains on them? Its seems to me it was time to walk away.



Please use paragraphs with complete sentences.

I cannot read this wall of text.


This is a wall of text that I cannot read.

OP, please use complete sentences as well as correct grammar.

OP, do you really expect anyone to want to read your complaint considering it is a wall of text?


can you explain please, i have never heard that phrase before,, what does it mean when you say, a wall of text? thank you


This is a very bizarre story.


And it's one that I don't believe.