Mccook, Nebraska
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My Girlfriend and I went to the McCook Nebraska Walmart Supercenter on October 4th at 5:30pm. We went to buy groceries and found the food and groceries we wanted.

Then we went through the checkout #17, the cashier was Mona Anderson, she started running our things through the checkout, then she started my Girlfriend a ***, a *** and a ***! Then she called me a *** ***! I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH WORTHLESS WALMART *** LIKE THAT! I THINK THAT MONA ANDERSON SHOULD BE FIRED!

The Managers name is Nate Henning.

Mona is a very poor worker and doesn't do her job at all! Wilson Dukes

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You are just jealous because she refused to sleep with you and it hurt your manhood, end of story goodbye. And triplet I am not stalking you, just happen to be on every thread you are on.

First Born Triplet

Yep, found her profile and I sent her this link, she thanked me and said that she is contacting the police for cyber bullying and harassment unless this review is removed within 48 hours. If it is not removed in 48 hours she will be contacting the police and they will trace the IP address of this man harassing her and he could get into a lot of trouble.

Probably will not take that long since he was foolish enough to give his first and last name, and we already know where he lives. Boy it must suck to be Wilson Dukes now.


you know that this is classed as slander right? and is illegal to use someone else s name with out their permission

First Born Triplet

Actually it is libel since it is written. However you have a right, he has no right using this cashier's name without permission, and usually employees only have their first name displayed.

The fact that he knows her first and last name makes me wonder if he knows this woman, maybe she was an ex girlfriend or something. I mean he would not know the employees last name unless he knows her, and the other employees are probably not allowed to give her last name, and if he is going around asking the employees her last name he has issues, either way it would not hurt to see if Mona Anderson from Mccook, Nebraska has a Facebook account and send a link to this review so she knows that there is a psycho writing about her on this website, yeah I think I will do just that and if she decides to take legal action well, the Op won't have access to a PC for a while, because this could also be considered cyber bullying.

@First Born Triplet

Ha, ha Wilson will go to jail for harassment and cyberbullying, all because he could not get laid by Mona. Because she would not sleep with him and turned him down.

Don't worry though Wilson, you will get plenty of sex in jail, if you like black seven foot tall men named Bubba. If not, try not to drop the soap.


You know also that he is making this all up because he asked her to sleep with him and she said no right? It sure seems that way, he wanted to get laid, but could not get laid, so being turned down hurt his manhood and he is resulting to libel or slander or whatever the f*u*c*k you call it. I feel sorry for her, but I feel more sorry for the OP whose girlfriend is obviously not satisfying him sexually that he had to go to this cashier to be satisfied sexually.