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I went to the Walmart liquor store at 11110 causeway blvd I am 48 years old and the other Mrs. 40 years old to buy two boxes of cigarettes, the other Mrs. does not have papers because Two days ago she had arrived from Cuba, because I decided to buy the cigarettes and I am an American citizen and I have all my papers I showed my I'd to the cashier and she did not want to sell me the cigarettes, and she was giving me attitude, I sent for security, she did not want to listen to me or help me and I asked to see the manager Teresa and He didn't listen to me either and he didn't help me and they didn't sell me cigarettes.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 11110 Causeway Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33511

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If you are a US citizen, why are you talking about your papers? You should have a driver license/state ID.

Explain in more detail about being a US citizen and having papers. What are these papers? You need to explain before coming to a site and lying.

No US citizen carries papers! Stop lying!


"didn't sell me cigarettes." Your papers were not in order(using my cheesy Russian accent). No cigs for you... Deal with it and move on with your (LOL) life...

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