Charlottesville, Virginia
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one of the tires that was covered with warrenty was flat , the mechanic told me that it was driven while flat , which was not true , I paid for repairs on all 4 tires , because it looked worn , they would not repair it for free. no one drove the car except for a few feet to get it to the side so that it could be changed safely , the rim was not damaged , the rubbing was probably from being scraped on the curb occasionally. I think that the tire should be repaired at no cost , I paid for that service!betty johnson altavista va, walmart

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TLE associate here. As it has already been described, negligence ruined the tire. See it all the time and there is nothing any company can do for you and it is a not a road hazard, it is abuse and is stated on the back of your work order papers that abuse is not covered as you could do all sorts of fun stuff to get free stuff!


The damage to the tire from being run flat is done to the inside of the tire which you cant see until the tire is dismounted. Did you ask the government for bail out help


you know i work for TLE the customers we see day in and day out are not keeping up with checking the tire pressure , and then when it comes time to repair tires we are the bad guys because we cant change the tires out for new one because the customer failed to ensure there tire was properly inflated. walmart provide free tire pressure checks.


everyone would like something for nothing