Apollo, Pennsylvania

I just happened to be in my local Walmart earlier this evening and saw a disturbing sight. Some of the associates were in Halloween

costumes. I thought you had to be 18 and older to work at Walmart. I didn't know they hired children. The cashier I had tonight had a

horrible looking wig on. I can't believe that other customers complimented her on it. Then when I went to leave, I passed another

worker dressed in a ninja costume. They also had a parade at the peak time. There were so many kids running around, I thought I was at

an amusement part. I thought Walmart was a place of business, not a place run by kids.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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What kind of liberal *** posted this complaint? Nobody is throwing any holiday down your throat, they are just having fun.

If you don't celebrate halloween, that is fine, if you don't celebrate christmas, that is fine too, just because other people do does not mean they are shoving it in your face. Get a **** life.


I am so sick of people complaining about the most trivial things. Lots of adults participate in celebrating Halloween.

If you dont want to dress up,then dont. But calling people pedophiles for participating is just juvenile. Lets take a look at who is complaining: A person who doesn't want other's views imposed on her, but wants to impose her view on others and a woman who brags about being a derelict parent who abandons her children. PLEASE by all means stop shopping at Walmart.

That way the decent citizens of America won't have to worry about being around people like you. If you hate America so much....then leave!!!!


Also ...have you never heard of birth control.


Yes this is America and if we can't celebrate our Holidays you should not be able to celebrate your holidays either! get the *** over yourself you selfish ***! Just because the mangers like to celebrate Halloween does not make them a *** you dumb ***.


My Walmart did that last year and it was a big success I think you are just one of those customers that like to complain over *** ***, and at least the kids are their parents were having fun.


how high are your expectations when you go to a place like walmart. Pull the stick out of your *** and get in the Halloween spirit