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I go for vacations to USA and when I go to a mall I go to many stores Not just one, that day I must go back to Mexico so that day I will not be able to go back to the hotel, after the mall so I go for shopping just before I go back to the city where I live.

After I go to some stores I was carrying the shopping bags of the stores where I previously buy other clothes, then I enter to one store see some nice things and go to the fitting room to try them, when I finish trying the clothes I will buy in that store, I change my old clothes on the same fitting room and use some of the clothes I PREVIOUSLY purshase that day in another store and change My old clothes to the new ones that I purshase in the other stores because I thought that the clothes I was using that day are very old and I don't like them anymore so I change my Old clothes to new clothes of the other stores I previously go that day and that of course are already paid and leave my Old clothes on the fitting room because I don't want them anymore so I don't want to take them with me back to mexico, then I go to the cashier of that store to pay for the clothes of that store that i like and when I go to the cashier the person on the fitting room call me and she told me I found your Old clothes on the fitting room and start treating me like if I was a thief she thought that the clothes that I was wearing are from their store I explain Everything to her I said that the clothes I was wearing are the ones I buy previously that day in another store and that I leave my old clothes on the fitting room because I really don't like them anymore I have to show here the tickets so that she can verify that I was telling the truth and I told her that If she wants she can see everything also the tickets and the tags so that she can seee that they are from another brand and she said we also sell underwear I almost take all my clothes off so that she can verify that ALL the clothes that I was wearing are from another stores and of course I show her the tickets of the other stores where I just buy the things I was wearing after that she just stare at me like if I was a thief and said that I must ask first If I can change on her fitting room, BUT WHY I have to ask for her permission if that clothes are already paid? Anyway she make me feel very bad and I go out of the store worry thinking that maybe just because of that misunderstanding I can have problems with the police just because a store make a misunderstanding, when I am a HONEST person that always paid for everything...

I HATE that day it make me feel so bad, I don't do anything wrong I NEVER stole Anything but the way that store make me feel was very bad when I remember that day I worry everytime I want to go to a store that for a misunderstanding I will be treated bad again...

It is for example if a mom have diapers on her bag (that she previously pay in another store) to change her baby and when she goes to walmart with her baby, they said to her STOP we also sell diapers maybe the ones you have in your diaper bag you stole them from our store the misunderstanding that happens to me is as silly as that example, and now I am still worried thinking if the store believe me or not I show the tickets of the other store, I said to the person that works on that store IF YOU ALSO SELL underwear then I can show you mine so that you can verify because I was TIRED of the way she treat me... And I was also SURE that I don't stole anything so I was able to show the tickets and she let me go because of course she prove that I am not a thief... But how can I be sure that the store manager don't call a police just because that misunderstanding how can I be calm that I will not have problems just because they make that misunderstanding? I NEVER stole anything so I don't deserve to be treated that way...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You should have taken your clothes with you.


Ok Thanks for ALL your comments!


You got what you deserve. You leave your trash in the fitting room.

You ask permission because there are actually thieves out there.

You are stubborn. You did not want to tell them you were changing into clothes you already bought so they thought you were a thief.


If the manager were to call the police on you then right now you would be in jail having great sex rather than home typing this letter. You are safe.


Yeah Pig take your old clothes with you. If you were not such a pig this would not have happened.

Your mother does not work at that store so clean up after yourself.

Many thieves do exactely as you do keep their old clothes and walk out with new clothes. I bet you are the type of pig that goes to fast food restaurants and leaves your food wrappers on the table.


Why do you feel as if you could leave your old clothes in the dressing room?? Take your own trash with you when you leave.