Somerset, Pennsylvania

Every time I go to Wal-Mart , unless it is at 3:00 am, the lines are ridiculously long. It is very frustrating to deal with. I cannot stand crowds of people to begin with, and after being surrounded by all kinds of people stopping in front of you and having to walk around groups of people just to get at shelves, I cannot deal with standing in line to pay for my stuff. Now if you happen to be in Wal-Mart and have more than 10 items in your cart and need to purchase a pack of cigarettes, you are going to have to stand in those lines twice.

I went to Wal-Mart twice in one day, which is a big accomplishment for me. I can't even stand to go once, especially on the weekends. The first time I went in, I spent $140 on 36 items. There are only 2 lanes where you can purchase cigarettes and both of those lanes are for 10 items or less. I went through the lane for 10 items or less and purchased cigarettes. I had 36 items in my cart.

When I went back to Wal-Mart a few hours later to do some food shopping I wanted to purchase cigarettes again, so I went through the same lane again. This time there was a different girl working. So told me that she could only ring out my cigarettes and I would have to get in another line to pay for my other items. I told the girl that I would leave the entire cart of groceries sitting right there and walk the heck out. I went to find a manager and was told the same thing by the manager.

That is the biggest bunch of *** I have ever heard. I was so mad that I walked out. I wrote to Wal-Mart customer service and called customer service on the phone and complained about the way the cigarette lanes were set up. The store manger did call me back and said that she would try to find out who was working the register at that time and talk to them. She said that as long as they were not extremely busy, then she normally took customers with less than 30 items.

Since there are only 2 lanes where you can purchase cigarettes, would it not make sense to have one lane for 10 items or less and one as a regular lane? That would make too much sense. Are the people in the main office really that ***? I guess the question answers itself though, if you look to some of their other company policies.

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Totally agree


If she was working there at 3am I doubt that she was a "girl". Why call grown up women girls when you are the one acting like a child?


same thing for stop smoking aids. But if lucky the pharmacy will let you pay there but then you get hASSLED if you go 2 restroom as u cant take purchases in if u leave it in cart haha you get ripped off. Its worst for us disabled folks who can sit/walk/stand for extended periods, and avoid walmarts after 12 noon till about 9 pm to avoid getting run over because one cant run through walmarts like O J Simpson did through airports in the 70's then prisons in 2000's :)!!


Dude... I cannot find prices at all, like...

I read an article stating--in regards to CVS doing their thing with no more cigarettes--that they will not stop selling cigarettes in the foreseeable future, blah blah. But, I'm like really pissed off #1 because I figured... With the whole rollback prices ordeal, and such, maybe they have got lower prices. Well, it'd be nice if I could find them to see the prices in the first place.

Ha! I just don't get it. A legal activity, product, etc. yet we're treated like such *** It's *** legal.

Excuse my language man. But, to let you know SEO-wise, you're like on the first page of "cigarette prices at walmart" "price of cigarettes at walmart" etc. Also, so, I'm reading your post here... I just had to comment that my immediate thought was, "Did this guy create this website the same day he had these pissed off feelings about Wal-Mart?

Like, was it just for this single review?" LMAO I see there's a Next Review about Wal-Mart. And these comments are recent, as in less than 2 mos ago so I wonder. That's cool, though. At least I have a place to vent.

Dude... Anyway, what a sham. I buy Newport and L&M Bold packs... At the local gas stations, they're ALL between $71-72 with tax included.

Newports I believe are $77 but with tax, obviously, they're like in the $80s. It seems as though Wal-Mart cigs are NOT greatly-priced. Eh, what a HORRIBLE PLACE. The WORST.

Almost ALWAYS right at the outskirts of a major, completely squalor-ridden and crime-filled urban jungle. Gotta love the placement. Like Tommy Hilfiger commenting on his stores being placed in ghettos, "So they can look at my clothes but know they can't pay for them". What a *** That's not the exact quote, but it's what he said.

He put his stores in the hood so the poor Black folk can just stress and cry over how cool the fashion is but won't ever be able to buy anything. What a sham... Wal-Mart's evil *** I feel is along the same lines of "We MUST align with the hood, our stores right outside of every major city and urban ghetto...just like Home Depot but with food and clothes and random *** that people like but probably won't ever use.

There will be theft, but they will come back... They always come back." hahhaha

@Tony el Tigre Capitan

Wow! So true, Tony.

What a funny name.. Are you Hispanol?


I stopped going to walmart because of long lines due to lack of a number of lanes open. Do all my shopping at Target now


You are so rite!




What a grumpy gus you are.


If the regular register beside the cigarette checkout is open and you are super nice to the clerk they will pop over and get the cigarettes for you. I do it all the time.

Works best with women. Guys make you kinda beg and one asked for my number once so I had to come up with a fake real fast but a little complement about her hair or something and a friendly smile is about all it takes for women.


Thats well & good but the thing is that you shouldn't have to do a song & dance or get hit on just because you want cigs!


I have had the same issue and it's very frustrating to have to go through two lines in order to make the purchases. Seems like you should just be able to go through any line and that the cashier could go get the cigarettes for you and bring them to the check out where you are.

The policy of only having line for people buying cigarettes is ridiculous. I try not to buy them there unless I absolutely have to because not only is it a hassle, it's also more expensive than just buying them from the local 7-11.


If you would do a Black Friday sale you would have more customer's coming to Shop and purchase from the Wal-Mart

Like IN the Gas Station buy 2pks of Kool cigarettes or Marlboro get 1 free ⛍


It says 10 items or less for a reason you ***


Aaaaaand the award for completely missing the point goes to!!.... you ***...smfh


The Wallmart's in Missouri when you buy cigarettes, ask for your drivers license. They put your date of birth and your zip code into there computer.

Regardless of your age, I am 55, you are always carded. When you ask why they do this you are told "You are on private property, give us your license or we will call the police!" Yes, this did happen DeSoto Missouri. And yes, they did call the police. You are told by police and Wallmart management to leave the property at once and never come back again.

55 years of age, carded, and questioned management.

There are a lot better places to shop.



I happened to be a person in the 20 items or less/cigarette line behind a woman with atleast 100 items in her buggy. I told the lady behind me that that didn't look like 20 items or less and the lady with the 100 items said she had to buy cigarettes and it was the only line you could buy them in, with an attitude.

The man behind the lady behind me told her she could buy her cigarettes in any line. All of the other people behind me had only a few items and were pretty ticked off about her using the express line to buy her stuff.

She could have went to another line and asked the cashier to get her cigarettes or she could have bought them somewhere else. I ended up going to a different line instead of waiting and she was STILL in that line getting her stuff checked out and the cashier didn't say anything to her.


The cashier's are not allowed to tell the customer she is wrong. I would think though that someone who is old enough to buy cigarettes would know how to count.


Wow! You buy cigs at Walmart? I don't know what state you are in, but here in California, Walmart charges $15 more per carton than any of the "cigarettes cheaper" kind of stores.


If you have to buy a pack of cigarettes every couple of hours, I would say BUY A CARTON & quit wasting time with all the trips to the store!!!