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HappyDo you ever feel like you run into more rude/annoying people (fellow customers) at Walmart than at other stores? It sure feels that way to me.

It's gotten to the point that I've avoided Walmart whenever possible for the past 2 years. First, I think part of the problem is that people get bored waiting in Walmart's lines. Some of the reasons for slow lines that I'm aware of--because their cashiers mention it now and then--are 1) frequent cashier turnover equating to (some) not-so-speedy cashiers, 2) cashiers trying to adapt to working with Walmart's latest, thinner grade of plastic bags, 3) customers more likely to be using lots of coupons and/or food stamps that have to be handled manually, 3) certain manufacturer coupons that don't process correctly when codes are entered by cashiers, and so on. There are probably dozens of other reasons of which I'm blissfully ignorant.

As a result, customers are often stuck in line longer than is optimal. Some, like me, are usually content to just stand there and read a magazine. But then there are others who DON'T like to read, who have impatient, crying kids, or who are simply not happy unless they're yapping to someone. Those are the people I dread being next to in line because sooner or later they invariably feel the need to "help".

Like they'll tap me on the shoulder, which I hate, and urge me to move to a shorter line (why don't they just move there themselves?) Or they'll turn around to do the same thing, urging me to go to a different line that I don't want to move to. (I don't like being in Walmart lines that are front of other lines and/or more out in the open where people have to stand closer together and there's more noise.) Some of these people are just plain oddballs--like the lady at Christmastime who was behind me and kept edging closer and closer, and then suddenly grabbed my cart from me. Why I asked what she thought she was doing, she claimed she was going to hold my cart for me because clearly I was planning to go back into the store to find something (However, I wasn't--I had just been edging farther and farther away from her because she was getting way too close). Or the woman in front of me this week, wearing the Cheetos t-shirt, who just would not shut up about her personal life to the point that the young cashier apparently lost her concentration and stopped bagging to continue this long conversation with "Cheetos".

On the bright side, I read tonight that Walmart is developing a whole new scheme that will make checkout lines--both human cashiers and the self-check--obsolete.

That will probably make a whole lot of people like me happy but another segment of the population nervous and miserable, since they'll have no one to yap to nor to "help". Happy

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Checkout Facility.

Reason of review: annoying fellow customers in Walmart lines.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Have checkout organized in such a way that it will help keep yappy/bold customers away from customers who don't want to be tapped on shoulder, told to change lines by a fellow customer, or otherwise bothered.

Walmart Cons: Clientele, Checkout experience.

  • Bad Checkout Experience
  • Annoying Fellow Customers
  • Rude Customers Touching
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You sound be medicated


Judging by that sentence, it sounds like YOU already are. :)


Actually with a ladder when the elevator is out. Why?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of retail customers to deal with daily.

As for our ivory towers... why are you complaining you had the orgy last night.


Wow....so this complaint is basically all about how wonderful you are and how horrible everyone else is. Honestly.....how do you even get to Walmart from your super high ivory tower?! {{Redacted}}.


I am always shocked by the people who complain about the long line and then take forever when they do get to the cashier. Writing a check, setting aside items from the cart to not buy, not sorting food items for Food Stamps, etc.


Worse then the gabbers is the mouth breathers that take up the whole freakin isle!! Like someone gave them permission to block both sides so no one can get what they need past them.

They push their carts like they drive all over the place. You would think being trained to drive on the right side of the road would transfer over to the traffic in the store. NOPE!! Then they give you a nasty look and attitude when you don’t move.

I use the self check out as much as possible but even there they can’t figure out to move their cart out of the main walk way.

Thankfully I limit my Wally World shopping to the occasional pet food run. The employees are great it’s the supposed customer that’s been the problem for YEARS!


I agree, the vast majority of the Walmart employees are great. Thanks for your comment.

I rarely use self-checkout but probably should.

At our local Walmart, the self-service is typically empty or close to it, and when there are customers using the kiosks they're usually too busy with their own business to be minding someone else's. :)


Not sure where you live but the local Walmart by me is actually very good. Yes, at times, there have been longer lines, depending on the time of day.

I normally use the self check out, the associate is always there to help if you have a problem. When I’ve had to stand on a regular cashiers line, I’ve never had the experiences you’ve had.