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Today I received a FedEx package from Walmart. I did not order anything from Walmart, but the package was addressed to me so I opened it.

Inside were three boxes of crayons, small boxes of 8 crayons each. Realizing there was a mistake, I contacted Walmart and gave them the order number from the shipping label. after a few minutes, the customer service rep told me the package was wrongfully shipped to me and had been ordered by someone else. She then told me to keep them or throw them out.

I asked her about the person that ordered them and she said they would just wait until that person contacted them.

Walmart has the customer's information that was deprived of the product they ordered. They knew that the package was shipped to the wrong address. They chose to do nothing about it. A more reputable company would have corrected their mistake and either shipped the product to the customer at the correct address or refunded their money.

Walmart chose to do neither. For the price of three small boxes of crayons and FedEx shipping, Walmart is going to sit on their *** and hope the customer calls in to find their order.

There is a reason I never shop at Walmart. This is one of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Ship the product to the right customer.

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So What do you expect Walmart to do considering you admitted that you opened up the package? Walmart Cannot deliver the package to the correct recipient since you opened it up.

Why did you open it up in the first place since you stated that you did not order anything from Walmart? Why did you not just call them instead of opening up the package? Of course the customer service rep told you to keep the package. You opened it up.

Did the Fed Ex delivery person deliver the package to you in person? If so, you could have refused the package since you state that you did not order anything from Walmart.


The package was addressed to me. Just because I did not order something does not mean someone else did not have something shipped to me.

I had dvery reason to open the package. Walmart shipped a package to me that they admitted should have been addressed to someone else.

I had every right snd reason to open that package. Walmart on the otherhand owes a customer the product they purchased and refuses to do anything about the harm they caused someone else even though they are aware of the problem they caused and the complete contact information of that individual.


You admit this in the beginning of your complaint... I did not order anything from Walmart... Were you expecting a package from anyone?


I send presents to ppl all the time and dont inform them prior as that would obviously ruin the surprise. What exactly is your argument? That Walmart doesn't need to be proactive in serving their customers needs because someone opened the box??


From what I can tell, your complete disregard for your customers makes you a company I will never do business with. Your flippant corporate response confirms that that this cancerous attitude starts at the top.

Shame on you that your company could not fix the problem you made for someone else...for the proce of three boxes of crayons.

Pathetic. I will continue to do business with companies that have moral charachter and will continue to share how awful Walmart is.


Clearly you lack friends or family, or order from Amazon.