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On Thursday, January 3, 2019, I ordered a custom cake from the Walmart Supercenter for my husband's 50th birthday. Three times, I showed the bakery lady the design I wanted (in their cake book) and confirmed with her that it would be used on the cake. She assured me that it would. Then she asked if I wanted anything written on it, which I thought was odd, but since I have no clue about making custom cakes I just went with it.

When I went to pick up the cake today, Sunday, January 6, 2019, they no longer had the order slip and the girl said she couldn't find the cake in the freezer. I told her the name the baker was going to write on the edge of the cake and the girl went back to the freezer again and brought back a cake that looked like it was meant for a 4 year old. The design wasn't the 50th Birthday print that I pointed out in the book and was assured 3 times would be used on the cake. In fact, there wasn't a print on top at all. They had put a print around the entire edge of the cake that said something like "CAKE, fun, fiesta" etc and was clearly meant for a child's cake. On the top, they had written in icing (that was smeared around the edges) "Happy Birthday [my husband's name]". It was so unprofessionally done that it seriously looked like a 1st grader just learning to write, had done it.

When I expressed my extreme disappointment to the girl, she didn't even seem remorseful or concerned. In fact, she acted like she was used to hearing it. When I asked her if they could make the cake I ordered since we lived out of town and it was my husband's birthday that day; she proceeded to tell me I would have to talk to the baker whom just left for her lunch hour. How convenient, right?!

Well, we proceeded to purchase a boxed cake that we would have to make ourselves just so we would have one that day, and then went to the grocery store down the road and ordered a new cake. I mean, you only turn 50 once and we wanted him to have a special cake even if it would be a couple days late. The baker at the store down the road informed us that this is the 3rd time in a month that they have had customers come to them after experiencing the same issue with the bakery at the Fargo Walmart Supercenter.

The Fargo Walmart Supercenter should not be allowed to make custom cake as their employees clearly do not take pride in there work or care if they are ruining someone's special day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Hire people that are experienced cake decorators, take pride in their work, truly care about the customer, and have a strong desire to create a cake exactly as the customer ordered it..

  • Walmart Cake
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It's Wal-Mart. Who wants a cake from a freezer anyhow ?

Yuck. Is there no actual bakery in your area ? You're 50 year old people and don't know how to bake a cake ?

Here is the way things work : you can have something (1) Good (2) Cheap (3) Quick .... one choice.


Maybe if you knew the difference between grown women and girls I would believe your story, but since you do not I don't.


Thank you for the warning! You just helped someone else avoid a disaster on their special day.

By the way, please ignore those Walmart empolyees trying to discredit your valid complaint. They disguise themselves as customers but are really paid to try to make Walmart customers look stupid while at the same time make Walmart look like a victim.

to Anonymous #1626365

I replied to this complaint, and I am not a Walmart employee. Where did you get the idea that the other posters replying to this complaint are Walmart employees?

to Anonymous #1627490

These little kids have trouble with reading comprehension. They seem to think that if you tell the OP that they are wrong that you work for the company.

Their parents need to see what they are up to and give them a good slap across the face and take away their internet privileges. Then they need to make them apologize for lying. That person who said you were an employee is obviously seven years old or a foolish adult that cannot comprehend what they have read.

If they knew how to read they would know that you are commenting on them claiming that they lost $10,000 on the cake and not making Walmart the victim. These kids really need to have mommy or daddy read and explain things to them before they comment and make huge fools of themselves.

to Anonymous #1627496

Also the OP should not be calling the women girls when the person who accused you of working at Walmart is the one that is acting childish. They are either a foolish adult or a seven year old child.

to Anonymous #1627503

Because unfortunately on this site if you say anything negative about the poster they automatically think you work for the company. Some of them need to learn the difference between "we" and "they" If they post "we" in their comments they work for the company, if they post "they" in the comments they do not. Kind of an immature speculation if you ask me.

to Anonymous #1627473

You are welcome, unfortunately my husband was so angry when he saw the cake that he punched me. He said I was an idiot and cannot do anything right. I ended up with a black eye because of their mistake.

to AthleticClumberSpanieI #1627493

If your husband is going to call you an idiot over the cake being wrong and punch you that is his problem. He is the childish one and yet you call grown women girls.

to AthleticClumberSpanieI #1627918

And he is still living ?

to Anonymous #1627906



Ridiculous amount of entitlement expected from Walmart. What are you thinking?

to Anonymous #1625997

False. What is ridiculous is the notion that expecting a employee to do the job is somehow "entitlement".

to Anonymous #1627495

If you could comprehend what you read the anonymous that posted second you would know that the person you replied to is being sarcastic. You kids need to get off this site and leave the discussion to the adults rather than making a big fool of yourself by showing your lack of reading.


If you paid the $10,000 for the cake we would've actually put effort into it.

to WalmartCorporate #1627504

Maybe you need to stop pretending you work for WalmartCorporate. If you really did you would be trying to help the consumer instead of insulting them.

You are either a site troll, or trying to cause trouble for Walmart. I don't see anywhere where she claimed to lose $9,999 or $10,000. She probably took it off. But most likely when she was submitting the review that is the generic reply for money lost.

So she kept the generic reply rather than edited it. But stop claiming you work for Walmart as there is a gullible fool that actually believes you and others work for Walmart.

to Zachary2001 #1627911

QUOTE : "actually believes you and others work for Walmart." Right alongside Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny ...

to WalmartCorporate #1627908

Bwahahahahaha !


Monetary Loss: $9999... Really??? Seriously???

to Anonymous #1627476

This also covers medical bills and lawyer fees as my husband was so angry at me and he punched me in the face. He told me that I cannot do anything right and that I ruined his birthday with the cake that I bought for him.

I ended up with a black eye and needed stitches.

Then I considered leaving him an need a lawyer to help me divorce him as this is the last straw. Not the first time he has hit me.

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