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On Thursday, January 3, 2019, I ordered a custom cake from the Walmart Supercenter for my husband's 50th birthday. Three times, I showed the bakery lady the design I wanted (in their cake book) and confirmed with her that it would be used on the cake. She assured me that it would. Then she asked if I wanted anything written on it, which I thought was odd, but since I have no clue about making custom cakes I just went with it.

When I went to pick up the cake today, Sunday, January 6, 2019, they no longer had the order slip and the girl said she couldn't find the cake in the freezer. I told her the name the baker was going to write on the edge of the cake and the girl went back to the freezer again and brought back a cake that looked like it was meant for a 4 year old. The design wasn't the 50th Birthday print that I pointed out in the book and was assured 3 times would be used on the cake. In fact, there wasn't a print on top at all. They had put a print around the entire edge of the cake that said something like "CAKE, fun, fiesta" etc and was clearly meant for a child's cake. On the top, they had written in icing (that was smeared around the edges) "Happy Birthday [my husband's name]". It was so unprofessionally done that it seriously looked like a 1st grader just learning to write, had done it.

When I expressed my extreme disappointment to the girl, she didn't even seem remorseful or concerned. In fact, she acted like she was used to hearing it. When I asked her if they could make the cake I ordered since we lived out of town and it was my husband's birthday that day; she proceeded to tell me I would have to talk to the baker whom just left for her lunch hour. How convenient, right?!

Well, we proceeded to purchase a boxed cake that we would have to make ourselves just so we would have one that day, and then went to the grocery store down the road and ordered a new cake. I mean, you only turn 50 once and we wanted him to have a special cake even if it would be a couple days late. The baker at the store down the road informed us that this is the 3rd time in a month that they have had customers come to them after experiencing the same issue with the bakery at the Fargo Walmart Supercenter.

The Fargo Walmart Supercenter should not be allowed to make custom cake as their employees clearly do not take pride in there work or care if they are ruining someone's special day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Hire people that are experienced cake decorators, take pride in their work, truly care about the customer, and have a strong desire to create a cake exactly as the customer ordered it..

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to Anonymous #1627505

Generic reply. When asked how much money the person lost that may be the generic reply, or the most you can claim to lose.

They needed to edit the post, but they did not do it deliberate. Or so I think.


How on earth did you loose $9999 over a cake? Face it, we're talking about a cake that will be looked at for a few minutes and then be devoured by hungry guests.

How many people will even remember what the cake looked like on the next day? Yes, they should have mad the cake you wanted but I'd bet a cake off the shelf will taste the same to everyone at the party and your husband is enough of an adult that he won't go into a deep depression because he got a plain cake rather than one with his name on it.

to Anonymous #1627479

It was not just the cake that made me lose $10,000 it was also lawyer fees and medical bills. Not that it is any of your business.

But this is not the first time that he had hit me. This was the last straw. I am considering divorcing him and hiring a lawyer to help me.

I also lost money in medical bills as he busted my jaw and I needed stitches. My eyes were swollen as well when he punched me in the face.

to AthleticClumberSpanieI #1627914

"considering divorcing him ?" Anybody hit me like that they'd have a whole lot more to worry about than divorce. Why is he not in jail ?

Or in a shallow hole in the woods ?

I can only imagine what my father and brothers would do about someone like that. Strain the remains for the fingerprints.


I think you hit the nail on the head with this! "The Fargo Walmart Supercenter should not be allowed to make custom cake as their employees clearly do not take pride in there work" Laziness, incompetence and indifference seem to the ongoing theme with the majority of WalMart "Workers". The worst part is employees often chose to fail...

to Anonymous #1627915

They're one click above slaves on a plantation working there. It's easy to make an indifferent employee out of anyone with the right stimulus (or lack thereof).

I can't stand to go near the place much less work there. They are heroic for even attempting while the Walton family hoards billions of dollars.

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