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I just had a horrible experience at Walmart (on Walnut Creek in Mansfield, TX) and had to call 9-1-1 about abuse by an employee to me, a customer. I had gone in to return a phone. I had tried on 2 occassions to return it, but the line was backed up. Then I was told it had to be returned in 14 or 15 days. I explained that I had tried and even got groceries when the line was too long and it was even longer when I finished. I was passed to 3 different people. I kept explaining that I had back surgery and standing was making it difficult. I did have someone offer me a cheap chair but explained that really would not be much help. After getting the story told to me so many times, I suggested that a stamp in red be made and people have explained to them the return policy before buying anything and perhaps an oval sign in red in the phone department would be good. By the time, it had been 15 minutes or more, my back pain was getting the best of me and I was getting agitated, alhtough still being nice under the circumstances. I had a rude woman, about 5 foot 5, 100 pounds, hispanic with a long pony tail and walmart attire butting into the conversation and being rude. I asked her to stay out of it and she said, "*** you" and shot the finger at me. At this point, I just about lost it. She hid behind a wall and never came out. I yelled loudly that no body should shop there as the employee said, "*** you" to me. I called 9-1-1. I spoke to a few poorly dressed men, who I was later told were managers. They tried to get me to hurry and leave and I said that what happened was a crime and that I intended to call the police, which I did. I was told by the police that they were going to have a managerial meeting to decide what to do. No body ever recognized how abused I had been or even apologized for the incident. I came home and cried. I was a teacher for over 12 years and never had a student talk to me that way, when they did speak to a teacher that way, charges were filed. I am also the president of 3 corporations and never would I make such harsh regulations that the employees and customers could not work to resolve them.

This is a disgrace. I hope that I will never step foot in another Walmart store as long as I live.

I am the president of a Capital Investment Corporation and we are rehabilitating, remodeling, and selling homes. I had hoped to use Sams Club extensively. I guess I will have to see how this plays out.

I know my sister, who is a financial executive will not use Walmart, due to the way you avoid paying them benefits. It may be why you have employees like this one, who are clearly from Mexico and perhaps do not know that it is not legal or acceptable to tell a customer, "*** you."

She was a sneaky woman, and did so under her breath. I hope someone will come forward and tell the truth to the managers and send this woman where she does not ever work with the public again.

I have just been through 3 spinal surgeries and a horrible divorce. I did not need such a thing happening because I wanted to return a phone. Customers should not be abused for wanting to return an item and if there is an unreasonable amount of return time, it needs to be stamped in red on the receipt, on the product and have a huge sign put up.

Reason of review: Abuse by Walmart Employee.

Preferred solution: I want a full apology from the store manager, the employee, and a decent concession by Walmart. This was illegal abuse. I still have the option of filing charges, but have not done so..

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Clearly from Mexico? So brown people are all from Mexico right? Up until then you had me believing it sounds like your issue is you are racist.


The walmart employee's action were rude and unacceptable but they weren't criminal. You should be fined for abusing the 911 system.


After reading your complaint it was very easy to see who the troublemaker was....YOU! I highly doubt that you are president of anything.

You sound more like a hateful, self entitled, prejudice old crab. You should have been arrested on the spot for abusing the 911 system, that is used for emergencies not petty complaints. You said that you attempted to return the phone twice but the lines were too long? So in your mind this means that the 15 day policy shouldn't apply to you because you didn't want to wait in a long line?

Other people have health issues as well but they also have to wait in line. You are no better than they are. Your claim of being the president of a Capitol Investment Corporation means nothing and has no bearing on your complaint. Do you think your threat of the corporation not buying from Sam's club will give you some leverage with your complaint?

Who cares?! Your sister can shop wherever she likes.

No great loss to Walmart or Sam's club there either. Obviously the only ones being abused were the employees and the other customers who had to endure your childish rants.


Your spinal surgeries and divorce have absolutely nothing to do with your complaint. The fact that you brought up those thing have taken credibility away from your complaint.

Are you too ignorant to realize you could have used one of their electric carts or even a manual wheel chair? I'm sure you THINK you were being nice, but other people might not have thought so, including other customers that saw you creating a scene. You will never convince that you were completely innocent in the matter. The fact that you had been a teacher and are allegedly president of three corporations, long with the fact that your sister is allegedly a financial executive also has nothing at all to do with your complaint.

IF you are that well educated, you shouldn't need special signs to tell you how long you have to return items, you should know how to read what it says on the receipt and package. I'm sure it was stated someplace. I recently ordered a TV from another discount store and it said right on the site that there was a 30 day return policy from the date it was SHIPPED. The type stating that was the same color and size of all the other print on the site.

I am 75 years old and have macular degeneration so my eye site isn't real great, but I can still read. Can you?

I don't know why but I think you might have been the aggressor in this incident. Like I said previously you could have been using one of the electric carts or a manual wheel chair.


Are you the same annoying 75 year old from the complaintsboard website who comments on everything?