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I dropped a prescription off at Walmart on Kinzel way in Knoxville on Oct.10,2017. I was informed at that time that they were out of the medication but they would have it the following day.

I called on Wed. and was told it didn't come and the pharmacist would order it this past Tuesday the 17th. On the 17th of this month I called to give them a new phone number and was told it was in and it would be filled..Now I want to remind you that the script had been at Walmart for a week.I arrived at the pharmacy to pick up my Script and was accosted by a black young woman by the name of Kelly. She looked it up informed me that it was to early that it was filled on the 10th, demanded to know where I had it filled at.

I tried to tell this idiot that it had been there for a week. In a very loud voice so other's could hear she told me that she was going to call my insurance company and find out where I had it filled out.

I told her to go ahead. I want an apology or/her terminated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want a written apology or they need to terminate the employee.

I didn't like: An employee attempt to embarrass me.

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Was she the actual pharmacist? If not, could he/she have possibly helped? Find out who the regional pharmacist manager is and file a complaint with them.

to Anonymous #1396538

It doesn't do any good to file a complaint with Walmart. Been there done that because they don't care


I worked in Health care for many years and when someone's medical information is put before the public it most certainly does


This does not break any HIPAA laws. Perform due dilligence and research all that the HIPAA law encompasses....just speaking from someone who worked in the health insurance field for 30 years.

to aliens_amoung_us #1396423

I worked in the health care field for many years and when she made it public it most certainly did


This is to the person who assumed there was more to the story concerning my leaving a script at Walmart . FYI, that employee violated my right to privacy when she was loud and obnoxious.

She violated HIPPA regulations which can put Walmart in big time trouble. You have no common sense or else you would know that there is not more to the story.



I do not want your house.

Why would I want your house in the first place?


Who the heck is Nunya who replied?

Do Angie Huskey and Brenda Johnson know Nunya?

Or are all 3 the same person who continues to reply?


Brenda Johnson...

Your reply told me all I need to know.

to Anonymous #1383622

You don't need to know anything. I am not a liar and will not be treated as such.

This is case of racism from both you and her. My skin is white her's is black

to Nunya #1384586

Oh please....


Anonymous doesn't have the guts to Post his or her name .



You feel that you have a valid complaint.

But when you state...

I tried to tell this idiot that it had been there for a week.


I want a written apology or they need to terminate the employee...

That makes me wonder what really happened. There are 3 sides to every story. Your side. Her side.

And the truth, which is somewhere in between. So exactly what is the truth as to what really happened?

to Anonymous #1381499

Well what could be the other side to the story? Could it possibly be because I said young black woman or are you the employee?

I dropped my script off and they were out and they were out. What part don't you understand idiot? It took a week for them to get my meds in.

She called my insurance company and came back with egg on her face. They straightened Crisco out so what's your problem besides being an idiot.

to Brenda Johnson #1381764

Nope, not an employee.

I have never worked at the Walmart pharmacy.

I am not a pharmacy student or a pharmacist.

What in the world makes you think I am an employee?

The way you wrote your reply does not put you in a good light since you called me an idiot, just like you called the Walmart pharmacy employee an idiot.

They straightened Crisco out... Exactly what does that mean?

Your calling other people names does not put you in a good light. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

to Anonymous #1381773

Why don't you post your name?

to Anonymous #1383619

i also want to no what crisco(vegetable shortening?) has to do w/anything

to Anonymous #1383648

Not polite to call anyone Lardass in public now leave me alone

to Anonymous #1383652

Let me tell you that this doesn't put you people bin a good light, harassing some one because they reported someone because they were treated badly. Would you like to have my house maybe you aren't getting enough welfare and food stamps

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