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My grandson went to walmart and bought batteries,while in the store list the sales slip,on the way out the greeter asked for the sales slip.he said he lost it.Instead of going and looking at the camera or checking the register the greeter pulled the bag out of his hand.My daughter took him back up there called the manger and had them pull it up and there it was he did pay for it.when these people ask for a sale slip ,you don't have to show it.To accuse some young man of stealing is against the law.Next time check before you accuse someone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The greeters have two roles. To say hello, and spy on the customers to make sure there are no thefts. Walmart wants you to think they are just greeters, but their biggest job is to catch people who don't pay for what they buy.


A child does not understand about keep a a sales receipt,next time he will know.You now how upset he was when they took something he paid for. Children are innocent they have know idea how the system works.


That's a very good point. One would hope that a Walmart "employee" would have common sense.

I guess they were mindlessly "following policy". Or just to lazy to think like a rational adult.


Once again retail establishments treating actual customers like thief's. Walmart employees are not law enforcement and should never be treated as such.


Walmart treats it's customers like dirt and yet people still insist on shopping there! Only in America. For the few cents you may save by shopping at Walmart, you can shop most anywhere else and not only have a fine shopping experience but treated with respect and not like a criminal.


Uh no it’s not illegal to ask for a sales receipt in order to verify a purchase


Pretty bad when you loose your receipt between the cash register and the door.


Well when the pull the same slip off the register and find out he was telling the truth, you don't accuse someone with a bag walking out the door.When you have security camera, that you can look at.If anyone has problems just have the pull the slip off the register. being a young kid you will lose your sale slip,who are you say.there are people who still teach their kids not to steal. so quit judging.


Then go back to that particular Walmart location and insist that store management look at the security cameras as well as Find the receipt in the cash register


We proved it by pulling the slip and camera ,so he got he batteries he paid for back.If that greeter would took the time in the first place and looked or called mangement,No she automatically thought he stole them.


Being responsible and hanging on to the receipt for the few steps it took to get to the door would have avoided this situation in the first place. Not saying they shouldn't have checked the tapes then but stores do have the right to verify products were paid for.