Easton, Maryland

EASTON, MARYLAND -- I am 82 and use bus service rather than drive. At 1:55PM two days ago, I was trying to return the worst and least safe product in this catergory that I have ever seen sold. I had my two items and the receipt for them in a small plastic bag. The customer service desk that handles refunds was very very long and even though I returned to it, it never got shorter. One young man was trying to handle refund requests for roughtly 12 people.

By now, my time to get an hourly bus was upon me. I took my several purchases and my refund request to a cashier with no customers and asked if she could please help me with the refund. She said no, I told her that my bus was almost there, that I would have to wait for an hour if I missed it. She said she would check it out on her register. I was her only customer then. She did something with the register, said, yes, she could handle a refund and I handed her the package with my two items for refund in it.She asked me why I was returning them. I showed her why I was returning them. She asked for my receipt. I handed it to her and she said, "You've already got your refund. See, there is a mark next to those two items." I said,"Yes, I always do that when I return something to help the clerk at the customer service country know which item I'm returning to help her save time."

She refused to listen to me and kep saying, "You already got a refund on this. It has marks next to the items on the receipt." I pointed out that I had also written "Return these two " on the top of the receipt and that the receipt one gets after getting a refund is a different kind of receipt and it is signed by the customer." By this time, there was a man behind me listening to this humilating conversation with a Wal-Mart cashier who was determined not to accept the truth for the truth. Or to realize that she was endangering Mr. Walton and his horrible store with a suit for false accusations. A manager finally walked over and said, "Whats' the matter?"

This cretin who deserves to spend the rest of jher life behind that counter, said "shes in a hurry to get a bus and she's saying she wants a refund and she already got one.'

I want through the entire explanation again. The manager said, "Give her the refund.." and then this *** said, Well the package is open so she shouldn't get a refund." At that point, I said NO.. I will not pay for an item that is the most dangerous product I've ever seen sold anywhere."

My attitude was at its final straw and the manager obviously got it; She said 'Here," closed my package, and said, "Give her the refund".

I am 82, a retired professional and certainly never expected to be abused by a clerk who simply didn't look at or listen to the facts. The *** seemed to have a vested interest in calling me a cheat and a thief in public.

I called the coprorate office and asked for the name of the VP of Operations for this stafe and was shifted to a "Customer service *** with a pumped up title. No, I did not talk to that person. I will not waste my time listening to trash explanations.

I will never give this store a dime, not a penny, in my lifetime again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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WALLYWORLD at its worst or best is still not good. Well gone are the days when the COMPANY could benefit from the deaths of the OLD so they hire these youth and they have no respect.

Need to go back to the days of PHEASANT insurance. WALLYWORLD would hire a better mix!


I do feel your pain for that, however she shouldn't have been allowed to even do that at a normal register, they should have had the manager help get the line down at service desk. Sadly most cashiers are not trained to do returns and some lack customer service skills.


She didn't scan the receipt that will tell if anything on the receipt has been refunded. The cashier obviously has not been trained properly.

I have written on my receipt putting a dot next to the items I intend to return with no problem when customer service does it the underline or circle the entire transaction line and write refund and date it.

Did you ask the ignorant employee if your already got a refund then explain why you have the items. It does not matter what the reason if you want to return something all they need to know is if it works or not I've returned toys I've bought for my grandchildren and said they already had one and I didn't know it no problem refund...the employee was on a power trip and trying to cover up her complete ignorance and inability to do her job.