Westland, Michigan

I was at Wal-Mart today, tried on three pairs of shoes, got the boxes mixed up and I went to the self checkout. I received a phone call.

The girl cashier who was helping me at Wal-Mart could have said, "Sir, you didn't scan a couple items," but instead, they got me for shoplifting which it was an honest mistake. I had money on me. She could have said, "Sir, you forgot to scan these or whatever," so I have to go to court and it's all the fault of the cashier. Screw Walmart!

Worst place ever!

David of Rough and Ready, CA

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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A seven year old knows how to use the self checkouts. You are obviously a man who does not respect women by calling them girls when you act like a seven year old.

She should have called you boy instead. You are angry that you got caught. I mean come on admit it how can you know that you were not charged $20 or $30 less than what you should be charge. If it were a one or two dollar item I can understand your "forgetting" but something at least $20, something does not add up here.

We all steal from Walmart from time to time, or Target as I did at age 11.

At least admit you were trying to steal and got caught. Stop being the kind of pig that calls grown women girls, especially when it is you acting like a child.


You blind bro?


So Wat happen with court David. ..

I was at self check out with almost same issue. I didn't see aluminum foil that was standing up on side of basket. . $3.


!!!! I want to no what happens after this


I was checking out with my toddler and she was not listening and while trying to keep her in check and scan items I guess I mistakenly missed a few.Before even leaving the checkout area (I never left the store) the cashier says a few of my items didn't scan.

I say oh no well which ones and I'll rescan them and pay. She calls a csm and they start going through every bag and then they call a manager and I ask them what's going on and the cashier says I didn't scan some of my items and I say yes I did to which she loudly yells that I didn't because she was watching me.

I'm beyond embarrassed. The manager tells me to come with her and I do to a little room showing me scanning my items on camera.

She tells me she knows what I was trying to do and asks if I have a criminal history to which I reply no I dont. She tells me I'm not being prosecuted and no police will be called but that she needs my drivers license and ssn. I comply.

She asks if I can pay for the items that didn't scan and I say of course and she let's me pay for them.

Then she tells me loudly enough for everyone in the front of the store to hear that I am to never come into her store and use her self checkout lines again. As if I ever would after this anyways. My point here is I was not trying to steal anything. I never admitted to stealing anything.

I never signed anything.

I never even left the store without paying. Why did she take all my information and treat me like a common criminal? Will police be coming to my door at a later date?

I'm so confused and honestly hurt by all this.

Advice please. This happened in Tennessee btw.Ty


You see people use all kinds of excuses for stealing. I was occupied with my toddler, I was on my phone and did not pay attention.

However Michelle admits she always forgets to pay for something. Own up and admit you got caught.

Not only that but when told all your items did not scan you get mad and said you scanned everything knowing you were wrong. They should have called the police on you and had your toddler put in a foster home.


In one sentence you say you forgot to scan some items, in another when you were approached by the cashier you told her you scanned all the items. Something does not add up here and if you keep pulling stunts like this and using your child as an excuse to get away with forgetting to scan your items you are going to lose that child. just be careful okay and think before you do something you should not be doing.


You deserve to be picked up for shoplifting, if you "forget" to pay for something it is your. fault.

You are expected to know the law and that shoplifting is illegal, and you are also a pig calling an adult lady a girl. You are angry that you got caught, you call her a girl when you act like you are eight years old.

You cannot even take responsibility for your actions and you call someone old enough to work a girl. You are the one acting like a little boy.


Sir,Even if you did have money.You stole the shoe's.You just never thought walmart would contact you.Pay the people and Next time go to a cashier to pay for your purchase.You did not get mixed up,You thought you got over on walmart.But walmart got over on you by letting you know of the theft.Next time you might not be so lucky as to get a telephone call.You might get some cuff's in you face.For what?Some cheap *** shoe's.


"it's all the fault of the cashier" Even if you actually hadn't meant to steal the shoes, that is what you did. It's hardly fair to try to shift the entire blame on to Walmart when it was your mistake that caused this problem, not theirs. Take some responsibility for your actions.


Yes, explain how they had your phone number


how is it the fault of the cashier when you went to the self checkout? further, how did they have your phone number to call you? admit it, you were trying to steal the shoes.