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Update by user Mar 29, 2013

I wanted to update this and tell anyone interested what I found out. The tapes were looked at and as I already told them, I stole NOTHING.

I didn't get any apology and the store manager I spoke to told me that it was both our faults this incident happened. Apparently she did stop me because I smelled the shampoo bottles. Ridiculous, since I always do this at that same store. Nothing became of the statement I wrote; I figured nothing was going to be done.

I won't be going back there again.

Recently, I've been to both Walgreens and Winn-Dixie in the past 2 weeks and I openly smelled their shampoos to see if anyone would come up to me. No one did.

You know why? Because people do it all the time and it's not really "suspicious" behavior anywhere else.

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2013

Tonight I went to our local Walmart to pick up a few items and was accused of stealing. I went into the store and headed toward the beauty department because I needed shampoo and got side tracked by the nail polish displays. I picked up 2 bottles then decided I didn't want to spend the extra money. So I just set them back down and headed toward the shampoo aisle. I was looking at a few different shampoos and smelling them when a lady walked up to me and asked me "Did you put something in your pocket?". By this time I'm thinking is she really asking me this. I said "No, why are you asking" and she said "I saw you put something in your pocket".

I emptied my coat pockets and my jean pockets and when she was satisfied she then asked "Are you planing on buying that?" to which I answered "Not anymore" then proceeded to walk out. She followed me all the way to the door and I got in my car and left.

When I got back home Walmart was called and apparently the same lady answered the phone and is a manager there. She said she did not accuse me of anything and that I was rude with her. Let's be real here, she didn't come right out and ask if I was stealing; but don't you think it's implied when you ask a customer if they just put something in their pocket?

To make a long story short, the video will be pulled and now I have to make a statement about all of this. When they pull that video I hope she feels like a ***, because in my 26 years of existence I have never stolen and never have been accused of anything of the sort. I haven't even gotten a traffic ticket.

I don't understand why the *** this happened. I wasn't even in the store for more then 10 minutes.

Was this a misunderstanding? Am I overreacting? Would you feel the same as I do?

One things for certain, this particular Walmart has lost my business for good.

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No this is how aweful Walmart is my son was shopping there he and his wife were purchasing dog wormer the isle was a mess some of the boxes were opened and he could not tell how many packets of wormer were to be in a box so he got what looked like a unopened box read the side which did not tell the amount so he opened it looked inside saw it came with three he put it in his shopping cart then he went to another area of the store while his wife finished shopping he then got tired of waiting on her and he decided he would go sit in the car until she was done when he approached the door a security guard grabbed him by the shoulder spun him around and said . Do you have merchandise you didn't pay for he got defensive and told him to get his hands off of him and that he had nothing the security guard followed him to his car bag getting him .

He drove off his wife checked out spending over 200 and paying for the wormer . He returned to get her and the police were called where he was arrested not for stealing but for opening a package they said opening a package is the intent to steal . They purchased the item ! Walmart is nuts now he has to go to court and fight this *** mess unbelievable .

I for one will never darken the doors of Walmart again . Intent to steal no they are a young couple they were dresses casual and Walmart was profiling .

Little do they know she's a nurse and he's got a good job also . Walmart in our area is always arresting people falsely we hear of it constantly fed up


You were not there so you don't know the whole truth. Of course you are going to believe your son over them after all you are his mother and your can do no wrong.

The fact remains that if you son only opened the package he and they arrested him the police would not be able to do a thing since he did not really break the law. It does not matter what you were, or how much money you make people rich and poor steal.

The police would not bother with him if that is really what happened. Your son is obviously not telling you the truth.


For the comment below, this could be considered profiling absolutely because as she said and I'm sure the camera would show there were other packages opened, so were each one of those customers arrested as well? If each and every one was not then why was he singled out?

Discrimination and privacy laws are huge and think you need to look into your rights and look into the amendment's. If Walmart is going to hire uneducated employees to manage their stores then maybe they should give hem proper training and have them take a fair housing class, the quickest and inexpensive way to learn what you can and cannot say to a customer, customer service, and the Customer Rights .

There are 6 steps the retail loss prevention industry developed to help minimize false arrest claims and store personal without proper training on all of this would be negligent management that indicates violations of company policy and of the civil rights of customers. Also where doesFit clearly state that opening that package is a punishable crime?I highly recommend you look up the probable cause steps

Best of Luck to you,

Just a high school dropout who managed tanning salons but knew how to properly train my staff


I, have asthma so I have to smell the shower stuff... So, I don't have an asthma attack in the store (or the shower for that matter)


'Sioux Falls, South Dakota Anonymous

I think asking "did you just put something in your pocket is the same thing as accusing her of stealing. It is beating around the bush not asking directly but still implying she is stealing(assuming she is telling the truth here)


In addition to my post. I never went into the cosmetic area.

I just bought a DVD and a phone case. And asking that kind of question to any customer is like accusing them of stealing.


I went shopping today Dec 1,2013 at Walmart Bayonne NJ 6pm. I bought a DVD and a phone case.

As I give my receipt to the lady inspecting it. She asked me. "Did you pay for the make up you put into your pocket?" I was shocked. My pocket has nothing except for my car keys.

So I told her "What's wrong with you? you can check my pocket!" and she said "NO it's ok. It's ok" On my way home I realized that maybe it's Walmart style to catch shoplifters to ask random customers the question "Did you pay for the make up you put in your pocket?" and if the customer is guilty she will surely reply that she did pay, and if there's no cosmetics in the receipt Bingo. But for costumers who have a nice job and who have money to spend.

This is a big insult.

Go ahead Walmart and you will surely lose customers. I try to call them complaining and the customer service after hearing my story told me "You are talking to the wrong person" So I told her to call the manager, and I waited and waited and waited till I got tired of waiting and hang up the phone.


I went into the Walmart here in the town I live in at around 9:50ish in the evening to buy nail polish, nail polish remover, and eyeliner. I went to a self check out and scanned the nail polish without a problem and then went to scan the eyeliner.

The eyeliner scanned, and I dropped it in the bag but the weight didn't register and the screen popped up that asked if I wanted to bag the item. I hit no, but while I was doing this, the girl supervising the self check out area came over, proceed to go through my bag and look at the items I had in there and when I looked at her, before I could ask her anything, she said that she was "just checking to make sure."

That as far as I am concerned is the equilvent to being accused of shoplifting. I was beyond pissed off and contacted the manager to let them know excatly what happened. Now I'm debating on contacting corporate.

The manager I spoke with said that the girl had no right -or reason- to look through my bag. She's right, but this was extremely rude.


What is rude is calling someone who is old enough to work "girl" She is a lady not a girl.

@you ar rude as well

Maybe, but I have to admit that I was trying to steal from the store before by not scamming all the items. This only happened a few times.

I thought if they caught me I could claim I forgot. However they said that I did this too often that it is suspicious. I just found out that the CSM told her to check my bag because when I did not have money before I just did not scan all the items. I only did this once.

This was over a year ago and they did not believe that I forgot, they arrested me for shoplifting because they say they had been watching me for several times. I was young at that time, but now I am more mature and know better.

They refuse to give me a second chance. To them once a thief always a thief.


just buy it take it home open it smell or try it and return it they have to take it back per their return policy and guess what they can't put back on the shelf. that will solve the problem and screuw them. remember to keep your receipt so you don't have to get a *** store card.


Just curious, but do you open the nail polish and wipe the color on the fixtures to test it too? Or open the lipstick and try it on then put it back? These are just two of the things I have witnessed people do at stores in the past couple days, and not at Walmart. Think about this for a moment. They want to make sure you are not tampering with the product.

I also smell the shampoo or conditioner (just did on the Organix brand and bought six of the scents), but you can sniff it by popping the top. You do not have to take the top off, and that is probably what did it. I personally do not want someone taking the top off something I may want to buy, and I sure as heck do not buy any makeup that is not sealed since *** women try it on first.

It is entirely their job to make sure you are not stealing or tampering. I for one, as a shopper, applaud any store for preventing me from buying something that may have been poisoned or used.


I always smell the shampoo, bubble bath, deodorants and laundry detergents. Because they are always changing them without changing what they call them.

I have bought a certain type of deodorant for decades and about a year ago I bought it and it said "new improved" but was still identified as the regular scent it had been for decades. And when I went to use it, I had to take a shower and wash it off, it had strong awful citrus smell. I called them and they said they had changed it and I ask why it still says it is the same scent when in fact it is not. Needless to say they got so many complaints that they went back to the original formula.

Yeah right "improved" it was awful. Tide detergent did the same thing with their "original" scent and got a clue after complaints...kinda like "classic coke" why do they try to re-invent the wheel.

You are not to blame, would they rather you get it home and use not like it and then return it? Why not smell it before using it, but if they want to do it the hard way then take it home use or smell it and then return it for a full refund.


This is a frequent problem at our store also.


It would be hurtful to be accused of stealing, but it is understood. If you were looking at products and then put them back.

Maybe you got close to your pocket.

They just want to be sure that nothing foul was in play.

Good luck in your statement!


When it comes to smelling products before buying it, they do have shampoos etc., that smell like basic shampoo. People don't HAVE to buy the floral, fruit, etc.

scented ones. I never buy them, because I just don't like them.

I think back to when my oldest daughter was in middle school in the late 70s and the strawberry and apple scented shampoos started to come out, and of course my daughter needed them because her friends were using them and they didn't smell like the original fruits back then and they still don't. The floral scents also have a tendency to not smell like originals either.


As to the comment about smelling the shampoo some people want to know that what they will be washing their hair with doesn't have an unpleasant smell or they might not like that particular scent. As for the issue about being asked if I had put anything in my pockets I wouldn't have been too happy either but it might have looked like it to the employee. I definitely would have been upset if somebody else was around when the employee asked me that.


I would have never emptied my pockets I would have made her call the police so there would be a official report of the employee accusing me of theft and proof by the police that I had not stolen anything. I worked at a department store many years ago and know stores employ theft security.

I am over 50 I shop at Wal-Mart, I have never stolen anything but have been stolen from and so I know how it feels to be violated by theft. My husband and I were in Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago, I had opened my purse to get my calculator out to figure if which was a better deal to buy the larger or smaller container of detergent. I noticed a woman dressed like a man walk by I didn't think anything of it...

finished calculating and found the smaller was a better deal. We browsed along the way to the camera department to pick up a waterproof instant camera (for our grandson) after asking an employee where they were she directed us to the area while my husband was picking out the camera I notice the same woman she did not have a basket did not have any merchandise I thought it odd that she was in the same area as we were...we proceed to the office supply area my husband is looking for something to carry his phone charger, garmin and other small components in and guess who walks by the same woman I loudly told my husband she must be with security or loss prevention whatever they are calling it these days and I said, and she isn't doing a very good job since you can spot her a mile away...what a dumbask


As a prior retail Cosmetics Counter Manager, one of the FIRST things taught is the importance of getting product and/or scents ON the customer prior to a purchase. This allows the customer to experience the product first hand, while also minimizing return rates.

Unfortunately, with drugstore products, there generally are not enough trained and available associates to be able to have plenty of 'sampler' products available for consumers, in a controlled environment. It's PERFECTLY NORMAL to want to smell a product prior to purchasing, in fact, shame on those retailers who don't provide this to their potential customers! As for the woman who approached you in that manner, that is completely unacceptable! The only person who should approach a customer for this reason, is the store's Loss Prevention/Security, as associates generally are not properly trained for this.

Remember, a good rule of thumb is, as a consumer, you can choose to spend your precious money ANYWHERE you'd like, spend it where you feel most appreciated, if not, don't allow them to profit from your hard earned money!.... And, word of mouth speaks volumes, especially in a company's pocketbook! I always tell my friends, family and coworkers, when I've had a lousy experience somewhere, or even a great one. You'd be surprised to learn how much this actually affects store numbers, whether positive or negative.

Hope this helps, and maybe demand to speak to someone above that person....

Even managers have bosses! 8)


I think u absolutely have the right to be pissed and im glad u posted ab it bc this is happens in one form or another far far to much. It wouldnt bother me so bad (i would feel insulted and upset but ultimately chalking it up to them just doing their job and trying to stop the thieves) if they actually treated the thieves that way.

Inmy town the thieves run walmart w/ their steal/return method and not once have gotten in trouble for it, despite being known by all associates and a little announcement when they walkin. They are still allowed to return hundreds of dollars in merchandise every week while an honest person can't return anything w/out receipt and being treated like *** for it. It infuriates me to no end, but does every other unjust, dishonest, idiotic and insulting

action made in this crippled, greedy, self-absorbed world.

We,.as a human race, are living are lives w/out ever knowing true freedom, happiness and meaning bc we all have to live by the system we've put in place that binds us to the greedy, endless search for money to be able to have the materials that we can no longer live w/out. Uwould think that after all the struggles mankind has endure that we would have figured out a better solution to living, but now, as was then, the rich & powerful own this world and everyone of us in it that abide by traditional standards of living.