Toronto, Ontario

I had a soada with me from another place i intended to fill it up and pay for it. he folowwed me and yelled at me if front of aloy of people that i was taking the drind.

i was humiliated and embarassed because i work at a local store nearby. ihave never taken a thing from anywhere. when i confronted wes the customer service mgr. he was very apolegetic but i was not forgiving.that is slander how could you say i wan't going to pay for it if i was still in the store.

when i told the rude mgr. he embarassed me he said thats fine i have been in retail all my life and what he did was illegal and i will pursue it

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Well in the managers defense most people tend to buy a new bottle of soda rather than filling an old one up.

First B

That is if they are normal people.


Dude you don't just put soda in another bottle and pay for it.


I think both the OP and Mike may have ate some lead chips, the OP for thinking she actually can convince anyone that the is innocent and Mike for believing Kevin's post when he was being sarcastic towards the OP. They both must be in remedial classes. But seriously like others have stated who opens up a bottle of soda and then puts it in their own.


He's still a theif!


I feel the same way as the OP, I put a whole bunch of x-box games in my backpack and went outside to get some fresh air. I was going to return to pay for them.

I was still on their front sidewalk when I was approached and accused of theft.

But seriously you are angry that you got caught stealing. This is what the complaint is really about isn't it.


Right! You concealed items, then went out of the store without paying for them.

You attempted to steal and got caught. But your not mature enough to admit it. Your post sounds like your a minor, or a very immature person.

There's no law against being ***. There are laws, however, about theft.

It's too bad your stupidity led you to breaking the law.

Any time you conceal items is attempted theft.

They probably witnessed you concealing the items, and were waiting to apprehend you outside when you left the store without paying for them.

ANY time you take an item out of a store without paying for it is theft.

Any time you conceal items, it's potential theft. That's why they wait until the thief is out of the store, or, at the doors leaving.


Wow. This blanked out the word *** ...

s t u p i d !


The word that was blanked out was... 's t u p i d'...

not a swear work. However, according to this site... it must be a swear work! lol

People are just to sensitive.

Maybe people relate being s t u p i d with being mentally challenged - which it really sad. Maybe we should also censor Dumb, ignorant, immature...

Or perhaps have an state run censor system that replaces those 'bad' words with nice phrases like '...made a decision that was contrary' or have feathery flowers shoot out of a bunnys butt!


No offense but I think you are the dumb one, come on even a eight year old would know that he is being sarcastic to the reviewer. However with your stupidity you obviously did not see this.

If you had read the person's last sentence you should be able to figure this out.

Then again perhaps you are a minor and too immature to make sense of what you read. Come on even an eight year old would be able to read between the lines.


Agrees the last line,

"But seriously you are angry that you got caught stealing. This is what the complaint is really about isn't it."

This last line gives away that this was a troll response.

Guess Mike is too s t u p i d.

To realize this. Then he goes across calling other people s t u p i d, he obviously does not realize that this is a troll response.

First B

He is just making fun of the OP genius.


I Understand how you feel. I had just got a new gun.

I went to the bank and asked to borrow $100,000. I wanted to show the teller my new gun, like any child wanting to show off a new to. The next thing I know the police arrested me for armed robbery. To Mike, I know you have a very low IQ, so I will explain this to you so you don't get excited.

This to was a story to make fun of the OP. PS stop eating lead chips it is making you slow.


Good luck with that.

Who enters a store with soda from one store into another, fill it up and pay for it? If it's self serve, then it's bottomless?

You should have quenched our thirst at the original store of purchase, then thrown it before entering the next store.

When I go into a lumberyard store with even a tape measure, I stop by the cust service desk and tell them so that they don;t think I'm walking out of the store with one of their.


Since when does a person open up a case of pop and fill up another one and pay for it. You have no grounds to sue.

Now, let's say the CSM accused you of stealing the pop you already bought in, or you paid for another bottle and they accused you of theft and said you never paid for it then you can sue for slander, but you looked suspicious when you opened up that other bottle. Maybe you did it on purpose to sue them if you get caught.

Perhaps you did it in front of them. But your plan is going to fail because you have no case.


You're a thief and probably were going to steal it!


I have a headache from reading this.