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I bought something which I didn’t realize was NOT compatible with my computer because there was TINY *** print on the back that made it really hard to see that it wasn’t a universal camera, just one for PC. I kind of rolled my eyes and went back in to return it. The problem was, I couldn’t find the receipt.

Keep in mind, I am very anal about keeping receipts. In fact in the search of this receipt I pulled out five other ones from the day before because I just always keep them. There was not one for the camera I just bought. I knew there was going to be a problem, but I had JUST left like 5 minutes ago and I remembered the name of the sales girl because she had to get this camera for me, as it was locked up.

I went to the customer service desk and waited in line. Seems like the people in front of me were paying every *** bill they ever had up at the counter and the girl doing the work was being slow on purpose.

Finally it’s my turn and I explain the issue. At first she acts all cool and I tell her I don’t have the receipt but I know the girl’s name (I give it to her) and I was just there three minutes ago, she can call her and I’m sure the girl will confirm she sold me the camera.

So I am told to step aside and wait, but this customer service woman also calls a manager. The manager gets there first. Right in front of me this girl goes to explaining about how a little boy came up to the counter not five minutes ago trying to return THE SAME CAMERA saying he didn’t have a receipt. Both of them start giving me dirty looks.

Keep in mind, I don’t have any kids, I don’t like kids, and the guy I walked in there with couldn’t pass as a kid in a million years. I try to ignore this but the manager confronts me. I tell her, “Okay look I don’t know any kids, I’m not in the business of trying to scam Walmart.” she looks at me and says, “Well of course I believe you MA’AM” (She says this as if she completely DOESN’T believe me) “But you HAVE to admit it looks AWFULY FISHY right?” (Oh keep in mind this girl has to be like 24 years old, younger than me)

I’m like, “Okay look, check your security footage or whatever, I don’t know any kids and I just want a refund, I’ll even exchange it for a camera of the same value that goes with the computer I own and not ask for anything else.”

The first girl (Younger than the manager) loudly says, “If you don’t have a receipt we can’t do none of that” but then the girl who sold it to me shows up. They ask her if she sold me the camera. She says yeah she remembers me. The first girl (with the attitude) says that “I ain’t got no receipt” the sales girl swears she gave it to me. At this point I’m rolling my eyes wondering WHY it matters if I have it or not if the girl is confirming she sold it to me.

First girl with an attitude problem tells me, “Nope we still can’t return this if you don’t have no receipt” I’m just annoyed as *** at that point because why the *** do I need a receipt if the sales girl is confirming I just bought the camera? Do I even NEED one if she’s standing there SAYING SHE JUST SOLD IT TO ME!?

Finally the manager gives me my entire refund back on a walmart card, so I am going to have to spend the money at that *** place anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Well we all know that Walmart is full of ***


If you had just bought it there minutes ago, and they know what register it was on, why couldn't they just print another copy of the receipt?


I like how people call people old enough to work girls when they themselves are six years old. It shows disrespect to adults.

Next time give the receipt to a parent.

Also have the parent come to the store with you and read you the fine print. They can tell you if it is the right product to buy or not.


I love these stories, I really do. People like this poster put in totally unnecessary details trying to garner sympathy like how anal they are about receipts.

What does that matter? Who cares and who knows? That has NOTHING to do with this situation, how would they know or care about this?

All in all, you sound like a tremendous brat here, thinking that YOUR WAY no matter the policies is the correct way.

Sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you, BUT you do get to come on here and whine about it, feel better? You really shouldn't, all you did was prove how bratty and self-centered you are.


You may be older than 24 but you act like you are six years old and you have the nerve to refer to the employees as girls. Maybe before calling other people girls you should act your age.

It does not matter if you are good with receipts, you lost your receipt, it is not their fault you did not read the small print, get glasses. You lost your receipt and you are not even accepting responsibility for that and you call them "girls" You may be over 24, but obviously age is just a number since you act like you are six years old. Your own fault for being irresponsible and not having a receipt, grow up and accept the consequences of your actions. This was not *** service this was just you behaving childishly because you had no receipt and they did not take your word for it.

You are the one acting like a brat because they refused to bend the rules for you. All items without receipts go on store credit. If you really were over the age of 24 you would know that this is because you can easily claim your lost your receipt several times pick up an item from the shelf and try to return it. Then to make a comment that the person that returned the same camera does not look like a kid when you call working women girls makes you look more immature and childish.

Doing their jobs and not giving into your tantrum is not providing *** service. GROW UP. Remember you are an adult, you are no longer six years old, act your age. This kind of behavior can be expected from a six year old, not taking responsibility for losing the receipt, blaming the small print when you did not read it.

Blame yourself, not others. That is what an adult does.


citizenship the *** upstupidquit smoking ***


Because, maybe, the cash register requires the receipt to start the process? Not like a cashier, or manager for that matter, can change the programming. I'm pretty sure the Manager did what she was supposed to do.


They do everything but strip search you when you return stuff at Walmart. *** they all are!!


They don't if you have your receipt and are within the return policy time frame for the product you are returning. You also won't get the third degree if you aren't in the place every day returning things.

And before anyone wants to go on about why it matters if you are constantly returning items.........ask yourself why someone constantly would purchase things they don't want or need only to return them. There is always an angle.


Sounds like you may have dropped your receipt and the "kid" grabbed it in order to pull a return scam. I DID in fact use to work at Wal-Mart and return scams are popular and surprisingly frequent.

So while I totally understand your irritation, you might want to put yourself in the shoes of the employees. Processing a return item twice looks like fraud. And those people could've lost their jobs over it. The attitudes were uncalled for but they had a right and a responsibility to ask questions and be suspicious.

And FYI part of the reason the prices have and are going up is because of people constantly scamming Wal-Mart.

So cool down, they had a job to do. Wouldn't you want to protect your job?


What about Wal-mart scams that come from the company??? I purchased a blanket a couple weeks ago, but when I went to return it, I realized I had "misplaced" my receipt.

Knowing, I could just use a gift card, I went to do a return without receipt. The item scanned less than what I originally paid and I was given less money, ALL because I couldn't prove what I paid.

Later, I found receipt which proves I was cheated out of a few dollars. If Wal-mart does this to ever customer that comes in without a receipt, it sounds like they are doing a little stealing themselves.


"ALL because I couldn't prove what I paid" uhhhhhh..... errr...... ummmmm.....


You were given what the item scanned because it was most likely now on CLEARANCE. If you don't have a receipt to prove differently, there isn't a store around that will just take your word for it.

Since you found your original receipt, take both of them back and they will be happy to make it right for you.

That is if you don't wait a month or more before addressing the issue. You were not cheated out of anything either.


You buy an incompatible camera because of your inability to read specs and lose your receipt and it's Walmart's fault your return didn't go as smoothly as you would like? Judging by what you wrote, it's pretty clear you're the one with the attitude problem.

The manager is around 24 years old? What does that have to do with anything? Would you feel better if they were 50? They even gave you your refund and you're still complaining?

With your attitude and the fact that you don't have your receipt, you're extremely lucky they did anything. Go be Target's problem.


I sure can tell this comment came from a Walmart employee of the month. What is wrong with being upset about a visit to your local Wallie World.

When you go shopping it is suppose be enjoyable. When you return an item there should be no problems. Yeah, the person lost the receipt. It happens, *** happens.

I see a lot of *** stains on your shirt. It was left on you and not by me.

LOL. Give the person a break.

@Helane Ixt

Pay attention, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Just because someone does not agree with your opinion against Walmart, DOES NOT MEAN THEY FUNCKING WORK THERE.

Jesus Christ. WHY the *** do people ALWAYS say that?

@Helane Ixt

You must be six years old as well to assume someone works at a store when they use logic to tell the person they are wrong. Does mommy know you are online?

The person lost the receipt, the person did not bother to read the packaging before buying the product, does this sound like adult behavior? It happens but this overgrown child must accept the consequences of losing her receipt. She does not need a break. She blames them because she did not read the package for the camera.

Says the print is small(go buy glasses then) she then blames them because she lost the receipt(grow up and take responsibility. This is about a grown woman acting like she is six years old. LADYSCOTT they say that because they are children and have the reasoning skills of a child assuming because someone tells a customer who is wrong that she is wrong they work at the company.

Had an adult been reading the review with that person they would explain to the child that the OP is throwing a temper tantrum because she does not want to play by the rules and told them that the other person is right and does not work for the company. But this is what happens when you let six year olds go online unmonitored.


Agrees, age has nothing to do with the service they got and the way they behave, especially if the person posting this is older than the manager but acts like she is six years old.


Let me see, you buy a camera, get home and discover it isn't compatible with your computer, manage to lose your receipt and get back to the store in five minutes. Doesn't that sound kind of fishy to you?


You must have severely misread. I noticed that it wasn't compatible when I got into the car, about 5 mins after leaving the store.

So I never WENT HOME FIRST I got back OUT of the car to go in and return it. But if you want to continue thinking I'm in the business of trying to scam a white trash store like Walmart have fun with that. I have better ways to spend my time.

You work there too or something? :roll

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