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Walmart stores has this towel head that said races remarks to us Thomas in electronics and then turns around and accuses us of steal his *** from China Walmart and Thomas are just the crust if thier discriminating ways and Hitler anticks I was in thier to spend 500.00 and falsely get accused of stealing *** and improved it I dint have thier *** iam tired of democratic Walmarts that are owned by Hilary Clinton thinking thier above the law they said that they can commit a crime and that's OK but you the consumer only come to trade hard-earned money with them and don't a CT up Walmarts university the law think it's time to BAN all Walmarts and run them right out of town *** company Hitler style butches that go around and break the law *** you Walmart I'll never step a foot into one of your stores ever again and this is a shout out to all my friends and old co workers all over Minnesota Wisconsin Washington state BAN all Walmarts we don't need races pigs and falsely accusing searching unlawfully who the *** does Walmart in Lakewood think they are I know the police dept has thier own rules now Walmart does stop everybody shopping thier this could happen or all ready has h as open to you and uts unlawful and morally wrong

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What a roller coaster of a post.


The irony of this statement is a thing of beauty:"Walmart stores has this towel head that said races remarks to us


Please spell check.