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Tried to get down any aisle in Walmart when they are restocking?

I am handicapped and use their scooter to get around in the store when I can find one in working order - charged up and one that has good round wheels.

They keep pallets out in the middle of the aisle where u cannot get down thru and even block the ends of the aisle so u don't even dare to go thru.

This was the case last Sunday night on all the interior aisles.

Felt like a mouse in a maze and I have gotten to the point if I knock their displays over in the floor I just run right over them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Shelves not restocked.

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I like to park the cart at the end of the isle, and yell at the employees stocking, what I want and let them do the shopping! LOL!


If you want to shop when you want to shop, then prepare to deal with stocking going on d.ipsh.it! They don't revolve around you and your f.ucking cart that, by the way, is a courtesy and not a requirement! Go F.uck yourself


u work for walmart?


Here we go again, another five year old ASSuming that if someone tells the customer they are wrong they work for the company. Only a five year old would ASSume this.

They have a point. Stores need to stock, the best time is when there is least customers. If she does not like this she should go before 11pm. Have mommy explain this simple concept to you.

If they were not stalking this person would complain about not having items in stock. The world does not revolve around her and being handicapped does not guarantee her preferred treatment.


u work for walmart?


u posting for attention?


Anonymous, just because Kevin disagrees with the OP does not mean that he works for Walmart. Anyone can disagree with somebody.

Just means that they disagree. Kind of funny how I see this question everywhere Kevin goes.


I think the validity of your complaint depends on what time you were in Walmart. If it was between the hours of say, 1m-5am, those are prime re-stocking hours and pallets in the aisles are to be expected.


u should have rode the scooter out into the parking lot and repeatedly ran that *** into a light pole until it was totaled out.


or put it in you trunk (car trunk, not ****) and drove away.


You should not comment anymore. You do realize that other customers would like to use that cart, right?

You're also aware that those carts are expensive, correct?

So really, you're not just stealing from Walmart but also other customers? Please don't tell me that you're from America...


That person was obviously making a joke. you are too gullible.


I doubt that the person was joking. You act as if stealing a cart has never happened.


People who work for Walmart are not working there because they are well educated and hard working. So don't expect much from them.

I don't. I just knock their pallets and stuff out of their way.


Knock them out of "my" way I mean.


You are a sour bitter person, I hope they make you pay for the items you purposely damage. Knocking them over is one thing but running them over?

If you shop at night should than you should expect them to have pallets in the way. Besides isn't it past your bedtime late at night, especially on school nights?


They run pallets over night. When else are they supposed to do it?

If they have them in the middle of the aisle, they aren't supposed to do that and you need to let a manager know. They are only supposed to have them in the alleys.


U *** my parents have recently passed away

Maybe u will do the same because u are no longer any good to anybody except the Walton family in Arkansas

I am a night person who shops when it is convenient to him not the store


Good riddance to anyone who would raise a person as self-centered as you.


And I'll bet that they are turning over in their graves at this attitude. I'll bet that the next thing that you are going to rant about is how they don't stock anything.

Those overnight people working are timed and I'm sure that you are not making it any easier on them.

As said before, if you want to shop whenever you want then you better be prepared. Not everything revolves around you.