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Hi, I just purchased a printer from Walmart, and when I got home, I opened the printer and then I noticed that the printer did not include the ink for the receipt that it says it includes on the box. I did not keep my receipt, because who thinks that you are going to need to return a printer, and who really expects the product to not have what is shown on the box?

I went back store to return this product. Just to clarify, I did not want any money back, or I did not want a gift card to Walmart. All I wanted to do was exchange the printer that did not come with the products that it said it was going to come with for the exact same product. I went up to the counter and the initial girl I spoke to was very nice, but she said she had to ask her manager just because I did not have a receipt, which I understood completely.

The next thing I knew, a man had come up to the service counter and before I could say anything, he flat out told me no, and that he couldn't even exchange it for the same thing. He was extremely rude and completely unprofessional, talking to his co-workers about "turning up" after he got off work. I simply told him that all I wanted to do was exchange for the exact same product since it was not my fault that the printer did not come with the product that it said it was going to come with. He still told me no.

I asked to speak to his manager and he told me he was the manager, and I said well I want to speak to your manager.

He looked at me and laughed and told me that she was out of town and to call that number if I was really concerned about it.

Im so pissed at the way he acted.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Management.

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I am sure if your parents were in the store they would be pissed at how you behaved and acted.


Also you refer to an adult as a girl when you make the childish mistake of confusing being told no as rudeness.


Why did you not give your receipt to a parent. Why blame the store because you were careless?

You have no right calling an adult old enough to work a girl when you are so careless and lose your receipt. You are not old enough to take care of your stuff and you call her a girl?


Who thinks they're going to have to return a printer? Did you really just say that?

You should always keep your receipt for any electronic devices. Honestly, you should always keep all of your receipts until everything on it is ineligible for return.