On Valentines Day, my fiance took me to Walmart to purchase a Dell Laptop. We went expecting to pay full-price.

Manager suggested a demo and took $100.00 off. Less than week later, mouse stops working. Took laptop back and traded for another. Got it home, started to set-up my laptop and someone's initials of "JJ" previously used computer at one time and I could not access because I was provided with "JJ's" password.

Then they recommended a Hewlett Packard.

I was so tired, I just couldn't deal with the issue and asked for money back. All I wanted was to purchase a Dell Laptop at the purchase price, not a demo.

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OMG Really, Did you really take the time to complain about that on here.


OMG holly ***!!!! You mean to tell that a demo product didn't last.

On top of that a DEMO COMPUTER!!!!!!!! Man that thing should have lasted 12 years more than the 10 theoretical years of use that was put on the demo by being powered on 24-7 for however long they decided to have it on display. I bet you bought that display plasma tv the they were selling cheap too. Hmmm...

you people never seem to amaze me.... Go find your brain


"All I wanted was to purchase a Dell Laptop at the purchase price, not a demo."

Then why didn't you buy one? No one forced you to buy that demo.

You should have known hundreds of customers had their greasy hands all over it. When you returned it, you can't really expect a brand new one in it's place.

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