I used to buy clothes at wallmart but hav'nt in months now because they have changed distributors and they have a lousey selection now to choose from.I was able to buy long skirts from them which I wear because of a medical problem I have due to cancer and now can't even find one skirt in the whole department in the plus sizes. I would think because of the diverse ethnic population that it would be to their advantage to stock skirts.

I can't be the only plus size women in america , or the only women that likes to look like one.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #51896

Pitt185 is right. You don't even have to use a credit card, you can use a gift card if you want to. Free shipping to your store I think.

Myrtle Point, Oregon, United States #19398

While you are browsing the site, look into a dictionary as well.

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #19388
:) Try www.walmart.com, walmart's website. They have a much bigger selection online than they do in their stores and usually their shipping costs are not too expensive, sometimes they have 99 cents shipping or you can always order the things you want and pick them up at your local Walmart.

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