Chantilly, Virginia
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have been to store on hwy 280 birmingham, for last 2 weeks are out of parchment paper. came one day for taco bowl shells and the store was out so I turned around went to wal-mart in chelsea to get what i had gone to hwy 280 birmingham, alabama to get.

you need to keep better check on your inventory. posted on October 10, 2012. thanks for listen to my complain. A pissed wal-mart customer.

My name is Carol Swenson and have shopped at Wal-mart ever since Wal-mart open on Hwy 280, B'ham, Al. thanks

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It isn't so much that they need to keep better track of their inventory, as much the fact that most of these stores receive shipments when corporate decides to ship. I know one day I was looking for the slow cooker bags at my WalMart and they were out of them.

An employee told me it would be about two weeks before they came in.

About a week later my daughter was in there and saw that they had a good supply of them so I told her to grab a couple packages of them. Things like this can happen in discount stores, whether or not one store in an area has an item and a neighboring one doesn't, could depend on the majority of the people that shop in the stores and on the basic location.