Washington Township, Michigan
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My son who is a minor,(12 year old) was allowed to steal from your stores. An employee watched him and did not stop him to tell him that it was wrong.

He was stopped outside your store and they called me on the phone. It was very embarrassing to go up to customer service and admit to the them that my son was caught shoplifting and to be led to the security office. We all make mistakes when we are younger and instead of treating him like a hardened criminal they should have told him it was wrong and what happens to thieves. They must make money off each person they arrest.

Before anyone makes smart comments. Yeah I did punish him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did they trespass him from the store? It would be sad if the poor booger wouldn't be allowed to ever shop there again.


musicman88 is correct. The employees cannot stop someone from stealing.

Also I don't understand the issue here. Are you angry that they called you to tell you he stole? Angry that it was embarrassing? I don't get it.

He stole something, they contacted you and now he knows it's wrong. It's not the stores job to educate your child.


Walmart associates are not allowed to stop shoplifters. Only LP and salaried management can. Also, in many states, it's not considered shoplifting until the thief leaves the store or tries to conceal the item.


That's so funny I hate Walmart it's *** as heck.


Let's blow some holes in your 'complaint'

1)As others have stated, it's not considered shoplifting until he leaves the building. If they would have stopped him in the store, you would be screaming bloody murder because 'My widdle speshul snowflake was gunna pay' and then scream lawsuit

2)Once he was caught they had to call you because he's a minor. Again you'd be screaming bloody murder and lawsuit if they didn't call you.

3)If you were that desperate for red bull and beef jerky, you should have just given him your EBT card instead of telling him to steal them


If they saw him put item in his pocket,they are to notify security to watch him till he leaves the store. Once he walks out the door, it is shoplifting.

At 12 yrs old,he should have known better, it is not the job of anyone but you to teach/raise your child, that falls on you. It might have been embarrassing to you,but now is a good time to step up and take some actions with your son so he does not become a criminal when he gets older.


"Walmart - Allowed minor to shoplift."

"...instead of treating him like a hardened criminal they should have told him it was wrong..."

Contradictory much? So what is it?

They allowed you klepto son to steal or they they took action? You make no sense, even for a troll.

The only one who "allowed" your son to steal was you. LOL


Who cares if he stole or not, they make millions a year and a few chocolates won't hurt them. They overreacted.


So where do you think the money from those few chocolates gets taken out of? The first place is your buying power and the second is the paychecks of the employees you actually see on the floor.

The big guys in corporate have their paychecks lined up no matter what in such a large company. And though candy bars might not seem like a lot but the store has many items even smaller that start to rack up big bucks.

If this kid does it once, it can evolve into those costlier things. And then that seventy-five-cent candy bar can inflate to a dollar-fifteen without being a king-size or when you need help out with a piece of furniture, there aren't enough employees to spare one to go out of the store to help you load bit.


There's a principle involved. If you have to steal Jack links, candy, etc. then you have a lot of problems.


It's not shoplifting until he walks out of the store, that's why they didn't do anything.



Why should the store employees have to tell your son not to seal. That should be your job.


Well teach your son not to steal.