Jamestown, North Carolina

I was making a return because the jeans that I bought were too small. Everyone was in line when this woman cut in front of me and told them that she had lost her three year old daughter.

They did not tell her to get back in line. Instead they made a page for all customer and employees to look for the lost child. I told her next time she should wait in line and a few customers in front of me said she lost her child so she should not have to wait in line. Also it is the job of security not the other employees to locate the lost child.

The other staff members should be helping customers.

Last time I was in the store they were too busy looking for a lost boy than to help me out. So because someone was not paying atteition to their children we have to wait longer, and not get help when needed.

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We have to look for a list child first. If you don't Luke it go somewhere else. The safety if a small child is more important than your fat *** fitting some jeans.


Really u r an *** a lost child over ur fat *** trying to get in a pair of jeans that don't fit really

First B

I think by law they are required to find lost children before anything else, even if a security person is going after a shoplifter they have to let the shoplifter go and find the child. They could end up kidnapped, or get into the parking lot and get hit by a car.

Sorry you had to wait a few extra seconds for them to page the code Adam. Did not know that that your jeans were worth more than a childs life.


A desperate attempt from a troll to write a 'funny' letter. Go away L.O.S.E.R.


This has to be fake.Someone cannot be that cold-hearted as you are.


why not?


I regret to inform you that a missing child is a bit more important than your too-small jeans.


next time try on the jeans before you leave, and you won't have to experience a heartbroken mother looking for her child that most likely left her side you stuck up (unt.


wow. you are an absolutely selfish ***.


Walmart uses the Code Adam system. All associates and managers MUST drop what they are doing to look for the lost kid.

Kids are quick and it is easy for them to get separated from their parents in the blink of an eye.

Cashiers still have to be at their registers but still keep their eyes peeled.

Perhaps you should try on your clothes in the fitting room from now on. That is what you should always do.


Walmart does not have a special "security team" but as a parent I would not wait in line nor would I go looking for a security office if my child was missing. I would tell them 1st employee I saw and I think Walmart handles these situations well.

I think its awesome they have every employee start looking for the child and if everybody in all the depts are looking then child should be located quickly minimizing your "wait time". Now it is obvious to me that your not a parent due to the fact that you think returning your jeans is more important than the life of a child and 2nd fact being you said the parent "wasn't paying attention" not if you had a child you would know how quick kids can be and how in the blink of a eye something can go wrong.

Now in concluding as a parent and speaking for all parents, would it be to hard for you to HELP next time a child is missing even if it means you maybe in the store 5-10 mins longer than planned, I know you probably have a busy life of Internet dating and crossword puzzles that you need to hurry home to but for the sake the child's life, DON'T COMPLAIN! Hopefully you'll never have kids because there very time consuming and parents do alot of waiting which I know really irks you!

Good Day!

-SBB mother of 2


Wow. You're really an *** aren't you?

Lost children take priority over everything, even you, your highness.

Also, when a code Adam is called, all associates are required to stop whatever they are doing and look for them. And by their way, perverts kidnap 8 year olds too.


God forbid the store is more concerned with lost children than your jeans.


You are heartless complaining about standing in line and now getting the attention you deserve and posting it. Have a heart, some things will get more attention that you.


So your flimsy return was more important than a lost child. You must not have much of a heart. Think about how you would feel if it was your child.


Also first time the child was lost it was eight year old girl who can easily find her way back if asked to come to the front of the store, calling the code atom was a waste of time for both employees and customers.


It's Code ADAM, not atom. 8 year olds can be kidnapped too.


Hopefully you never get kidnapped, I bet then you wouldn't mind others stopping what they are doing to help find you. Oh I forgot you're older than 8 so u can escape your kidnappers and walk to the police when your name is on the news being broadcasted.

++ because your brave like that++ lmao. ***