Richardson, Texas

Posted store hours read closing at 8 pm on Christmas Eve. I attempted to walk in the store at 7:30 and was told the store was closed with sign on the door behind the security guard clearly stating closing at 8 pm.

I requested to speak to a manager 15 minutes later the store manager arrived and allowed me in. I completed my grocery shopping at 8:05 and was told the registers were already closed and they would not check me out. I was shocked and needless to say a little frustated and requested they open a register and check me out. The local police werer called who escorted me out.

Needless to say I will NEVER shop at WalMart again.

Wondering if someone can offer direction on how to get to the right people at WalMart Corporate office. Their website really does not allow for complaintes......ones that will be hear anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Is this real? Is anyone as *** as this person?

Stores close early on holidays. DUH


1) I call shenanigans on the registers being closed. Every retail outlet I have worked for left at least 1 open on Christmas eve til the very last customer had left.

2) Christmas eve is one of the only days many retailers will tell customers the store is closing and finish up your purchases.

3) If they close at 8 that is their right

4) The card complaint is a joke. Sorry the card you wanted was sold out!


I know I waited till the last minute because these families don't deserve to spend Christmas with their families. That was my fault for being the loser that waited till the last minute. I'm an id1ot for waiting and I know it.


Seriously? You go to Walmart at closing time on Christmas Eve and expect them to have any cards left.

How *** *** are? You officially win the award for not only procrastinator of the year but biggest *** *** of the year. Its Christmas Eve at closing time they sold out and you should've been thankful they had any cards left at all. That is what you get for waiting till the last minute dumb@ss.

Its not police brutality its called stupidity for procrastinating you ***. Too bad they didn't tase your ***.


I'm not entirely sure this complaint is real, but if it is, what is your major problem OP? You wait til the last minute to buy Christmas cards and then are mad because they don't have the ones you want?

You ask why they have to close early on Christmas Eve? Because their employees want to go home and be with their families, that's why. If you told me that you wouldn't cash out without the cards I would have told you fine, and had security escort you from the premises. I also call BS on all the registers being closed.

Stores like Walmart do not close the all the registers as long as there are customers in the store. And at that point, they would not have let you put your stuff away either, they would have just got you the heck out.