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I have been to Lafayette Rd (northwest) , East Washington (east), County Line (greenwood), 86th (north), 10th street (west) & A few other Walmart's & they are all the same. Disappointing!!!!

Nasty, Trashy, The workers do absolutely nothing but talk and sit on their phones (night shift stockers, cashiers, even managers) They are rude and when you are ready to check out the cashiers are rude because you interrupted their conversation, but what they don't realize is my money is paying for them as well as many others...

Night stock is always rude when you ask where a product is a few times I got ' I only work in one department and this is my department' in a attitude! Bathrooms at Lafeyette road and 86th & Michigan Rd is always nasty it is like they never clean. It's like the same trash that was laying on the ground was there in the same spots two weeks after. I dont think I have seen a single person at Lafayette Road work other than that temp service ATU had came in now they was nice and I always seen them working or at least always looked like they was doing something, they never had a problem with stopping what they are doing and helping me and they was nice about it and told me about the products that I have never had before or compared.

Also WalMart Says low prices every day but its bull *** ! I always buy mountain dew 2L and they have always been 1$ all of a sudden they went up to 1.60$ when at dollar general it is 1.30$ even the gas station is cheaper !! sad. Bread at Kroger is 1$ for the decent generic bread now when I go to walmart their bread is either hard or falls apart.

Meet is always too over priced. Also the East Washington Street Walmart did not do their word about the price comparison. I even called about it before I drove all the way up there. There is this place called ALDIs grocery whom had there name brand of ham onsale for like 1.50 lb and I had called and asked and they said that I could purchase the cheapest brand of ham they had and compared it and when I got up there the cashier said no and I said can I speak to a manager because I called before I drove all the way up here and the manager was rude and had an attitude and said well you didnt talk to me so there is nothing I can do.

Sure there was. I am no longer going to Walmart.

Used to shop there an awful like for groceries, hair products, seasonal, gifts and christmas and now I'd rather shop at Kroger for groceries and Kmart for toys !!!! *** YOU WALMART!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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If the produce and meat is that bad, you can always call the local health dept to come and inspect it. Just an idea.


Sorry, comment was supposed to be for the person under me.


I had so badly wanted a SUPERWALMART when I traveled to FLORIDA to see family we always would pick up stuff at the SUPERWALMART thought the idea was great (no club fee) and bulk stuff to leave a families houses. Well my wish came true and they OPENED A SUPERWALMART near my home.

IT IS TERRIBLE I shopped in it before it was a SUPERCENTER now it would be the last place I would go to. It is terrible. Nothing is FRESH (SALAD ALL OUT OF DATE) FRUIT is downright scary (fruit FLIES by the 1000's) yogurt never in date. MEAT and I have talked to the meat manager he says it just doesn't move so HE IS TOLD he must leave it out till the day it expires.

Why WOULD ANYONE buy from it.

I can go 2 minutes IN ANY DIRECTION and get FRESH MEAT even SAMS CLUB which is right next door MOVES IT MEAT. WALMART SUPERCENTERS need new management they are terrible


You sound like one of those people who just aren't happy unless you are complaining about something. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


My, my, you have a lot of complaints. I honestly think you have made most of them up.

These stores can't possibly have all the problems that you have listed. I definitely know their "meet" isn't overpriced. I don't know of one single store that sells "meet." Anybody that runs all over to get the cheapest price on an item has a major problem-----think about the mileage. I would be willing to bet when you called the manager at WalMart and asked if they would price compare the cheapest brand of ham that Aldis had, you didn't specify that it was the Aldis brand, you just asked about the cheapest brand, which could be taken as the cheapest name brand.

When you price match you have to have the exact same brand and size. That brings me to your brand name soda/pop. If another store has it cheaper either buy it there or bring proof of the cost to WalMart and they will honor it. To me it sounds like you would rip WalMart off if you could get by with it.

I have never had any of the problems you mention at any of the WalMarts that I have shopped at. I have shopped at the two in my town, at a couple of them that range between 150-200 miles away and one that is 70 miles away. As many people that use the rest rooms in the WalMart stores you can't expect them to be immaculate all the time. It isn't just the people, it is also unsupervised little kids and older kids, some of them college age that think it is hilarious to make a mess in public rest rooms.

You will never convince me that temp workers in a store know everything about the products handled in that store. You would also have a hard time convincing me that WalMart uses temp employees. I used to work in a temp service and the only businesses that ever wanted temp workers were production, landscaping, some office, things like that.

You really need to get a life and maybe even find a job, so you don't have time to sit around and make up stories about a business. You must have applied for jobs at all of those stores and not been hired----does that tell you when none of them hired you, that you are unqualified?


Actually, it is true but I could care less weather or not you believe me. I actually a drug and alcohol counselor and have a bachelors in psychology and human addictions.

I also rent out homes I own to domestic violence families, so why would I need to apply for a minimum wage job for one and for two you have enough room to talk because you just *** near wrote a book towards me about how you could not believe me. Also, the computer I am on has a spell check on it and I might have accidently put in a 's' in there by accident. I did not know this website had grammar checkers who come on here to criticize a word I had written. Again, I could not care less if you agree with me or not.

My opinion is I would not go back to walmart.

Also, I do not have 'food stamps' and I have two little boys who need to eat as well as me. So I am on a budget and they did not keep their word.


I find it VERY difficult to believe that you hold a Bachelor's degree. Not only did you omit the apostrophe from the title of the degree, your reply is full of grammatical errors and run on sentences.

You fail to finish your thoughts you ramble incessantly. If you paid for your supposed degree you should demand your money back.


That sounds like most of these so called 'councilors' that run AA programs, actually -- some sort of 'degree' from Big Loins Trailer Park and University and a sense of self-entitlement.

Only a desperately poor fool buys their food at any location where the meat (or 'meet', lol) is unsatisfactory.