I hate my local Walmart. I don't know why I keep going there. The employees are always rude and nasty to me. Yesterday was the last

straw! After checking out with an extremely rude cashier, he went to hand me $40. I said I didn't ask for cash back and to put it back

on the card. He said he couldn't, and I would have to take it. I said I did not ask for cash back, because my credit card company

charges me interest. He told me there was nothing he can do and to go to customer service. I was pissed that I had to wait in line at

customer service, because of his mistake. When I got there, I saw the cashier that I liked to go to. I asked her if she was working

today. She said she was off. I explained the situation to her. She tells me that she doesn't think they can do anything. I was at this

point very upset, and she can see this. She told me maybe the customer service rep can help me. So I walked up to the customer service

rep and asked if she can help me. She rudely told me that I had to get into the back of the line. I am a 79 year old woman who can't

wait in line for long periods of time. After two minutes of waiting, one of the csms came by the service desk. I went up to the csm

and asked her if she can help me. She said she would and finally got my money back on the card. Now why couldn't they do that for me

before? Instead they made me wait in line for a mistake the pathetic cashier made. The only nice person to me was the csm. But I am

definately not coming to this store ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Yes you can't get cash back UNLESS you request it lady. It asks you 2X if you want cash back, how much and if you are sure?

The drawer only opens then for the cashier to give you your cash. You were probabally on your phone and wasn't paying attention like alot of my customers now adays.


I can see a four maybe a six year old cutting in line, but an adult tsk tsk. If you did not behave like a kindergartener she would not have to tell you to go back in line. She expects that you were taught manners when you were in kindergarten. To use your age to cut in line is just bad. tsk tsk again. If you really can't wait that long stay at home. I don't know how this cashback worked but it looked like you pressed not one but three wrong buttons, your old age must be getting to you making you forget how to read.

Also you pressed the button to get cash back. Maybe you should get glasses because your old eyes cannot see as well as they used to. You make the comment about how you are old this is the reply you get.


Thanks for shopping Walmart. All those 8,9, and 10 year old Chinese children who work 18 hours a day really appreciate your need for cheap, lead-laden ***.


what a *** i n g dumb bimbo, hurry up and have a heart attack


Miss - The cashier doesn't hit the key for cash back. When you swipe your card at the credit card terminal, it should have asked you if you wanted cash back.

Evidently, you hit 'yes'. Please don't complain and take your anger out on the cashier who had nothing to do with your error.


Here are the steps YOU followed on the card reader to get cash back:

1) Would you like cash back? (YES / NO)

2) How much would you like? (Select amount)

3) Are YOU SURE you want $XX ? (YES / NO)

How is it the cashiers fault that YOU pressed all the buttons to get cash back?

Stop using your age as a crutch you pity w h o r e !!!


I hate to burst your bubble, but it was not the cashier's fault that you got the cash back! The cashier has NO control over that.

Obviously you hit the button requesting the cash back and instead of thinking that you might have been wrong, you self-righteously decided that the other people did it. I can bet that you were just a ray of sunshine to deal with yourself, right? Did you ever wonder what makes a cashier so "extremely rude"?

It's old ladies that blame everything on everyone else and have a bug up their butt and can't crack a smile to save their soul! Next time just look to see what button you are pushing and don't just push random buttons in your hurry to get nowhere fast!

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