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A tall young man with brown to black hair and black shirt rode down the same aisle almost injuring me. I told him to get off the bicycle, then I saw him running back up the same aisle through Section H.

This occurred between 10:20 PM and 10:25 PM. The customer service desk called the on duty manager. She radioed the information to other employees. When I was at the self-checkout, the same tall young man was also there with his group.

I asked surrounding employees to retrieve the manager. No employee did anything. I left my groceries for the customer service desk, again. A different customer service rep at the counter, pointed to his manager.

She was dropping boxes on her way towards customer service.

Half way to my car a girl in a white pick-up curses me. I call the police with incident number 2021-07****.

User's recommendation: Correct employees on the spot for not responding. Completely new store employees.

Preferred solution: Completely new staff for the front door, back departments, and loss prevention..

Location: 217 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22554

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I am sure that the person cussing at you was an adult rather than a girl. If not I wonder what they are doing out that last.

If they are an adult, then stop calling them a girl, especially when you are the one acting like a small kid. Leaving your groceries because they did not cater to you right away was immature.


It is your word against his, and looks like you were causing trouble yourself. Also if a young child is out that late and driving, I agree with you. Call the police.

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