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I use to work for walmart and its not all cracked up to be. If you see how some of the product and food come in, you wouldn't buy.

I use to unload trucks so i should know how products are loaded. They have pesticide busted on trucks with food, Gun Ammo, Household chemical (one of the most things that is busted), Propane, and a whole lot more. When you tell management, They say just wipe it off and send to floor to be stocked. When i told a few people, they ask the managers and they just deny it all.

Not only the fact about food and they way product is on the truck, Also they way you get treated.

I know alot of people who has got coached (Writing up) and never knowing about it (Including Myself) and you post to put your password in for the system. When you first start you job, They tell you that its easy to move up in the company but i only seen the one's who moves up is the kisses up and managers buddies.

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Not all Groceries are shipped by vendor trucks and they do have small propane like Coleman loaded up on same truck. Also have some holiday candy and other kinds of food product come on the GM trucks.

Ones who is disagree with lilgee is more likely be a part of the management team or head office employee. Grammer do not mean nothing when it comes from the truth.

hardworking cashier

Yes this happens a lot through walmart and walmart gets by with this. I use to work for walmart.

What is really sad is that me as a regular associate, I had to train managers on how to do jobs that they didn't know how to do. How can you call yourself a leader and expect others to follow you if you boss orders to your associates to get their job done when the manager do not know how to even do the job or what it takes to do the job.


Yea I agree that promotions are given to people that kiss *** and the ones working their *** off get overlooked.....sad. What's the point of trying to do your best when the ones that don't do *** are the next ones in line to become your :(


General merchandise is shipped on the walmart trucks. Groceries are shipped in on the separate vendors trucks and the grocery receiving associates count and inspect the items along with the vendor/vendors.

Food is never delivered on the same trucks as chemicals. The bread vendor does not carry chemicals nor does the milk, meat, candy or any of the many many other food vendors. As far as propane and ammo. They are unloaded in gm receiving at the other end of the store and no where near the grocery receiving area.

20lb. propane tanks are delivered outside of the garden center once a week and put directly into the propane cage. Im guessing that you were fired and angry and so you are spreading lies to get back at the company. If you are written up, you are informed of that at that time.

You have to review it and sign it, also make a statement regarding it. I will agree though that promotions seem to be based on who you know and not on your job performance. Your writing skills leave a lot to be desired and perhaps one of the reasons for you not being promoted?

Job promotions do require some kind of speech and writing skills. :x


Wrong, some food does come on GM trucks. Condiments, can foods, rice, bottle water, breakfast, and a lot more. I see it this way, don't lie to customers.


wrong! I have worked in receiving (gm) for 15 years and we have NEVER had any canned or dry groceries come off the trucks in gm.

All food is received in GROCERY receiving. Stop making up ***.


Wrong. Food IS delivered on gm side on the trucks.

There is another truck for grocery but that is from another warehouse. I to used to be an unloader and sorted food from gm merchandise as it is unloaded.


Wow. I didn't know this.

Its good info.

Maybe we need to send someone with small video camera to record this and put it on news for world to see. 8)


Maybe if you spoke better English, you could move up. As far as how products are shipped, you might be telling the truth and maybe not. If you are telling the truth, I'm sure it happens with other trucking companies too.