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I just purchased 2 laptops for a very good price via during our states tax free weekend, but as usual you email me 2 days later to cancel because "you're out of stock." Now a "3rd party" seller has it at a higher price. Yeah, that's a sneaky upsale if I ever saw one.

This happens everytime with you. I purchase all of my children's Christmas gifts online every year from many different companies, make 95% of all my purchases online and yet Wal-Mart is the ONLY company I've ever had an issue with. Please tell me how is it that Wal-Mart is such a large company yet the system only updates stock every 24 hours?! You made us miss out on taking advantage of our tax free weekend and now all you can do is try to upsale me?

I'm not even one to write things like this and I simply don't have the time but I'm just so disgusted with these sneaky tactics.

I homeschool our 2 children and these computers were pivotal for their education. Thanks for once again letting me down!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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So your kids education depended solely on THESE two computers?? Move on with your life


I would rather they offer me similar computers for the same price. I already missed out on the tax-free savings because of them so that's the least they could do. This happens every time I purchase something from their website and I'm pretty sure a multi-billion dollar company can afford a system that updates stock more than once every 24 hours.


Would you rather have them leave the computers they are out of on order and kept your money?