Saint Louis, Missouri
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people from st. ann, mo.

go to st.charles, mo. to avoid the walmart in st.ann. this store is always out of stock in everything. today, their were 2 toasters of of stock, the air filters i wanted were out of stock, the floor wax i wanted was out of stock, the new movies that come out on tuesday were not on the shelves.

its like that everytime i go in that store. everybody talks about this store, its time someone did something about it. last summer i wanted a round outdoor tablecloth you were out of stock all summer, that fall they finally stocked it.

in the fishing department you can find hook after hook empty where there should be items.

i have never seen anything like it in my life.

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Quite a few items are sent and sitting in the back. The stores have alloted so many hours for labor and they have cut those figures.

The employees have only so much time to stock, as they have to wait on customers and run registers when there aren't enough cashiers put on the schedule. It is a vicious cycle as sales go down because of lack of stock and sales help, less hours are alloted. The General Manager at your store needs to *** the bullet and blow his bonus for one year and get his store back on track.

It worked for our Walmart in Honesale, PA. Our store had similar problems and a new Manager fixed it.


its up to the merchandise supervisor to order items. they go through their departments every morning to see what they're out of or getting low on.

they order everything they need, but its up to the warehouse to send it in a timely matter which hardly ever happens because they have hundreds of stores to send the same products to. unfortunately the underpaid employees have to take it up the *** from the pissed customer.


lol it's like that at my wal-mart. i used to work there, usually it was in the health and beauty accessories department...

usually the department managers are the only ones who can scan the *** empty shelves and reorder...

which is dumb because they are never there and the associates who are there and know what needs to be ordered dont have the freaking access to the scanner thingy so you can order something for the customer. wal-mart is so messed up...