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I can only fill my Adderall two days or less before the months supply runs out. Every time I call it in they say it's out of stock and have to order it, and it always takes a week before it comes in until I can pick it up.

Today they said the same thing, They told me it will be on order and I can pick it up sometime next week. I don't understand why I have to wait over a week every time on the day I am suppose to fill it?! This is getting really old!

They also give me a really hard time every time I come to fill it. I have a prescription but still get a hard time almost every time!

Reason of review: Always out of stock and takes so long to come in!.

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Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS or Krogers...................just sayin'


i love walmart i always get treated great


Try calling in a week beforehand and telling them to order it as you will need to fill it on such-and-such date.