Cleveland, Oklahoma

Sunday i was told there would be ammunition coming in at the store in Cleveland Okla, so i get up early Monday morning to get there and be hopefully first in line. when i get there i was told no ammo came in so i said well ok maybe another day and i came in the next day first again and the individual told after i left they found some lock up in a room and he felt bad about it wasn't his fault, i think this is wal-marts policy.

I only spend between two and three hundred dollars a month on groceries in walmart so i know you won't miss my small amount when i spend it at your competitors and i will do my best to have my friends do the same.

If you read this I thank you for your time. Charlie Ramsey

  • Sunday
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LadyScot finally admits she hate her job and life. Though we all already knew it "as well".

See LadyScot confess to hating her job and life at Review #: 403979


Why don't you two (or three) just get a room already?


LadyScot has posted more comments on this website than anyone! Type in her user id LadyScot and you will find her psychotic rants, proof of her hate of her job and life.


Customer's shouldn't suffer because of rude & incompetent employees. That is not what Sam Walton based his success on he knew how important customers are to keeping his business successful. It's a shame the Sam Walton's integrity and customer friendly attitude is no longer a priority to his empire.


Hey MrCustomer & Right to Bare much for LadyScot ignoring you huh...Someone needs to explain the definition of ignore. She doesn't do it very well either. Her ignorance and inability to comment to any complaint without the use of foul language is a sign she is true ghetto trash.


I know exactly who I am talking about LadyScot your continued puerile harangue speaks volumes of your wretched personality.

Notice how the main body of my comment completely went over doltish LadyScot's head.

As I stated previously-...when you are told by "a walmart employee that merchandise is coming in to the store on a certain day" and it is not, "you have every right to be annoyed." The fact is you did "wait" and as usual it was employee error. They do keep the ammo locked up for safety but it is still for sale. Rare for the employee to fess up about actually having the ammo all along. Walmart sells a great deal of ammo and it goes fast. Charlie unlike the typical sarcasm spewed by LadyScot I know you are fully aware of liberals like LadyScot trying to limit our right to bare arms. Hoping for the best for your and yours Charlie.


Understandably when you are told by a walmart employee that merchandise is coming in to the store on a certain day and it is not you have every right to be annoyed. The fact is you did "wait" and as usual it was employee error.

They do keep the ammo locked up for safety but it is still for sale. Rare for the employee to fess up about actually having the ammo all along. Walmart sells a great deal of ammo and it goes fast.

Charlie unlike the typical sarcasm spewed by LadyScot I know you are fully aware of liberals like LadyScot trying to limit our right to bare arms. Hoping for the best for your and yours Charlie.

@Right to bare arms

That is a very arrogant statement there bud. You do not know me.

You have no idea where I stand on gun rights, or anything else. As a matter of fact, if gun rights depended on people like me, then I would be the only way you would ever legally own one. So before you spout off about any person's personal views on anything, make da*mn sure you know what the *** you are talking about. I own several pistols, a rifle and two shotguns.

My whole family is PRO-GUN Rights and defender of the right to bear arms. My whole family, being military, fought for your right to not only bear arms, but to be a misguided, misdirected *** off.

Ammo is hard to come by for everyone. And just for the record, Walmart does NOT lock ammo away and forget about it.

The ONLY associates who know where the ammo is kept is the sporting associate. If they have it, it is out for sale.


No one can get ammo right now, even the major gun retailers. If you pay attention to what is going on in this country regarding the gun control bill you would understand why.

The stores order, and hope it comes in.

Sometimes they get a little, sometimes none. You are just going to have to be like everyone else who wants it: wait.


And here's LadyScot, weighing in with information on the situation with ammunition supplies in the United States. Boy, you and your alter egos seem to get around, don't you?

Have you had time to answer any of the queries I have posted, or are you too busy lecturing retail customers on the way they should interact with Walmart and Walgreens? To reiterate on the big questions - why are you here? Why do you seem to be johnny on the spot when it comes to answering people's complaints with Walgreens and Walmart with snide comments and justifications why they are wrong to expect service from the service industry?

There has to be a motivation - so what is it? I, for one, am dying to know...


I ignore you on purpose, just like I ignore the other harassing bullies. I weighed in on the gun issue because I can read and listen to the news and know what is going on around me. Try it sometime.



Really? I'm a harassing bully? Just how have I harassed or bullied you? I've been trying to have a rational, civil conversation regarding your motivation for commenting on almost every Walmart and Walgreens complaint - so far, you haven't answered, so I figured you had just missed the question. Unlike you, I haven't insulted, teased, or tried to incite anger - just asked you a couple of questions. Evidently you can't answer them because either you fear the answer, or have been told not to answer this particular line of questions.

I know quite a bit on the gun issue, like quite a lot of issues. Just purchased some ammo on Monday - had no problems at a decent store. But I think what the OP was trying to say was that he thinks Walmart employees are taking the ammo for themselves rather than putting it out for sale - and it is well documented that this sort of thing happens, usually when sale prices are very good.

So, which one of us is the bully? The one who just wants a question asked, or the one who told a mother who lost a child that her soul is dark because she was close to a death? (that was you, as I remember). I guess if someone complains about Walgreens, the gloves come off and the dirty fighting starts, right?


Anytime anyone has a complaint about Walmart or their associates call the 1-800 number. Walmart management and associates do not like getting bad feedback through corporate.

It is true Walmart hires ignorant employees like LadyScot.

Walmart not only wants you for a customer they NEED you!

Check your receipt for the survey, that's another good way to let the powers that be know about these kinds of issues.

Hey anonymous of Sioux falls, sd...what you wanna let him suck on your sugar tid.die.


Poor baby, didn't get his ammo. When you heard that they were going to be getting some ammo in, did you hear when?

I could have been arriving a week later. I don't understand what you think is WalMart's policy. They probably do keep ammo above a certain amount locked up. That probably isn't just the WalMart policy.

The fact that they found some of the ammo after you left, could have been just plain luck. If you are implying that they were with holding the ammo from you----that is just plain BS. Now go back and proof read your complaint. The letter "i" should be capitalized, when it is used as a word.

There should be a comma between Cleveland, Okla. and a period after Okla. Actually Okla. isn't the correct abbreviation for Oklahoma.

"Lock" should be locked up.

There should also be spaces between your sentences. I highly doubt that anybody of importance, connected with WalMart will read your complaint.


Wow, anonymous from Sioux Falls seems to show up on a LOT of these Walmart complaints as well. Do you do this for a living too, or are you just bored?

Who are you people who don't have anything to do but write rebuttals to consumer complaints on this website? I'm really trying to understand this - so, since you're so responsive, how about responding with some requested information?


Sioux Falls-

Since you seem to be so concerned with spelling, grammer, and sentence structure, I thought I would give you a few pointers. The word "I" should have been "It", unless you are planning on arriving a week later. the word "withholding" is one word, not two. The word "proofread" is one word, not two - and that is a very ironic mistake. And there should be a comma after WalMart in your last sentence.

I'm sure there are more errors in your post, and probably some in mine. The point I'm trying to make - as long as a post is readable, it's considered okay to make a few grammatical and spelling mistakes, especially if you're typing on one of those *** small phone keypads.

Now as to your tone, well, why denigrate the guy just because he had the temerity to complain? "Poor baby, didn't get his ammo" - it seems to me he did everything right. He contacted the store to find out the delivery date. He arrived early to be sure and get some of the reportedly small amount. He spent his gas money and time to do this, and was told when he got there "Sorry, our bad". Then, when he went there the next day, he found ammo there, and was told again "When we told your there was none? Sorry, our bad" And then he sat down at his computer and told us about it. Does any of this justify your teasing him about it? Why not tease WalMart, who can't keep their stock straight?

I think we know the answer to that - you're here just to poke, prod, and throw virtual rocks at anyone who dares to complain against Walmart. The $64K question is - why the *** are you and others of your ilk - LadyScot is another- doing this? Money? Fame? Just plain mean? Crazy? Love Walmart in an unnatural way? What's the reason?

I'm not going away - I'm going to keep asking until you spill. Because I AM slightly crazy, and have OCD like you've never seen. Plus, I'm disabled, and have ALL the time in the world to devote to this, so you do the math...



THANK YOU for holding these peoples' feet to the fire.

The kind of treatment they have been handing out for years is nothing but filth, hatefulness, harassment and disconsternation apparently being the only theme or desire of their reply comments.



I came across this site and checked out several topics and it seems like you are adding your two cents in on posts more than anybody recently. Not really sure how you can call anyone out on that front.

You spend more time writing out lengthy rebuttals (even rebuttals to rebuttals). Is your job/hobby being the appointed voices of "the customer is always right" and "Just give me my *** pain pills"???


Oh, bless your heart. MrCustomer said that he is on disability and stuck at home all the time, and LadyScot (yeah, right!?!) says he/she works full time in a pharmacy.

Are you posting in another name because you've been called out and busted?


Slow down, bobbasheely (Anonymous in NOLA will probably be the only one to get that reference). I'm not saying that I agree or disagree totally with what anyone is saying on here.

I think there are valid points to both sides of the argument. Not just on this post but pretty much all of the ones I've come across.

The only point I was trying to drive is that it doesn't really make any sense to try to make fun of somebody because they post on a lot of topics if you are doing the exact same thing, albeit with contrasting points of view.

btw...I'm not really sure how anybody could be "called out or busted" on here because the site posts peoples opinions on situations. So not really sure what you meant by that (Anonymous in NOLA)