Cleveland, Oklahoma

Sunday i was told there would be ammunition coming in at the store in Cleveland Okla, so i get up early Monday morning to get there and be hopefully first in line. when i get there i was told no ammo came in so i said well ok maybe another day and i came in the next day first again and the individual told after i left they found some lock up in a room and he felt bad about it wasn't his fault, i think this is wal-marts policy.

I only spend between two and three hundred dollars a month on groceries in walmart so i know you won't miss my small amount when i spend it at your competitors and i will do my best to have my friends do the same.

If you read this I thank you for your time. Charlie Ramsey

  • Sunday
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To Mr. Anonymous-

I am not even close to being the voice of either group. The customer is frequently wrong, and kind of a pain in the ***. However, they are not getting paid to be there, to be courteous, and be helpful - the retail clerk is.

As to pain pills - yeah, I'd kind of like them when my doctor AND the DEA has said I can have them. I'm dependant on them to be able to get out of bed- which is where I spend a good portion of my day unable to walk anyhow. Nerve disorders will do that to you. Like you, I came to this site once- just once - to enter a complaint, and saw this absolute river of filth coming out of a particular person's account - so I responded. And off it went from there. As I've said elsewhere, I've also got a MAJOR case of OCD, so it's hard to just let it go. In other words, I'm hurt, I'm crazy, and I've got a lot of free time. Please don't tell me to get a life, cause that's pretty much off the table. Oh, and I'm bald, too...


Mr Anonymous-

And now you see how easy it is to get hooked on this *** ... they've got you too!!!

Seriously, I could care less how often someone posts on here (for instance, someone named Anonymous posts A LOT), it's more about what's said, how it's said, and what made me suspicious, who was getting defended. Either some folks on here REALLY like their employer and another company who sounds like their employer(doubtful), they've got the WEIRDEST hobby on record (doubtful), or their getting compensated to perform this task (most likely). Compensated by who, I have no idea - and that's what I'd like to know. Personally, I think it's this web site (pissed consumer) that's paying them to stir the pot and generate traffic.

Anyhow, that's the story if you're really interested, and if you're not one of many personas of another poster. However, I have to ask one question of you - did you also take her to task for posting so much? I mean, this is a site for pissed consumers to tell other consumers about problems they've had and what to watch out for. It's not a site for employees, media flacks, public affairs officers, or others to defend their company's honor. They have their own web sites, and many others, for that. I'm not saying they can't post here, obviously - but the main focus IS supposed to be the consumer.

Try not to get hooked further into this - you probably don't have the free time. I'm pretty bored with it myself - if I could just get a couple of answers...