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So the first thing I need to complain about is the customer service at the walmart supercenter on Tennessee Street in Tallahassee Florida. SOME of the cahiers and one female manager in particular are horrble when it comes to customer service.

I visited the walmart on 10/18/12 opn two seperate occasions and received horrible attitude from a cashier on the first trip and a MANAGER on the second trip. The cashier had a very bad attitude and didn't even want to bag up my groceries plus one of the items I purchased needed extra support so I asked for an extra bag and she actually gave me attitude and called a manager to the front just to ask could she give me another bag! Seriously what was the point? So one of the items I bought on the previous trip needed to be exchanged so okay I'm thinking since walmart is clearly a 24 hour location that I can just go and exchange the item without any hassle but noooo the customer service manager said in the nastiest way possible that she refuses to exchange the item because she already counted her drawer and shut down for the night.

What? Lady it's 10:00 and the service desk is SUPPOSED to do exchanges until 11:00. Her attitude was the worst! It made me feel like I should have spent my money elsewhere seriously.

It makes me think twice about going there again.

Just horrible customer service. NOTE TO WALMART EMPLOYEES: If you hate customers that much, FIND ANOTHER JOB!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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They do have very rude cashiers and management but not all of them are like that


I've seen that most Wal MArt employees have been pretty well mannered. It's usually ***,idiotic,or just rude customers that think that WM owes them something that gets their goat.

And when you multiply that by 20 rude customers i would get annoyed also.

They usually do what they can. Remember, you always have a choice to gosomewhere else.


I agree about leaving part of the story out. I have never had rude treatment from any employee/manger at any of the WalMarts that I have shopped in.

But when I shop, as much as I hate to shop, I still go in and follow the Golden Rule in the way I interact with the employees. At the WalMarts where I live the customer service desk closes at 10PM, and then they usually have a checkout counter set up for returns.

I'm sure once their drawer is counted and shut down, that they can't reopen it, no matter how small the amount of the refund. In fact where I live if you call a medical clinic that is supposed to close at 5PM, and you call at 4:30PM to make an appointment, you get told that they have the computers shut down and to call back the next day.


It has been my experience that 99% of the time the customer was the one that was rude and abusive right from the start.