Owings, Maryland

Unfortunately I had to stop at wal-mart because I needed fluids for my car at the time and it was literally the closest place near me. My car was overheating and I needed to get some coolant.

So while in there I noticed the 90% off Christmas items. No shock, every store discounts items after the holiday. I brought 3 additional items to the register (all holiday items) the cashier rang it up and of course it didn't come up as 90% off she asked if I wanted it for the price shown. I answered of course not, it's clearly a holiday item.

So instead of having the sense God gave her, she then asked if I wanted the manager which I politely answered. "I sure do". Apparently she only asked about one item because she rang up the next holiday item and we went through the same scenario. I told her, look they are all holiday items, what is the problem.

She said she had to ask her manager again about the other items.

I'm thinking...your an *** by this point.

Then she came back and stated "my manager said I can give it to you for 90% off". I replied "you aren't giving me anything, that's the correct price" Yes, and this ladies and gentlemen is why I don't shop at god awful, bad customer service, train wreck store, no items having bootleg Wal-Mart...THE END

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Service, Lack of stock, Long waits, Management.

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More than likely the items has JUST be put on the 90% off and had yet to be registered into the computer system as that, or they simply hadn't been registered at all. It is not uncommon for heavily discounted items not to be in the system.

If that is the case the cashier may not know about it and anything that heavily discounted has to be approved by the manager and over ridden by them with their employee number and a key turn.

You sir were just a complete and utter jack *** to the cashier. It people like you that made being a cashier so *** miserable.


You went in with a bad attitude expecting trouble, so I'm willing to bet that even if your cashier had been the most pleasant, intelligent person in the world you still would have found something to complain about. Cashiers do not work on the floor.

They are not in charge of pricing, so if something comes up a different price then what is marked, they do sometimes have to get approval from the manager. Having "the sense God gave her" had nothing to do with following company guidelines, and I'm willing to bet that you had not been all that polite with her up to that point.

There was also no reason to smart off to her when she said that it was approved, since she was just being informative. If she had not told you anything, then you probably would have said she was rude for not speaking to you.


You do know that you were the *** right? This wasn't a mistake on her part.

She is not the one that does the pricing. Some cashiers are only trained for a little bit and then they are thrown into the dark.

She was not rude nor saying anything offensive to you and you acted like a ***. She was only doing what she was told.


There are a lot of people in the world that seem to think store employees are super human beings, that are never allowed to make mistakes. I'm sure you didn't need coolant for your car so immediately that you had to stop at WalMart.

I'm sure you could have made it to another store. Furthermore, common sense says that people always keep the necessary fluids for cars on hand. Actually you were the rude one for assuming that the person that updates prices in the computers couldn't possibly make a mistake.

Another thing there are scanners located all over the stores that people can use to check the prices of merchandise. Grow up and use the brain the Good Lord gave you, providing He gave you one.