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I live in Fallon, Nv. It is a town 60 miles East of Reno.

Today I had to run by Wal Mart and pick up a few things on my way home from work. I was in the store a total of 43 minutes. There were 5 dogs and 1 large cat, all with different people, in this store during my visit. This is INSANE.

I cant believe this can happen. The lady walking in behind me placed her *** dog in the cart and the wal mart lady that sits by the door told her she could bring the dog in, but not in the cart. Is this legal? What happened?

People, leave your dogs, cats, goats, whatever type of animal you need to function mentally at home. You ruin it for the people who really need service dogs (not cats).

Service dogs don't bark loudly in the stores or pee on the poles (all of which I have seen happen). PLEASE fix this problem.

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It is definitely annoying that people try to scam the system, but don't we really have bigger things to worry about?

And for those who are concerned about merchandise, particularly food, coming into contact with pet...residue, for lack of a better term, are you kidding me lol?

Dogs are the least of your problems. What about all the snot-nosed kids that ride in those carts? You're putting your goods in the bottom of a cart that some brat with filthy shoes was standing in. What about the stock boy who picks his nose before filling the shelves with the canned goods you buy?

What about the cashier who didn't wash her hands after using the bathroom -- the one who handles all of your merchandise as she scans and bags it. The one who handles bills and change -- one of the filthiest things around -- right before she starts in on your order. What about the germ laden conveyor belt all of your merchandise rests on when you check out?

What about the credit card swiper and pin pad -- can anyone say bacteria trap. What about the guy with the communicable disease who pushed the cart you're now pushing.

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1321497

What about people that have died from being around pets? Yes, Walmart does have a pet section but that does not mean that you take your pets into the store.


It's obvious a lot of these animals are not 'service animals'.

Anyone can claim there animal as a 'comfort animal'.

Having these animals in the cart should NOT be allowed.

If I saw that I would speak to the manager and insist they do something about it. Other people put food, clothes in those carts!


A new product idea... Cart condoms!!!


I agree they SHOULD leave their animals at home. Im NOT far from you so I understand the concept you are trying to put across.

Its NOT about having SERVICE ANIMALS its about EVERYONE turning their pets INTO supposed service animals. I have no problem with someone with ANY actual disability using a service animal. But to those people who use ANY excuse to turn their pets into service animals. SHAME ON YOU!!!

We get it, YOU dont want to leave fluffy in the car in the middle of the desert heat, good for you. But you dont REALLY need to bring the animal with you every where. TRY and show some respect for the other HUMANS around you BEFORE you put the comfort of your animal ABOVE them. There are MANY MANY people out there with allergies to animals and THEY dont need to have an allergy attack because YOU saw fit to place your dog in the basket.

FOOD GOES THERE!!!!!! PLEASE understand that retailers understand about service animals and in most cases the animals are well behaved. But all its going to take is ONE DEATH from a serious allergy attack BECAUSE of a service animal and you WILL see retail policies go back to the draconian ways we had in the 90's.

Think of your fellow humans comfort level. NOT your dogs.


Yeah, you really think it can be "fixed" unless the animals are killing people, pee in a pole should not be too much of a problem, but wait? are they peeing ON you?...

yeah, didn't think so..

so what? get over it, life it's not going to comply to your needs and comforts and you need to suck it up.

Clermont, Florida, United States #1312280

why do animals bother you so much...that's ***..let people bring animals if

they want..get some help you ***

to anon Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #1314302

Some people have died from being around animals. Not be mean but we need to think about other people first.


I totally agree with you that people with non-service animals are ruining it for those who do legitimately need these animals. Unfortunately, legally there is very little Walmart or any other business establishment can do. Laws prevent them from asking too many questions and it is nearly impossible to actually prove that these animals are NOT service animals.

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