Springdale, Arkansas

This is another complaint about WM. I thought I would go ahead and just throw this out there about my local WMs during snow and ice times.

I didn't find this site until winter was coming to an end recently and I had bigger complaints at the time. I know it is now spring and this problem won't happen again for awhile, I just want to get this out there. I am just wondering how bad this snow thing with WM is at other stores across the nation? Especially in the north where it snows all of the time.

Anyway WM where I live has the worst service during ice and snow. They don't clear the parking lot almost at all. I slip and slide all over the place when I go in. It also seems half the employees call in so the service in the store is minimal at the time and it is crowded as heck there.

It really stinks.

I have already talked with my husband about this a couple of months ago. I was just wondering what this was like for other people?

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Throwing your husband's Wal Mart weight around will get you nowhere and him fired. I am now looking into all employees of restaraunts in the local area near you to see if any have been banned from entering local Wal Marts.

I am also logging who placed the bans. After I am done, we will know one of two things.

If your husband actually works at Wal Mart, also if he falsely placed these bans on people for you. Either way, he's fired, or probably plotting to leave you.


you're a good woman?? I never knew a woman that treats her husband like *** and harassing store employees, treating them like dirt, is considered a good woman.

MrsLea01, I sure hope your stories are fake.

because if not, your husband needs to take that supposedly good salary of his and spend some of it on a REALLY good psychiatrist for you. then if one exists, he needs to find some type of class that teaches people how to act right in public and not use their husbands position as an excuse to act like a controlling *** in any store.


My husband loves me. He knows me inside and out. He knows I am a good woman.


don't worry guys. MrsLea's husband is made up.

either that or her husband divorced her and she's in denial because of it. because who would stay with such an insane woman like her?


"If you have so many complaints why don't you go shop somewhere else? Wouldn't that make more sense?"

Because her "husband" is supposed to be a so called head office who is the manager's boss.

She likes to threaten employees with her husband's position if she does not get her way.

To make them feel her husband will fire them if they don't treat her special. She can't do this other places because she has no husband working those other places.


My husband works for Walmart. Plus there are few other places around.


If you have so many complaints why don't you go shop somewhere else? Wouldn't that make more sense?



Im not sure why but when I read your posts I picture a 350# roller derby queen. You amuse me to say the least.

I can picture you rolling into walmart with a chicken leg in one hand and diet coke in the other yelling as you waddle over to one of their electric carts which are provided for disabled people and seniors not overweight buckets of stupidity such as yourself. Now but down the pack of honey buns and get a job....


You keep saying that you have never been hooking in Toronto, Canada, but that does not make it true even if you tell the same lie one thousand times does not make it true.


No, I didn't even discover this site until a few months ago.

I have also never been to Toronto, nor Canada, either.


I also think this if fiction, a few years ago we had this user by the name "complain265" who was just as much of a *** as she was, perhaps even bigger.

Complain265 used to post the same complaints, except her husband was not a Walmart home office worker.

It was she who was a hot shot registered nurse who thought she was better than everyone else because she makes $80k a year.

Well soon we all got bored with her stories and I wonder if this whole. "My husband works at Head Office so I can get my way" thing is a new thread for the "registered nurse"


I think MrsLea01 is using this site to start a fiction novel about stores not doing things her way.


I told you once and I will tell you again reporting does no good here. Besides you were in Canada when you made that post. You even admitted you were too high on crack to know what was going on and you somehow found your way in Eastern United States and then in Toronto, Canada. All the places where you are "impersonated" in are states side by side. What are the coincidences of that?

Another fact I myself am In Toronto Canada and someone who claimed to be name Mrs. Lea approached me as I was leaving Eaton Center and asked her exact words were.

"Want to have a good time cowboy? My husband works at Walmart home office in the states and I can pleasure him very well when I want someone fired from Walmart. You won't be disappointed and I only ask for $20 an hour."


I also don't get into it with another store everyday. In fact, that Wendys that wasn't opened at the time it should have been, was the last time I experienced bad service. I have been to several places since.


IHateStupidCustomers, my very first post on here had Springdale, AR as my location. That was before people started copying my username and using it to pretend to be me.

Springdale, AR is my location. If it doesn't say Springdale, AR, it ain't me.

The posters location is listed at the top of the post and you can't change that. This site should also only allow one username per person like all other sites I have ever known.


@TheBadServiceWarrior (aka MrsLea01) well you seemed to have changed your name so I'm sure you've been changing your location too. and you seem to go to a store just about every day just so you can complain about it.

for all we know, you went on a vacation with your husband's money while he was working. so you stopped in Toronto to complain there too. and why should we believe that someone else posted as your name? because honestly..

that last comment under your name is pretty much in line with the rest of your comments and your original poster, meaning that they're all ridiculous. you dumb fake ***


@IHateStupidCustomers, if you are talking to that MrsLea01 from Toronto, Canada below, that person was using my former username to try to impersonate me. Notice how she is from Toronto and I am from Springdale, AR. I have reported her too.


wow! MrsLea01 could you be any more of a *** I'm surprised you didn't post yet another topic about your "new Walmart experience" this just goes to show even more how childish and immature you are.

you don't even work at Walmart, you're just a customer. I suggest you just stop talking to people, let your husband do the shopping. although, I'm sure he's embarrassed to go to Walmart or any of the other stores nearby since you probably mention his name everywhere.

even at fast food places and gas stations that won't listen to you and treat your "buy one box of cereal get one free coupon" as a "buy one gallon of gas, get 3 gallons free coupon" I think you need to treat everyone better, including your poor husband. and sign up for a psychiatrist while you're at it.


Today I had another incident at Walmart. I wanted all my purchases for half price because my husband is a big cheese in home office. I told the manager that I am above him because my husband works for home office. I told the manager that if I don't get what I want my husband will fired him and everyone who I don't like. The manager still refused to budge. He told me just because I am sleeping with his boss does not give him a right to treat his employees like this.

I went and told my husband what happened. I demanded he fire the manager. My husband said no and asked me to stop going to all the stores and harassing the managers and employees. Then he wanted me to sleep with him. He wanted to rub my *** and he wanted me to give him a ***. I said not unless he fired all employees that did not give me what I wanted. He said ***. I told him he had to sleep on the couch. He told me that it won't be him sleeping on the couch but that it would have to me ME sleeping on the couch since all I do is watch TV and eat pork rinds and gain weight. I told him I could not fit on the couch. He said too bad so sad.

I threatened to divorce him if he does not fire the manager and employee who refused to help me while on lunch break. When I told him this his reply was.

"Is that a promise or threat."


get out of here veganchica, you crazy woman. as for you Lea, you're just plain dumb.